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  1. DFI staffs, it's been a long time and there still isn't a solid solution from you guys to fix HDD disappearing issue. Other companies such as MSI, Asus has already resolved the issue. Please provide a fix in your next bios update, hopefully as soon as possible. I hope someone who have access to DFI staffs let them know about this. Afterall it is pointless to have this forum when issues cannot and haven't been resolved for over 5 months... In other words you're darn right im pist off > I'm sorry but it's been too long and there needs to be a solid fix. It probably won't take you guys long to do a SATA detection fix for your next bios upgrade. That will solve lots of hassels for MANY users who spend hard earn money onto your product.
  2. I completely agree with you. After working with Maxtor, how they wasted my valuable time, epsecially when money counts onto it, they gave me some worthless solution that can't be fixed on the comp.
  3. When is DFI going to solve this compatability issue?
  4. I understand your frustration. Believe me never trust Maxtor if your life depends on it.
  5. I notice that issue as well where DiamondMax10 can't load up with Maxline 3 together. Have you tried upgrading firmware? I will look into the solution you posted. Thanks! Hopefully DFI or maxtor engineer would fix this. You don't ever want to deal with the Maxtor support. They are troublesome, can waste valuable time. Wasted over 1 month of my time on this matter. They were supposed to send me some IDE controller card to upgrade firmware, but the card hasn't arrived yet and it's been 2 weeks. Very unreliable, especially if your life depends on it.
  6. Thanks for your advice! I will look into it. I'm thinking of getting a SATA IDE adapter so I can plug it into the IDE slot. Do you think that might work?
  7. Got new trouble ;( I finally got the firmware update on bootdisk, but it won't even detect my hard drive in the firmware utility. So it wont let me update!!
  8. Thanks for your reponse. I hope DFI would make a work around for this issue. It's pretty darn frustrating L:(
  9. Yep I read through it hours ago, the first thing I did was used the search engine. I notice the firmware update is required, but then again I am using Maxline 3 and people said maxline 3 should have the latest firmware.
  10. Sorry to hear about your struggle. How did you get it to be detected by the way? Too bad I can't give up on this drive since theres already many files on it
  11. I'm not having any trouble with my Diamond Max 10 hard drives. In fact I am on it as of now. My Diamondmax is a IDE drive not SATA [which turns out to be a smart decision right now since thats the only thing that works] Yeah now I realized how these new maxtor drives sucks. I even waited and preordered mine, it was so hard to get my hands on the Maxline 3 SATA. Now I finally got it but having troubles.
  12. Thanks, I will try out the HDD delay in bios. Can you tell me where you saw the post that seem to help this issue? Thanks a lot for your contribution. Have a nice day
  13. I have this strange issue now, that is my computer has trouble detecting the SATA drive from the beginning. This never really happened before, I tried resetting bios without removing the battery, didn't fix the issue. I found out that, sometimes if I switch up the cord or the order of the PSU cable, and it might detect it and luck out. But that seems to be rare. Does anyone know a solid method to fix this detection issue? Resetting bios with jumper don't seem to fix much, The drives are all fully functional and tested on other comp. Cables are fine and PSU is fine, it's something to do with the motherboard detection sequence messing up or something. Please help out, thanks for your time!
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