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  1. Ya i know that it should only be for the mem, but i can remember someone here on dfi-street, that said it also affected the cpu (some settings) and it could be the reason for a lower overclock. But until now i'm satisfied with my results:)
  2. Yes my temps are -25* at idle and around 0* on full load Reallife might not be the best word for it, but what i meen is that it read by CPU-Z and it seems that my vcore and other volts always are a little lower that it should be, but that have always been a problem for me (no matter what system i was using, and I don't think that i'm the only one that has this little problem) What I was most interrested in, when I wrote this topic was to get people to give me some hints about how I could get any higher of course and it has been nice to hear peoples input, but i'm a little bit disappointed that none has given me any advice about the DRAM config. Especially the tREF period is hard for me to find out which one I should choose
  3. My mem can run DDR500, but to find cpu max, i have switched to divider 1/02. I'm now testing with the following changes (compared to those in the settings i linked to) FSB: 287 (2870MHz) HTT: 3x instead of 1x Vcore: 1450*123% = 1783,5v (in reallife: 1,728v) Divider: 166 instead of 100, that'l be 239MHz on mem (regarding to CPU-Z) on 3,2v. So far it seems to work :nod:
  4. I have reduced the volts, i'm now running 1475*110 at 2800MHz stable.. I'm trying to find the best voltsetting for the CPU. The reason i'm using the 1/02 divider is because then i'm sure that the memsettings doesn't affect my oc of the cpu and the same reason for using x1 LDT/FSB My mem can/could run 254 at 3,6volts and I can't remember if it was possible to run them at 3,5, but i guess not:( Chipset have also been reduced to 1,6volts
  5. Thanks guys, but it is also -25* idle. and around 0* on full load (Prime or OCCT etc.)
  6. Hi everyone. I have now been fidling with this board for months and it's steady on 2850MHz, but i want to go higher! So please take a look on my settings and tell me what to change to go higher, if possible of course.. SETTINGS i'm using Phasechange cooling, so it should be possible to get a little higher clock
  7. Remember the rule CAS+tRCD+2 = tRAS Well if I use that formular my mem . up. My mems standard timings are 2-2-2-5
  8. Well ypu could start reading the memory guide, to see what you could lower/raise.. Try giving your mem 3.0v (it's doesn't heart them)
  9. #11 Okay, thanks..It didn't help much to my system either
  10. #10 Damn becuase i'm a little bit frustrated becuase i can "only" get INT 7466 / FLOAT 7390 and I have tried to tweak them as much as possible:S
  11. Hi again, I saw in another thread that someone recommended to loose Max Async latency and Read Preamble Time. I'm testing it right now.. Ohh dear, thats a nice clock DarkLord, what are your settings under DRAM? How do you get so high RAM bandwith?
  12. What is it exectly that read preamble and max async latency does? Does it have any affect on the cpu clock or does it only affect the mem? Sry if i'm asking a little bid stupid but i'm just confused!
  13. Yah I have the same problem as you, I think. I can't get past 275FSB. it's a little bit sad that there are noone that want's to help! It can't be true that there are not one single person in this forum that knows what might could be wrong or help you/us
  14. How does the Venice oc, compared to the winchester? Does it run better at sub-zero than the winchester does? Because the winchester i got now doesn't perform much better with my mach II that it did with my stock cooler!
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