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  1. All my temps are good. CPU running at 60c and my system temp is running at 51C. All fans are working as they should be. No other problems noted with the system other then it turns off when it wants to. But thatnks for the reply.
  2. No. it just up and dies. Been using AVG AntiVirus for several months with no problems ever encountered.
  3. No. Computer was running fine t'ill about a week ago when it began shutting itself off whenever it feels like it. Some times as much as 3 times within 2 hours of continued use.
  4. My system shuts itself off whenever it feels like it. But a side from tht it seems to run good. any suggestions?
  5. Problem: 1. Screen would freeze on bootup and look like someone threw paint on it under Win98. Solution: DFI install cd installs it's own graphics driver. I went into the following Control Panel / Add Remove Programs and uninstalled the graphics adapter The DFI cd installed. Then once Windows 98 was up and running I installed my own graphics adapter supplied with my video card. System works great now Problem: 2. No Ethernet Connection. Solution: I used Aida32 to get the name of my Ethernet Card ( Realtek ) and went to there web site and downloaded the drivers i neeed from there. Once I installed the drivers the system went together like a champ. I hope this helps someone out.
  6. Your correct. My Software used for General and Double ledger bookkeeping won't work with any OS other then Win98. There's no conversion of the databased ledgers possible with this software without starting over from scratch. And Fat32 is a must or the program won't run since it's using real mode DOS drivers. But on to your comment. My current problem was with Win98 and the DFI Drivers. I got the progblem with the screen freezing up nd looking as if someone threw paint on it. I just went into the control panel and removed the NVidia Display drivers that the DFI CD installed on my system. Then i installed the drivers from my video cards install cd and things went good. Full bootup with no errors other then this new one. I can't seem to get the DFI Drivers to install the Ethernet Drivers I need. I am using Road Runing as my ISP. ANy hellp on this issue would be appreciated.
  7. I too have WinXP Professional. Win98 is used solely for bookkeeping and other general business use using software that WinXP would choke on. Antique. I use swappable hard drive bays. That's why I asked about Win98. Cause if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  8. I'm using Win98. When I use the DFI install CD and install the chipset drivers I can no longer boot into Win98. The screen looks as if someone has thrown paint on it. But it boots just fine in safe mode. Any suggestions?
  9. Well as long as I'm stable I guess I can't expect much more until I upgrade my CPU and or Memory and or both. Thanks for your help. It's appreciated
  10. Yes I did. Expert / Aggresive / Expert as you suggested. My reply was still the same as before. no change in stats.
  11. CPU-Z Report -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU-Z version 1.27.1. CPU(s) Number of CPUs 1 Name AMD Athlon XP Code Name Barton Specification AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Family / Model / Stepping 6 A 0 Extended Family / Model 7 A Package Socket A Technology 0.13 ยต Supported Instructions Sets MMX, Extended MMX, 3DNow!, Extended 3DNow!, SSE CPU Clock Speed 2280.1 MHz Clock multiplier x 13.0 Front Side Bus Frequency 175.4 MHz Bus Speed 350.8 MHz L1 Data Cache 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size L1 Instruction Cache 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size L2 Cache 512 KBytes, 16-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size L2 Speed 2280.1 MHz (Full) L2 Location On Chip L2 Data Prefetch Logic yes L2 Bus Width 64 bits Mainboard and chipset Motherboard manufacturer Motherboard model nVidia-nForce, BIOS vendor Phoenix Technologies, LTD BIOS revision 6.00 PG BIOS release date 07/28/2004 Chipset nVidia nForce2 Ultra 400 rev. C1 Southbridge nVidia nForce2 MCP-T rev. A4 Sensor chip Winbond W83627HF Graphic Interface AGP AGP Status enabled, rev. 3.0 AGP Data Transfert Rate 8x AGP Max Rate 8x AGP Side Band Addressing supported, not enabled AGP Aperture Size 128 MBytes Memory DRAM Type DDR-SDRAM DRAM Size 1024 MBytes DRAM Frequency 175.4 MHz FSB:DRAM 1:1 CAS# Latency 3.0 clocks RAS# to CAS# 2 clocks RAS# Precharge 2 clocks Cycle Time (TRAS) 7 clocks # of memory modules 2 Module 0 Nanya Technology DDR-SDRAM PC3200 - 512 MBytes Module 1 Nanya Technology DDR-SDRAM PC3200 - 512 MBytes Software Windows version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 2600) DirectX version 9.0c WinBond still reports my temps as follows: SysTemp 42.0 CpuTemp 48.0
  12. I think I have reached my OC limit for this system but perhaps someone else can chime in with another opinion on the matter I have only changed the FSB and my voltages are all stock running in turbo mode. See sig below. Currently cpu-z says the following: CPU-Z CORE SPEED 2280.1 FSB 175 BUS SPEED 350.8 MULTI X13 WinBond SysTemp 35c cpuTemp 41.5c If I raise my FSB any more I can't boot. My Multipyler must be locked or something because I can't change it even in Expert mode. Any further help would be greatly appreciated :nod:
  13. That more or less depends on your cargo and what your fishing for :drool:
  14. T'is true T'is true. But your only as old as you feel. At 46 I'm still driving TT and unloading 53 footers like I was 25 or 30. So I'm not in bad shape for the shape I'm in
  15. I have a DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra-B Slot-A motherboard. What CPU's will this board accept? I know this is a crazy question. bu tthere has to be a more configurable CPU then the one I'm using.
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