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  1. Hi there, thanks for the info, but i didn't find any newer review on anadtech about Raid / NCQ. They're all at least 3 Years old, one dating from 2002 and one from 2001. The one from 2004 (related to the Raptor HDD) isn't talking much about NCQ. anyway... i don't know how NCQ should have a bad effect on RAID0 used in a multi-user environment? in Single user environment it could be, if the implementation is not so good. But in pure sequential read it shouldn't reduce troughput altough it might arise latency. cya
  2. Hi, buying another 6l300s0 with 1g10 and replacing the logic board should work... (as long as the firmware is stored on a flash / similar but not on the disk itself...) cya
  3. as you should know by now it doesn't work with every controller. (z.B. eben der NF4, da läufts net. brauchst z.B. Sil 3112) cya
  4. glad to hear that, spindaft =) i hope Maxtor won't want me to remove the firmwares... anyway, they suck ;-) i'll buy hitachi next time (planning to buy 6 T7K250) cya
  5. to which controller was the harddisk connected? it may work with the Sil controller but it won't work with the NVRAID (NF4) Controller... i've flashed it on an Abit NF7-S (Sil 3112). cya
  6. Hi there, thanks for your info, but apparently the link doesn't work ;-) could you please post a working link? thanks cya PS: btw.: My cold-boot problem disappeared with FW 1B70
  7. not if you don't read a few of the last pages of the threads - and i think by then your need will have 'disappeared' anyway ;-) cya
  8. Hi there, it came out, that BANC 1Gxx needs a different Hardware layer, as well. So you won't be able to flash 1Gxx on your E0 HDDs. The best would be replace the E0 by new G1.... cya
  9. well RMA would be ok if i had the time. Anyway. how am i supposed to backup 650GB of data? burning that to DVDs would take me about 3-4 working days... if they would send me the new HDDs in advance, then it would work. But i don't think they would do that. So let me see; either i go buy T7K250 or Samsung T133... plug them into the other NF3 Computer i have and then ... wait a quite long time with GB Ethernet ;-) cya
  10. i've got an Enermax Liberty (620Watt) and it works fine for me (Opteron 144, NF4 Ultra-D, 2GB G.Skill 2GBHZ, X800XL, 4x Maxtor DM10 250GB, DVD-RW, for more details click on PC 5 in my sig). cya
  11. btw.: the next thing i'll do is sell these HDDs and buy some Hitachi T7K250 or Samsung T133...
  12. i've experienced the same. I've asked them to send me the newest firmware. Since i know the problem will be saved this way. They've told me to change / update Controller driver (not Bios/Firmware!) etc.etc. since i've already done all of this sort of crap i've told them straight away that i did everything of that. finally i wrote something like "so as i can see you don't see any other way which could solve the problem, so could you please finally send me the firmware and stop wasting our time?". That helped and they've sent me the firmware with the words "on your own responsibility". anyway, they deny that there are problems with their HDDs and the NF4 controller - altough i know at least 10 persons which went to their tech support with that kind of problem. Conclusion: Maxtor support == no good^^. (i've also gave them links to this and other threads but they've never read it). -------------------- @michaelng: yes i've resolved my (but i'm probably not having exactly the same problem and HDD) problems by flashing to 1B70. You might want to try to change the settings for 'dload.exe'. i mean the parameters. I think you might be able to force an update. But that often won't end good. So you might try it as last; maybe try RMA them first! @michaelng & makrolon: -> deattach all other harddisks / CDRom / PCI Cards etc. (everything you don't need) -> set bios settings to default and deactivate everything you don't need (like onboard Sound, onboard Serial & Parallel Port, NForce LAN; NForce SATA) and then try flashing again. It might help you, makrolon. and now a different approach: when i bought the HDDs 2 of them had BANC 19xx and 2 of them BANC 1B10. When i've started the computer 1 or more of them haven't been recognised by bios. I've had to deattach / reattach them (sometimes several times, and press reset button between etc.) in order to get them recognised. So this was the (only) problem i've experienced. Once they were running it was all fine. (no Bios Version, no Driver version changed anything!). after flashing to 1E00 it got much whorse. Now the HDDs made much noise if they haven't been recognized correctly. A loud 'clack clack clack' (non stopping) or a loud 'clack' followed by softer non stooping 'fiep fiep fiep fiep'. As before, reattaching (the power Cable, not the Data cable!) helped. It took me about 5minutes to get all of them recognized, 30times reattaching and 10times pressing the reset button... it might be that in your case, michaelng, you can't flash because of the same problem i'm experiencing. So try reattaching the power cable of the HDD while booting. (Before the silicon Bios begins to look for SATA HDDs!). my current BIOS version is 702-BTA, if i remember correctly. cya
  13. HiHo, i've had problems that mostly the controller didn't recognise the HDs - now i've flashed to 1B70 and it seems to work. With 1B10, 19xx, 1E00 it did not work. So i've you're experiencing a similar problem you might want to try 1B70. cya
  14. i've compared it to the 1BY0 i've uploaded. It's absolutely the same (see screenshot of checksums). still waiting for BANC 1Gxx... nobody got it? thanks cya
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