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    The HUGE BIG-BIG Windows Vista Thread

    I too have SATAII Hitachi 80GBs in RAID. When I first got them I had to go to Hitachi website and download a prog that enabled the 300MB SATAII. I too receive the error - could not detect drive info. You click OK and it takes 2 minutes to just go back to the install screen. My situation is that I use the BIOS feature switch between primary hard drives - the WD160 on primary (Pioneer DVD on secondary) on IDEs and the two Hitachis on the NVRAID. I dont want to touch the RAID, so I changed to IDE as the boot and even though I'm installing to IDE...the Hitachis bomb the install.
  2. bwohl

    Hot opteron!!

    I've got a Big Water and almost to my 30 day stock break-in period for this 165 (Just a superstitious thing). I also have the VGA block on a GTO2...so my temps will be a little hotter I would think... I'll give her a whirl this weekend.
  3. Bump - Does anyone know if you are supposed to see 2 CPUs in BIOS? and where in BIOS? I do show the double CPU in Win task manager and the BIOS says Opteron 165 Dual at boot - but nowhere in the BIOS settings. I moved to the 623-3 and still don't see anything.
  4. Upon boot the splash screen will tell me Opteron 165 Dual Core... Were you looking for something else?
  5. Been running an Ultra-D, 3200 Winny, and OCZ VX @ 3.2 V. 510 BIOS. had smoking hot speeds. Got my 165 Opty from Monarch today. 0550. Had my ducks in a row (floppy drive ready, bios' , raid, etc). But for the hell of it - rebooted, set defaults in BIOS, moved the memory back to 3.1 volts (mine luvs this - and higher Popped in the opty, a little arctic silver, my water block, and ....... I'm typing this on it. Is there an advantage moving to recent BIOS? I'm just getting started with this chip....... :nod:
  6. Pull all the HDD, power, reset, etc that come from the case off the MB. Just use the pwr switch built in the MB. This will tell you whether its your switches on wrong.
  7. bwohl

    Weekly SVC.com Specials!

    Coupon Code for the COPPER XP-90: xp90c $10 off Thermalright XP-90C Copper Heatpipe
  8. 1024MB (2X512) OCZ Gold VX PC3200 Would not boot straight up. Put in crap stick of 400Mhz stuff on slot 2. Upped voltage to 3V. Booted fine.
  9. Remember Rgone.. If you have problems with that San Diego - send me the proc, motherboard and memory and I will test it for you!
  10. Yo Gino - try Tony and Andy's thread over at bleeding edge forums...VX and DFI..sorry - link is on my other PC (its also on Andys first or second post in this thread on page 1). Same thing with my new VX. No beeps but stopped dead at 3 LEDs. Used an old stick of 256 400MHZ to change the BIOS settings. Stuck in one stick, booted to Windows, then added the other. Question for Andy - if the VX is not TCCD, what is it?
  11. Still have my 865 PE LP board with a 2.8 800 Mhz CPU. (My first LP board so it has sentimental value have since sold the other LP I built 875, NF3) PS....I take u name your PCs with female names? LOL I take the looks route = purple pc I built is "Grimous", LP 865 is "Smoker" Yellow case and my new yellow NF4 is "Bumble" Here's to the future!!!! CHEERS!