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  1. I recently reformated my drive when I got my XP x64 edition through the technology advancement program, but I had already used the public preview version and knew that all of my hardware had drivers for it and all of my software was working. Any actual performance gains are usually negligible, but things like video encoding, encryption, compression etc. have relatively large gains, since the profit from the largr number of registers the cpu offers. If you have a version lying around, you should do a dual boot system just to see how it works for you and if everything is working.
  2. Thermaltake Purepower 420W, 20pin Works fine, and my OC at the moment is @ 2160MHZ , 240Mhz HTT, 10/9 devider,so my memory is running at 216MhZ Only problem I had with it is that I had some instability with no OC and Cool'n'Quiet running, which probably stresses the PSU quite a bit with its constant voltage shift. I will probably buy a 24 pin PSU in a couple of months, but right now I'm happy as is
  3. just wanted to add that I'm using the exact same memory without any problems, my system is running stable and well, and no problems, but that doesn't mean that the memory isn't damaged.
  4. seems normal to me, I have a lot more case fans (5 80mm) and you can see my temps right here: Also, speed fan detecs a sensor on the ACPI chip (how is that a chip?) on ISA buss $0 (its the 31C one) anyone know what that is? thought it might be grahpics, but nvidia-driver display gives me different temps
  5. My gfx card IS installed in that slot, worked fine from the get go, and is running at x16. to my knowledge, both slots are fully capable of x16, but not at the same time.,
  6. I know some people are really anal about memory usage and will turn of anything to save a meg of memory.... don't understand them, but they do exist yeh, Firefox can take up a lot of memory at times, right now I'm at 60Megs, don't knowif the Java VM is also part of that? IE in comparison only takes up 25MBs, but that still is no reason for me to use it;)
  7. At least in my case I had to do a reinstall, even trying to install XP over the old install didn't work Guess it didn't like the big switch, every component except drives was a different vendor: ATI 9600 -> GF6600GT, Intel 2.4GhZ C->A64 3000+ Abit IS-7 865PE-> LANPARTY NF4 Might have more luck if everything is from the same company? No biggie for me, since a clean install is better anyways, and all my important data is on a different partition.
  8. I'm behind a D-Link router, no problem, only thing that some people might not be happy bout is the memory usage of the Apache server and other NVIDIA utilities: I, don't really mind, didn't buy 1GB ram for nothing. And yes, I know I haven't done any service optimazations yet :eek:
  9. Also, as recommended try the 66.93 drivers, I remember reading about people not being able to get SLI to work with newer leaked drivers.
  10. I belive that nv Firewall will only work on the chipset integrated gigabit LAN, it might not even work for the Marvell, but don't quote me on that I'm more certain that it wont work with a WLAN card, but since you are using a router, the loss will not be too great.
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