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  1. Looking to buy 2x 1GB DDR1 ram sticks. pst
  2. I used an 420 watt enermax PSU w/ dual core for a long time (until it died on me from power outages lol). But yeah, your 500 watt seasonic PSU should have no problems w/ dual core.
  3. Use the 2/3 divider (DDR133). That should give you slightly under 200mhz on your ram if you're planning to do 300x9. I'm currently using DDR133 on my opty @ 2808. I wish I cuold push my ram more, but it seems if I use any dividers higher than 133, it fails prime within a few seconds, even with ultra loose timings. So I guess I'm content at the moment.
  4. Your system would just feel more responsive, but if you're looking for better performance in the majority of the games out there, you won't as your 400+ is already at 2.75g. If you multitask a lot, then I would definitely recommend a dual core CPU, and at the moment, nothing beats the price/performance ratio than an opty 165. The default speed (1.8g) is pretty slow, but pretty much all steppings coming out of newegg lately have been good. You should have no problem o/cing to 2.6 at the minimum.
  5. I have the same PS and pretty similar parts and my system is stable, but what works for me, might not necessarily work for everyone else. Try resetting the CMOS and reinstalling if you had recently updated the BIOS. I had an issue where windows install would blue screen until I cleared CMOS. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...964&postcount=4
  6. FWIW, I just popped my opty 165 in and Windows automatically detected a multiprocessor. Rebooted and just installed the dual core optimizer. Works fine for me.
  7. Perfect! I wasn't sure if there was an optimal way of mounting this HSF.
  8. Just popped in my new opty 165 and I'm loving it so far, but have a rather dumb question regarding the direction the HSF should be facing. Currently, I have the heat pipes facing towards the back of the case, and the fins facing in front. Is this the correct way to mount it? Should i reverse the direction? I've noticed so far, this opty is about 2-5 degress hotter tahn my old winchester 3200+.
  9. I'll try these again tonight, but isn't it weird how I would be able to install XP flawlessly on 3/10/05 bios as opposed to 3/29/06 or 4/6/06?
  10. It seems XP will not install with any of the new BIOS' (3/29/06 or 4/10/06). It would load the CD, but then crash and get a blue screen when loading the files into memory. A re-flash back to the tried-and-tested 3/10/05 bios I was using previously suddenly fixes these problems and windows will install as normal. The reason I'm trying to flash to newer bios is cause I'm planning to get DC and I don't believe my current will recognize a DC core.
  11. Wow, I never thought unclocking ram would have an effect on the CPU. I have always used the 1/2 divider when testing max CPU and i cannot boot into windows past 2.45, and only prime stable at 2.33. Gonna try using the 5/6 divider tonight, hopefully I will be able to break this barrier.
  12. Maybe a stupid thing to ask, but are there any USB items plugged in? I wasn't able to install with my usb mouse connected. Once I removed it, setup worked as normal.
  13. Seems this issue might be related to the nforce 6.39 drivers: http://www2.dslreports.com/forum/remark,12833025~mode=flat
  14. I have the Patriot XBLs and they run flawlessly after you apply once of the beta patches.
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