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  1. Yeah, that's a huge difference in core temps. The best I can tell is that SG is reading from outside the processor and CoreTemp is reading from an internal sensor. The former can't be trusted completely as it's outside of the die and the latter is reporting too much of a difference between cores or ilde temps below ambient temp to be trusted either. I guess I'll have to go with prime95 stable for 8hrs + without obvious over heating type errors/responses and call it good.
  2. I did a search. I swear!!! :-) Thanks for the link.
  3. I've had my new 4600 for a couple of weeks now and I'm ready to take the time to find it's optimal overclock. My question is about core temps. On my old 3200 winnie I only used Smartguardian for monitoring the temps and I never saw above 44 degress through all types of load scenarios for the 1.5+ yrs I ran a 25% OC on that processor. Now with my 4600+ in hand I'm pushing it to a mild 2650 with the memory at 1:1 @ fsb of 220. This is very mild OC for the memory as it's rated for 2.5-4-4-8 @ 550 and would go as high as 587mhz before memtest would throw errors. Only thing is now I'm using Core Temp to monitor the temps and it gives a MUCH different reading than SmartGuardian. 220x12 = 2640 Core temp reports 57 to 60 degress Celcius while at the same time SmartGuradian is reporting 43 Degrees C. So I'm hesitant to go any further at this point. The highest I've had the processor at with a memory divider to take the memory out of the equation is 2880 but Core Temp reported 66 to 69 degress C. It was Prime95 stable for an hour (I know that's not considered stable but I'm in my infancy with this new processor atm). I backed it down to 2760 and the temps stayed the same and Prime95'd it for another 30 minutes. No immediate issues other than the temp. I've kinda been backed into a corner by my fear of hurting the chip. What should I do? Thanks
  4. WOW. Just as a goof I swapped my usb keyboard and usb mouse for PS2 and the install went and no hang on mup.sys. Installing X2 driver and m$ x2 hotfix and Nforce 6.70 dirvers right now. I have a xp sp2 slipstreamed corporate edition. Un-flippin-believable I pulled all that hair out over this !?! :-)
  5. Yeah, same exact problem here. Upgraded from 3200 winnie to 4600 mannie and the install goes fine. It sees my raid stripe no problem and goes thru the text base and the gui based phase of setup only to get in a reboot loop on the first real windows boot. Comes back in safe mode and give the infamous mup.sys hang. Been bangin my head up against a wall for the past 3 nights. The version of windows xp that you have. Is it volume license media (Corporate Edition) or is it a hologramed copy bought at retail? Lanparty Ultra-D w/ 0406 bios G.Skill 512x2 2-2-2-5 @ 200mhz Raid stripe Seagate 7200.7 80gig NCQ ati X1900xtx Enermax 535watt
  6. I'll get cracking on this as soon as I get home from work. Thanks! Django
  7. Yes, I have downloaded/deleted, redownloaded it serveral time. Uninstalled/re-installed at each attempt as well. The version is p95v238.exe from http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm I assume that's the version everyone else is using. Django
  8. Just for the record, I have a 0451 3200+ winnie. I'll look on xtremesystems.org for more info. Oh and Sparx, it won't even load Prime95. It's not a point of it failing quickly once a stress test has been started. The program won't even load. Thanks for the advice/opinions, Django
  9. Ok, I'm at bone stock 10x200 1.35vcore (cpu-z) and memory at 2-2-2-5 200. I still can't run Prime95. Same results as before. There must be something else keeping this from running. Fresh install of XP SP2. Any ideas? I see this as on topic and therefore not a thread hijack. TIA, Django
  10. This brings up something that I've been having a problem with ever since I started messing with my UltraD and 3200+ winnie. That is, I haven't ever been able to get Prime95 to run. At all. I double click on the icon, get a second or two of an hourglass and then nothing. How's that for not being Prime95 stable? I run 24/7 at 2475 (9x275) 1.55vcore HL2, CS:S for hours on end without a glitch. Run 9x280 2520 and it'll run, but it'll also crash from time to time running Source. I can up the voltage to 1.6 but this causes my idle temps to rise from 27-30 degrees C to 36-39 degrees C. IMHO it's not worth that much of a rise in temps for an extra 45mhz. Using stock AMD HSF. While testing my memory limits, I had the processor clocked as low as 2250 and prime95 still wouldn't even launch. Double click, hourglass for a second, nada. Go figure. Not too worried about it as in my use (I play A LOT of CS:S, hours and hours on end) and it's stable at 2475. No problems. Cheers, Django
  11. I have the Enermax in the link you gave. I am very satisfied with it running what is in my sig. I'd highly recommend it. The deal with the OCZ PSU's are that they have a single 12v with a large amount of amperage on it. 33amps I think for the Powerstream and 28amps for the ModStream. Whereas, the Enermax have one dedicated 12v rail at 18amps for the CPU and a seperate 12v rail at 18amps for the Mobo/PCI-X video card/s. I've had to deal with RMA'ing one enermax psu before and it was real hell. Swore I'd never buy another one due to turn around time and general customer service, or lack thereof. But, here I am. Having just bought the Whisper 2 and recommending them. They are quality PSU's. OCZ Powerstreams are also highly recommended as well. Cheers, Django
  12. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-103-462&depa=1 Very happy with it. Recommend highly. www.mwave.com has it for $20 cheaper. Too lazy to lookup n post link. Cheers, Django
  13. I have the same problem. My 0451 3200 winnie is rock solid at 2475 but at 2511 or higher it won't run SuperPI for more that minute at 1.55v with Special up to 110%. I tried a 0503 3200 winnie last night with the same results. I will definitely experiment with this tonight. :nod:
  14. I'll admit I had a little trouble getting XP sp1a install to recognize Nvidia raid controller. I do mean a little. There was some trouble getting up over 240FSB with my OCZ rev1.1 pc3200. That's the way it goes when you want the latest technology to work with a three year old OS. And hardware problems are to be expected when trying to break all of your warranties. :nod: Can't I get a machine with a "Overclock to the specs I read about on www.hardocp-anantech-tomshardware.com's website NOW!" large red button on the front? lol I shoulda got that Dell instead.
  15. I too initially had it set to 105 but found that my overclock would go higher once I moved it back to 100. Just FYI. Django
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