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  1. so then i have to make a drivers hehe. yea right.Damn that could be cool. would be so nice to have a driver that works for 88xx series. but thank for the help so far. you have a god day. Peace out kind regards THXMAN
  2. Hey Praz, thanks for the quick response. so you say that it is not possible to get my 2 x 8800GTS to run in sli on my Infinity 975X/G. let my get this right a guy have hack a driver so it can run sli on 79xx cards on Infinity 975X/G right. is it only the driver that does the trick or have it somthing to do with bios update also. Because Infinity 975X/G is a Crossfire board right. just want to understand it a little better. then i just have to get me self a Nvidia Sli board can you recommend a motherboard for my 2 x 8800GTS. got the extra card for free. so you know i want to run SLI. Kind regards THXMAN
  3. He guys and girls. just saw that i can run SLI on my Infinity 975X/G. but need some help. what bios + driver do i need, if it is possible to run with 2 x EVGA 8800GTS 640MB. Please advise. Kind regards THXMAN
  4. Thanks for help with the chipset now i got my E6300 to run 3.06Ghz So Nice
  5. Hi all just got my OCZ XTC Gold 7200 2x1GB Kit. I just tried them runs very nice, my CPU is now runnng 3016Mhz. CPU Intel Core2Duo E6300 1.86ghz Bus speed 430Mhz Multiplier 7x but i want to go a little higher but my chipsets cooler get a little hot about 52-55 degrees . what is the max temp for the chipset ?. Kind regards THXMAN
  6. Hi all just got my OCZ XTC Gold 7200 2x1GB Kit. I just tried them runs very nice, my CPU is now runnng 2850Mhz. but i want to go a little higher but my chipsets cooler get a little hot about 52-55 degrees . what is the max temp for the chipset ?.
  7. Hi all i want to know if someone testet Intel Core2Duo E6300 and how high people OC that CPU on DFI 975X/G. I got my rig up to 2484MHz so far. used Rgone Memory guide CPU-Z Core speed 2526.6MHz Multiplier x 7.0 Bus speed 360.0 MHz Rated FSB 1443.5MHz Memory FSB:DRAM 1:1 CAS =5 RAS to CAS =5 RAS =5 TRAS = 15 Trc = 20 Genie Bios PCI-E clock setting 105MHz CPU VID offset setting +200.0mV default CPU voltage 1.325v CPU vit voltage setting 1.35v DRAM voltage 2.15v NB chip voltage 1,70v DRAM timming and config Cas 5 5 5 5 15 533 MHz 7.8us 0013 0011 0002 0002 0002 0001 0007 2.00x 2.00x 2.75x 2.75x 2.75x 2.75x 2.00x 2.00x Non-Ecc Ran Prime95 for one hour. and i was good. never over 50 degree in smartgardian. I just hate when i OC to much and have Clear CMOS. does anyone know why DFI removed OC fail safe in Genie bios. that was pretty nice to have. so i didn´t have to clear CMOS. or is there another way to save bios setup. beside backup of bios to floppy disk.´ thats all Kind regards THXMAN:cool:
  8. Hi all and thanks for all your respons. and yes 2 different video cards brands but same series works fine in SLI, i am running both MSI and Pixelview 6600GT. and it WORKS.
  9. Hi all i had a problem with SLI on Sli-DR Expert with 2 6600GT one them MSI 6600GT and the other Pixelview 6600GT. i could not get second card to be detected in windowsXP SP2 as part of SLI. then i saw the Rgone SLi expert guide http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...&highlight=7950 i dont know if there is a problem with all kinds of Sli on this motherboard or if it is just 7950GX2 Video Cards, that needs Rgone 7950GX2 SLi guide. but i fixe my problem by installing second card first. in the second PCI-express port. and then installed the first card afterwards. and then sli popup in xp. and SLI WORKS I used Bios 406. neweste graphic driver 93.71 and 6.86 AMD chipsets drv. hope this info can be to use for others DFI owners. Kind regards THXMAN
  10. Hi DFI hope you can help, we cant get the motherboard to run with more then 2GB RAM Motherboard : DFI Infinity 975X/G Memory : Buffalo select 4x 1GB RAM - part nr PC2-5300U-555 (D2U667C-1G/BJ) Dual side CPU : Intel Conro E6400 graphicscard : Club3D 7950GX2 Harddrive : Samsung SATAII - Model= HD300LJ just update Bios to 97TID707 but it still does not work please help i have testet with single side 4x OCZ PC2 4200 - 512MB - PN=OCZ2533512V works fine is it because i need 4x 1GB single side Memory? will it then work
  11. thanks very much. you saved the day. it works fine with 4GB kind regards THXMAN
  12. Hi again that was not my question. i have a costumer i my store. that would like to run 4GB memory on DFI motherboard but not even the bios counts 4GB memory. so it has notthing to do with Windows. and if a take Asus A8N-Sli or Asrock then the bios can count 4GB memory. now i have tried 4 diffirent DFI motherboard. and no one of them can count 4GB from Bios upstart. does anyone know why kind regards Datatelpartner - THXMAN
  13. Hi can soneone please help. i have a DFI NF4 Infinity AMD 3000+ stock fan HD Seagate 120GB IDE Hiper 350W PSU i try to run with a lot of diffirent memory. i cant seem to get this motherboard to with 3GB or 4GB. it only count to about 2880MB. i have tried with 4 x 1GB Buffalo Select then MB only counts up to 2880MB in a Abit IC7 max3 the same memory run fine 4GB. but not in DFI. i have also tried with 2 x 1GB Legacy + 2 x 512MB and it only counts 2880MB. I also tried DFI LP UTNF4-D sucks only counts 2880MB and not 4GB same 4 x 1GB Bufalo Select i have just tried Asus A8N-Sli no ploblem. counts 4GB fine, Asus Rocks whats up with DFI. does anyone have a sulution. kind regards THXMAN i
  14. hi i just got a His X1800XT 512MB Vivo and X1800XL 256MB cant seem to get them to work together in crossfire. just to say this is my first crossfire setup. has done alot of Sli setup. in the ATI control center the crossfire tab, does not appear. i got the driver 5.12 from ATI. turn Crossfire on in the bios. is there anything else. its a fress install windowsXP Pro. with the neweste driver for the Motherboard from DFI LanpartyUT RDX200 - CF- DR kind regards THXMAN
  15. b Does anyone know a good southbridge cooler that fits between my SLI graphic. best regards THXMAN
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