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  1. I'm running my 3000+ with 2x512 Corsair VS pc3200 at x4 LDT, Ram at 150 (can't remember the actual divider ratio, sorry!) and HTT at 270x9 with VID at 142 + 110%. It's primestable for 8+ hours at these settings but the ram timings are default. I still have to tighten up the Ram. Hope this helps! -W
  2. Well, I did quick a search on pricewatch but didn't see anything. I'll have to try again. I have the flu right now so I'm kinda out of it. thanks, -W
  3. I'm looking for some of that Platinum EL rev. 2 pc3200 you guys are running. Is this it? http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-146-896&depa=0 Do I order that and hope I get rev. 2? Thanks, -W
  4. PROBLEM SOLVED! It was my memory. It wouldn't run at any of the ram dividers but 1:1 & 1:2(100). I installed some Corsair dual channel that I had lying around and I am now running 9x275 with ram divider at 166 (can't remember that ratio). I'm assuming that my Geil sticks don't match and that's why I can't run the other dividers. I still have to test a single stick of the Geil just to make sure but for now I'm happy. I can't believe I didn't consider the ram earlier but oh well, always learning! Thanks for the input guys! -W
  5. Oops, sorry about sig. I haven't tried anything beyond 2/1/05 bios. I have the same problem with either the 1/25 or 2/1 bios though. I think I've seen a 2/18 somewhere, should I give that a try?
  6. Thanks, I tried RGone's sticky yesterday and could boot into windows but 3Dmark01 would crash in the first test and reboot my pc! I tried it again but with the mem settings back to auto (which happens to be 2.5, 4, 4, 8, 1T; almost identical to RGones suggested timings! :confused: ) and everything worked - up to 2.1Ghz anyway. My system runs perfectly stable @ stock and mildly oc'd, it's only when I try to push it past 2.1Ghz that I have problems. This leads me to believe that I do in fact need to purchase an ATX2.0 PSU as it appears the my system is starving for power when oc'ing so I must need those dual 12v rails. My denial is slowly dissipating.......! Anyways, thanks again for all y'all's help, think I'm gonna run over to CompUSSR and pick up one of them Neopowers (that way I can return it with less hassle if it doesn't do the trick). -W PS, anyone want to buy a slightly used Antec Truepower 550? (ATX1.x, of course! )
  7. The issue persists with either 1/25 or 2/1 BIOS. I tried LDT at 3x but it didn't matter, however, I could get the FSB to 335 with the multiplier set to 6x and mem divider at 1/2 and still boot into windows. I also tested with the multiplier set to 8x and upped the FSB as high as it would go which was only 260 (8x260 = 2080, pretty much same speed as before). :confused:
  8. Hello all 1st time posting here and I'm looking for a little help. I actually posted this in another forum but I believe I will be better served here. I have read the sticky titled "Official answer to 24pin power supplies" but I guess I'm kind of in denial. I was just wondering if anyone else is trying to run the same PSU with this mobo. Here goes: No matter what combination of multiplier, FSB, and ram divider I use I can never get past 2.1Ghz. System specs: DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra D (PCB rev. 02, chip rev. A3) A64 3000+ Winchester (stock HSF) MSI 6600gt Geil 2x512 pc3200 Antec true power 550w (20 pin) This PC is in the basement and has 6 case fans, CPU temp at 32c as I'm writing this. I know DFI calls for 24 pin power supplies for stabilty concerns but my Antec is rated for 30A on the 12v rail. Isn't that enough? Also, my ram ain't the best but even if I set the ram divider at 100 or 133 I still can't get past 9x230 stable. The best I can do is 9x230, LDT x4 or x5 (I know, HTT = 2350, kinda high, but it runs!) and ram 1:1. My ram will do memtest86 at 233fsb with no errors. I've cranked the Vcore to 1.65, NB to 1.8, and LDT to 1.4 but no change. I had an A8N-SLI for about 2 weeks and this CPU would easily do 2.4Ghz stable on that problematic mobo. Any suggestions? What really sucks is that I bought this PSU about 3 or 4 months ago! The Neopowers had just come out so I was looking at them at the time but I told myself, naw, don't need it, get the truepower and save some money..... Doh! So now I'm considering the purchase of either the Neopower, OCZ Powerstream or the Fortron (I really can't afford the PC Power & Cooling stuff), - what do ya think? Thanks in advance for your help!
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