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  1. ok i just pulled one of the raptors off power and the sata2 it boots now is this a bad HD? or did i hook it up wrong? had it in Sata2.
  2. the system im working on is. AMD fx-53 1gb of gskill LE 2x74gb raptors 6800gtpcie nf4 dfi ultra-d ocz powerstream 600w i try moving the cmos jumper from pin 1-2 to 2-3 for 30-60sec and 30-60min with battery pulled and power pulled both times. ive tried my ram 1gb of corsair and 1 stick at a time and both in nothing works. i boot it beeps once like normal then its stays on the LANPARTY NF4 screen an dosent move. anything i am missing here? bad mobo?
  3. me agiang having a problom fixinf a friends pc. Amd-fx-53 1gb gskill LE 2x74gb raptors 6800gt dfi ultra-d i put my windows XP Home disc in a boot from cd i deleted the partition then created one used the full formatt it copys the files for windows then gose to reboot i let it reboot then it gose back to the windows disc where u have the option to repair reformat ect. i went into repair did formatt did chkdsk and fixboot i still have the same problom running both or just single drives for install nethier one will work. any ideas on whats going on?
  4. nm doing fresh install agian ty for the help angry lol my headache is going away now.
  5. so far i have 1 raptor in sata1 an have it striped optimal just did a fresh install of winxp an installed all drivers. so i have to turn pc off an plug other into sata2 an do another formatt fresh install? following ur directions? is there a way i can just plug the other raptor into sata2 an add it to the raid without haveing to redo all the installing of windows ect?
  6. yea i wanna do raid array seems like it boots alot faster i have it set up on my dads pc seemed alot easier with his gigabyte MB an the raptor flys threw the boot process. ok so install all the stuff on the mb driver cd minus the nvidia ide drivers any others i dont wanna do?
  7. well what i did was unhooked one raptor did a reformat not quick and reinstalled winxp pro. So what should i do now 1 install the MB drivers minus the nvidia ide driver right? anychance u have yahoo IM or MSN something that u could help me real time?
  8. looks like u had 1-2 enabled an 3-4 disabled i have all of em enabled:( should that matter?
  9. yea raid enables sata1-4 enabled i pluged the yellow cords the only place they will go. last night it worked fine untill today i tried to set em in raid now it wont boot even when i went back to settings i had last night. Wounder if i should reformat while in raid config maybe that would work. no just hangs when it says cmos backup ok an dose nothing now.
  10. ok doing a build for a friend fx-53 dfi ultra-d the newest bios 2x 74gb raptors 2x dvd-r's 1 floppy gskill 1gb LE OCZ 600w powerstream windows xp bfg 6800GT Ok all the settings are defaults i have the 2 raptors on a raid array stripe so its like 160gb hd have it set to boot. Heres the problom when it starts booting it gose to cdrom cdrom floppy then some nvidia boot agent an seems like its trying to boot off my cable modem. ive change it back to non raid array dont work tried HD HD HD as boot priority tried clearing cmos an loading didnt work. It worked fine last night before i tried to set up in raid but it only had 1 raptor showing up. any ideas?
  11. TWINX1024-4400C25 or TWINX1024-3200XL even TWINX1024-3200C2 or Patriot PDC1G4200ELK 1GB Kit DDR533 PC4200 Dual Channel Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK 1GB Kit DDR400 PC3200 Dual Channel i see alot using balistix or geli or pqi but i dont know the good models of em.
  12. geeman u almost made me pooh myself lol but i got this one http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-103-459&depa=1 says s939. anyhow what corsair do you think will best use with this setup something with tccd?
  13. im building a pc for my buddy whos in iraq with the USMC so far we have orderd. fx-53 dfi nf4 ultra d BFG 6800GT pcie 2x 74gb raptors 500w bluestorm forton 2xdvd rw's We were waiting for the gskill le's to come into stock or the ocz EL rev 2's but they keep getting pushed back. Were trying to get this put together before apr when he comes home on leave. Any suggestions on Ram for this setup that wont slow it down that is in at newegg?
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