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  1. DangerDen does an awesome sli block for 7800 series. Basically two NV-78 coolers. I have one for a single and the temp never gets above 31c if even that. I was told that it won't read below that. I would suggest doing some reading before investing in a aftermarket system. Building your own is easier and cheaper, and very possibly (most likley) better.
  2. Just because the software says 1.6v , it very well could be 1.65v. Which should be about tops for air. imo. Plus if you are at 50c oc'ing is going to be minimal. Try to get some "outside" air in your case or maybe double check the seating of the heatsink against your chip. That cooler should give you a better temp than that, yes?
  3. DQS Skew Control - Auto DQS Skew Value - 0 DRAM Drive Strength - 8 DRAM Data Drive Strength - Level 1 I would leave all these at "auto".
  4. If your 3200LL are v1.1, those are bh-5. You know your 3500's are. Don't worry about cpuz.
  5. Those temps are just like mine. Never had a problem since day one. EnerMax 24 pin psu. 4v jumper on - off. Rams in - rams out . Yellow-orange.
  6. Xipetotec, if you get the same results whether you have any ram or not in either board... get a different ram stick. Borrow one or find something else, I can't believe it is your psu. I don't know why you would have such a high temp in your chipset, that is odd unless it was over volted , fan not spinning, or improper compound application/seating with the hs. Sure no water leaked out onto anything? Set everything to default in bios or whatever it is called.
  7. Could be something with initial amount of voltage to cpu on start? I have noticed that some percentages, esp. higher ones make mine less stable even if it works out to same voltage with a different combination. It seems for mine at least there is a sweetspot with 123 and 126 plus what ever it takes to make the vcore what I want.
  8. Sorry, yes-you can leave it at stock.
  9. Exactly what are the voltage settings for your vcore. You have your cpu start up voltage, and cpu vid control, and cpu vid special control. What are all of those? The "cpu vid control" must be on some setting other than auto.
  10. Did you read what I added to my post prior to your last one?
  11. It has nothing to do with the bios. Your certain the inner most row of pins are visible and the center and outer ones are shorted, and your VID setting...?
  12. Do you have the cpu vid voltage set to something besides auto, if so try to do it again. Shut down, pull power, wait, change jumper, plug in and start up. You should be able to raise the voltage up above 3.2. Run through all the voltage settings. Make sure the jumper is on th middle row and the outer one. Use a flashlight to see good. EDIT** Just a word of caution, don't try to do ANYTHING like change rams or slots doing this. ONLY change jumper and only after power has been disconnected and a couple seconds have passed. Do not clear cmos anytime during this proceedure or after incase of no boot.**
  13. You say it does not turn on or still has 3.2v limit? Don't clear cmos. After unplugging psu and waiting a few seconds, move it back to initial position and plug psu back in to see if you can at least start up.
  14. Like 'oldguy' said, and you could cut back on your LDT and chipset voltage, esp. the latter. I was just reading some post in here on the same subject. Not really any reason to run extra heat through them. Those rams should work well. EDIT** incase someone mentions it, yes I have the same voltage in the 1m Pi in my sig, but I was trying to do a max for the time and if it was going to help -ok. It probably did not actually.
  15. I have a couple possibilities, your temp on your cpu is somewhat high if it is idleing. With 2GB of mem, I would think that you could use some volts. Increase the cpu voltage so that it reads 1.4v. This requires only a minimal increase so raise it accordingly. Also raise the vdimm to read 2.8v. And I'm not real sure but undo bank interleave with those sticks until you can have someone who knows about that to help you or just see if it helps until you get it stable. Also you should get your temps down, as while playing your games it is most likely much higher than you think. Open Smartguardian and watch it as you do things and you will see what I mean.
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