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  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! it depends on the driver, like Fury said. With newer ones I got plenty of problems. Windows was still flickering in idle mode and to play a game was an awesome adventure. Now, with an older driver (92.91) its wonderful again and my clockrate is recognized correctly. Can play games and the automatic OC function is doing its job nicely. This couldn't be done with newer drivers! Many thanks, guys!
  2. :confused: I believe this can't be true because normally I see a screen like this one here (copied from a german homepage): In my case it should be 450/1050 or 1.05 GHz <- default values with no OC The memory in the bios is rated at 525 MHz. This means that my DDR speed is 525 * 2 = 1050 MHz not 525 * 4 = 2100 MHz However, there's no Geforce 7800GT available with a memory speed of 2100 MHz :confused:
  3. Hi community, I don't know what to do with this system. I can't get the memory clock down to normal values! At the picture shown below you will see my default values: This screen is taken by only one video card (XFX 7800GT EE 450/1050). The core ist actually right but the memory is two times too high. So I get lots of flickering and games are crashing. What I've done so far: complete reinstall of Windows XP (incl. SP2 and updates) lots of BIOS updates DMI Pool data recalculation lots of different NVidia drivers checked VGA Bios via NiBiTor (shows 450/1050 <- right values) However, I don't know what to do. I wouldn't open a thread if I hadn't done anything what I imagined. But I can't get it to the right values. Hope you could help me Thx a lot Oliver
  4. thank you RGone! Like you, I also think that the Seasonic PSU is too weak. So I will test it with my Strider 560W PSU. I've read from an official DFI member that the 5+VSB rail is the main reason why some ATX 2.2 PSU's won't work very well. If so my next PSU will be an OCZ GameXStream or this new Corsair PSU
  5. Hi community, sorry but you are my last help for solving this issue. I've buildt a new system for a friend with this components: Board: DFI SLI-D CPU: AMD San Diego 3700+ Cooling: Zalman 9500 PSU: Seasonic 500 Watt (new model) Grafic: Gainward 7900 GTX RAM: 2x512MB TCCD I don't even get it to run! All I've done is to switch the button on the power supply to 1 and the Standby LED on the DFI is blinking. No start, no boot! Normally the LED will light during the whole time seen on my own system. Have checked the manual but there's nothing mentioned about this kind of issue. Then I made a normal and a "big" cmos reset (mentioned here) and unplugged some components (RAM, graficcard, harddrives...) but with no success. All power cables (4 in summary) are plugged in. Now, at nearly one week of testing I'm at the end of my ideas. Hope that someone of you could help. Thank you, Oliver
  6. Hi Merlin, I'm very interested in your efforts creating a new BIOS for Expert/Venus Users who are using TCCD chips. As you surely know the TCCD-BIOS for Ultra-D/SLI-D... are based on the 326 ram table (http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/114). Do you also implement this ram table in your new mod bios? It would be fine cause the '-1' BIOS with the 326 ram table worked well with my old Ultra-D and TCCD chips. Second, what do you mean with 'new NVMM'? Is the memory management meant here?
  7. increase your vdimm to 2.96V and don't forget to cool your rigs. I've got a venus and tccd 440 tccd chips too. now i'm at 2,5-3-3-6 1T (auto Strength) and 275mhz. all expert/venus boards won't work very well with tccd chips like the ultra-d, sli-d etc. has been done.
  8. Hello, I've just won this venus board directly from NVidia here in germany. Could you please tell me how to find out the part number (I think it will go from #1 - #1000)? Sorry about my sig. I'm just updating my system to a NF4 rig. Oliver
  9. hmm, interesting point. Just my 2 cents here, what I found out: First i got no higher FSB than 250 mhz when tref set to 3120. A64tweaker said 200, 15.9us correctly. If I understand it right, you mean that my overall tref is now 250*15,9=3975 255mhz and higher wasn't stable in this case Now I've tried 780 (200, 3.9us), but A64tweaker shows 200, 15.9us again. So I asume that A64tweaker can't show it correctly!! But now 255 and 260 (!!) mhz ist totally stable! No errors in memtest and prime blend! okay, this was just my research.... Edit: I'm now at 255 *11 same VCore, priming around 5 hours, no errors yet! cooled by my new water cooling -> temps under load: no more than 39 degrees, 40 degrees never achieved!
  10. ok, therefore I will test today with sisoft and some game benches (BF2, CS:S) the following specs: my 250 2-2-2-5 1T against your settings: 225 2-2-2-5 2T The overall mhz for the cpu will be the same (ok, htt will differ). If I could reach nearly the same fps with lower bandwith i will switch to your settings and 3 modules...
  11. Thank you for help. Will pm him! Searched yesterday a little bit in the forums here and found a very curious thread from tristancartion: He tested 3 Ram modules (but TCCD's) and got lots of memtest errors in memtest test no. 5 But its still fully stable in windows, prime and games like BF2. ...unusual... :confused: Think, like you, it depends on the integrated memcontroller. Maybe further ones like turion etc. will solve this. Hope we could get more experience reports from other users who still running their system with 3 modules
  12. First of all I would like to say that I'm very happy with this board. Fully satisfied with no crashes since nearly one year! Good work DFI! Now, I've bought a very high skilled water cooling system with a ram cooler for finally 3 memory sticks. See here: http://www.aquacomputer.de/prodimg/nd_prod...mplex_1_500.jpg As you can see in my sig I've got 2 * BH-5 modules and I would like to buy another stick (same one) mainly for gaming (BF2, AAO etc...) Main question is if I could also run it with 250 mhz or will the DFI get problems with 3 memory sticks and such high fsb's? Hope anybody (who maybe still have 3 sticks in) could help me with some useful hints. Thx a lot Oliver
  13. Hmm, interesting point. Never heard that before... But I can report another new thing. I've tested yesterday (same timings like above mentioned) at 11x247mhz = 2717 open case, all 5 casefans were blowing at highest level, open window (we have winter here) ...and... primestable for 45 mins! Have aborted it because I went to volleyball, but this 45mins it was stable (prime blend overall test). Temps never went above 48degrees! Lots of noise, but I think I could go father with the delta tornado fan... But it's interesting what you said. May be it depends on stepping. I've got an 0450 DPMW. On the other hand, a lot of people like Thunda (and some others I think) get their A64M 3400+ @ 2750mhz (11x250mhz) primestable for about 8 hours with no errors! And he got 42degrees under load /w an 4400rpm fan!
  14. Ah I understand. Thought that you will loose air flow when there is a space between your fan and the copper-cooler... The only problem I see here is to fix at least 2 fans on the top of your cooler. Therefore you will have to create your own modified "fanholder"
  15. Thx for reply I've just ordered a vantec tornado /w 4800rpm. In addition I have an eye on the BADONG Fan duct system (see attachement). With it you can blow the air from outside the case directly over your cpu. May be someone can post his experiences with it. Some questions: What cooling do you have? How much memory? Which memory? Timings and frequency? Stable?
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