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  1. Sharp - bearing in mind what I said re: possible upgrade to AMD 3800 dual-core - what would your memory recommendation be in that instance? Many thanks! Damian
  2. Thanks Sharp for your response. :-) You also got me thinking, when you said 'with your CPU'. The other aspect I was kinda considering was a dual core AMD 3800. I presume in that case I'd definitely need to flash the bios for dual-core support. Also, if I did that - would your memory recommendation change? (could I run 2x 1024 @ 1T?) Many thanks Damian
  3. Hi Guys, I haven't been here in quite some time, I finished building my PC about 10 months ago and really haven't messed about much with it since. However, I'm pretty sure I could benefit from a move to 2 GB Ram now (presume 2 x 1024 modules is best) so I'm looking for advice. Please take a look at my sig to see what I'm running with. You'll notice I'm running with a very old Bios version (but it's stable so it's not been a problem). When i was originally setting the machine up though I do remember how sensitive it was to memory config (I went through quite a number of issues at the time - and I'd like as easy a ride as possible this time!!) What I'm looking to understand, based on my config is, 1) Which 2 x 1024 memory modules would you recommend? I probably won't overclock but I do want as good as performance as I can from stock, obviously. 2) Should I upgrade my bios? Which version to? 3) Will the modules still need to be placed in slots 2 & 4 ? Or would 1 & 3 be possible these days (the latter would mean I wouldn't have to remove my Zalman fan first) Is there anything else I should know? I feel as I haven't touched the thing in 9 months I've forgotten many of the things I learnt (went through!) in the first place when setting it up. Thanks very much in advance, your help is much appreciated ! Damian
  4. See this thread (note picture at the end) Zalman 7700 and DFI NF4 Damian
  5. Thanks Frallan. I'll leave prime for even longer then to make certain. Presume if it runs stable, whatever the bios settings, this means that the HW is basically OK? Stupid question maybe but I'm not confident about much at the moment. You have a very similar spec to me it seems - so you are a valuable source of comparison info - thanks again for replying. CPU voltage now is 1.36v (previosuly 1.52). Dram V is 2.6 v (prev 2.8v). These are the 'optimised defaults' - the numbers in brackets were part of the bios settings (based on RGONE's sticky) that I had been running for some time. What is 'the Tref dance' !!!?! Damian
  6. Here you go - pic of the installed 7700alcu. You can see about a 1cm back from the X850 XTPE / AC ATI 5 Silencer You can also see (from the trailing wire) that I managed to plug in the floppy-type motherboard power connector. Damian
  7. Mucker - thanks a bunch that worked a treat. However, now I'm REALLY confused and would appreciate anyone's thoughts. After getting the machine to boot, and entering the bios, I loaded optimised defaults. This has never allowed my machine to boot in the past (admittedly that was with 01/25 bios and OCZ rev 1.1 ram) but I thought I'd see if it would boot through to win xp now. It did - no problem. So then I decided to run Prime95 again. With my previous bios settings (no overclocking and running RAM at 2-3-3-7 rather than optimum 2-2-25) Prime95 detected a HW fault within 30 minutes. With the current config (i.e. DFI optimised defaults) it has been running for 3hrs + so far - no errors at all. I'm tempted to leave them though I did want to aim for a slight overclock (not trying to get max like most of you guys) - say 220FSB with either 2-2-2-5 or if that is too tight 2-3-3-7. Now I really am new to overclocking and unfortuntely I simply don't have the time to go to the depths many of you do (and respect to you) but would I be wrong in thinking that with my kit the slight level of overclock I am aiming for should be fairly easy (or am I being naeive!). And also, would I be right to presume that if Prime95 runs ok now - my kit must be ok (i.e. not faulty) even though with previous bios settings it 'detected a Hardware Fault'. As always, thanks in advance for anyone's help. When time for investigation is a little limited - it makes forums like these all the more valuable. Even though I've had frustrations with this board, that has helped me (in conjuction with you helpful people) to learn an awful lot. Damian
  8. FYI...following clearing CMOS (short clear) I have tried with both one stick of Ram in slot 2 and one in slot 4 (I can remove enough so as not making contact even if I cant remove completely cos of Zalman) - still no joy. How am I going to get this thing to boot !! Damian
  9. OK. Since I upgraded my OCZ Plat PC3200 rev 1.1 to Rev 2, I've been having a few problems. I thought I'd overcome them with the kind help of sharp: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ight=ocz+pc3200 ...and memtest was running for 12 hrs error free. However, I have been getting too many crashed in World of Warcraft for all to be ok. Earlier I decided to run Prime95 and after a while it detected a hw fault. So I thought I'd go into the bios and loosen the memory timings a bit further (even though they were already less than spec at 2-3-3-7 at this point). I changed them to 2.5-4-4-7. Now the PC won't boot at all Grrr. This has NEVER happened before. Basically I get 3 LEDs and one that flashes a couple of times. All fans etc working - but no POST obviously. I've done a quick clear CMOS and a Safe Boot but to no effect. I'm going to leave the CMOS clear overnight just in case that helps (should I remove the battery) but in the meantime wondered if anyone had some advice. The Only thing I can think to do now is remove the Zalman (grr) and swap back in my old memory sticks to see if that helps. Any help gratefully appreciated. Very frustrated. I'm dying to get a stable PC once and for all. Damian
  10. I'll try take a pic when I can sure. FYI - my X850 still overhangs the Chipset fan quite a bit - but Chipset temps seem reasonable so it doesn't seem to be a problem. Damian
  11. Just so that everyone knows... This weekend I fitted the Zalman 7700alcu in my rig (DFI LanParty NF4 UT SLI-d) and I can confirm that it fits ok, even with my X850 XT PE (with Arctic Cooling ATI 5 silencer) in PCI-E slot 1. Great cooler - cools PWMIC and 1 stick of ram as well as CPU! Damian
  12. Why not get the Zalman 7700ALCU - it's still quite heavy but quite a bit lighter than the all copper (cu) version. Cooling may not be *quite* as good as the CU but it's not far off and still very good. I was running the Arctic Cooler Freezer 64 until this w/e. Decent enough but after installing the 7700alcu I'm seeing a drop in 3 degrees on CPU idle and 7 degrees on PWMIC! Nice!! Damian
  13. Sharp - thanks SO much - that worked a treat! I firstly flashed the bios to 310p but this did not help in Isolation - only when applying your settings could I boot. I then went back and changed to 2-2-2-5 and it boots fine. Now need to run memtest but so far so good. Do you know what the problem might have been and why these settings 'cured' me? Thanks again mate Damian
  14. cheers I will certainly give that a go and report back on how I get on! Damian
  15. Ok so you can see my rig below. Also, as an FYI - I am running RGONE's famed bios settings from the sticky. Have been running stable for some time. So, about a week ago (as the price has dropped) I decide I'm finally gonna get the OCZ Platinum PC3200 Rev 2 RAM I should have got in the first place (rather than rev 1.1). This will allow me to have a better play with OCing down the line. I received said RAM and replaced existing RAM - all bios settings kept the same. Booted and stable no issues at all. So tonight I think to myself, with this RAM I should be able to JUST lower the latency to 2-2-2-7 no probs from what I have read (but I am a noob at this kind of tweaking - sorry!). SO I do this - the result being the XP will NOT load - BSOD! SO I revert the mem settings back - XP now will STILL NOT load !! Grrr (feeling stressed now!) So, I decide to remove one stick of RAM - XP LOADS! Put back other stick - XB does not load. So then I decide to put back in the old OCZ RAM - boots immediately with both sticks! So now I am basically back in the position I was a week ago when I first succesfully put in the Rev 2. So I wonder if I install 2 sticks of Rev 2 again it will now work. Answer = NO ! Me not understand!!!! HELP?!!! NB I am running old Bios - 1/25, but as I have had no issues up to now I have not had any reason to upgrade. Could this be part of the cause. Still seems odd when all settings are back to what they were and what worked before does not work now!!! Cheers for any advice! Damian
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