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    Woohoo Im 15!!

    Boy, I'm feeling old. Happy Birthday! CJ
  2. Have you tried running them with the CPU Multiplier low and a high buss speed- i.e., instead of running 12x250, try 8x250 to make sure that your CPU is not the problem? Have you tried lowering your LDT multiplier? Do you have your RAM actively cooled? CJ
  3. Here you go: http://xtremesystems.org/forums/showpost.p...31&postcount=10 CJ
  4. My favorite is probably sushi (toro to be specific), followed by Thai, then a fresh broiled steamed lobster, then a greasy NY style cheese pizza.. I think it would be easier to name the foods I didn't like- mayo based slaw, chitlins, rye bread... can't think of anything else right now. CJ
  5. Nice review, but I still don't think that I want a 63 bit processor, when so many 64 bit ones are available Quote from article- "Today, AMD offers another option to those who are willing to pay $354 to have an AMD Athlon 63 X2 Dual-Core Processor." -- Anybody want to buy a 3700+ San Diego for a pretty good price? Or, better yet, trade it for one of the new X2 processors? CJ
  6. Is the heatpipe design anything like this: http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?p=3885325#post3885325 CJ
  7. It doesn't fit. There is another post in the A64 motherboard forum. CJ
  8. I'm planning on doing something similar with my tablet PC and remote desktopping into my main PC. CJ
  9. Just remembered something- it will not run if you have both sets of drivers installed (Karajan and NVidia)- you have to choose one. CJ
  10. Punctuation? I'm assuming you mean PS-2 rather than serial. How are you plugging them into USB ports too? With a converter? What keyboard and mouse do you have? CJ
  11. Pretty sure that the jumper settings are in the manual you can download off of the dfi website. CJ
  12. You may have had something corrupted. Try reflashing the bios. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling Windows. I had to reinstall windows the last time I had a large lag when booting. CJ
  13. Don't have a board, but if the optimized settings are working, why change? I do know that it doesn't matter which setting you have the full screen logo on. CJ
  14. This would be much better for not much more: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146387 CJ
  15. Exchange would probably be quicker, but call your vendor to be sure. One of them was probably just programmed wrong at the factory. CJ
  16. When did you buy the PSU (when you first put the sytem together, right when you started having problems, after the problems had already started)? CJ
  17. Hmmm- buy a Fluke and see which one comes closest! jk- I would trust the radio shack one. You have no idea the specification that the ebay one was built to. Not sure that I understand what you are saying. If you are saying that you set the vdimm to 3.4, but the bios was showing 3.31, that's fairly normal. Neither the vdimm you set it at or what the bios reads are all that accurate. Again, a decent DMM is the only way to know what it is really at. It's OK either way- the specs should be within about 10%. CJ
  18. Cool. I don't want to pay the RIAA anything anyway- not after them going overboard and suing Kaleidoscope because they copy movies to a hard-disk server (even though it keeps full encryption), which will likely run them out of business. So much for being able to have a backup of your CD's and DVD's. The funny thing is, alot of Hollywood producers have Kaleidoscopes in their houses. CJ
  19. The XP-90 and the 7000 AlCu will be within a couple of degrees of each other. CJ
  20. From what I understand, allofmp3 doesn't pay anything to the labels and are not really legit. However, this was about a year ago and things may have changed. CJ
  21. You do those yourself? Pretty cool! CJ
  22. Not sure how warm it was- I don't have a temp sensor on my ram, but it was hot to touch (after running memtest #5 for a while) until I put a fan on it, then it was a little warm. CJ
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