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  1. XFX 8800 640 GTS shipped today. $309.00 after rebate. Putting it in my OC'd FX-55 machine (ASUS). I'm sending this post via my wife's DFI NF4 Ultra-D, I promised to resurrect for her after I ordered the new card, and put my 6800 Ultra back in this machine. Been sitting for months gathering dust. Fired-up first time for new windows install. Running 3800+ @ mild OC @ 2.62 Ghz. Hi Angry! Long time, no? Wondered what you were up to! Charles
  2. Well...it's happened. My new OCZ 700 watt supply cooling fan has gotten noisy (at low speed). Had it just a few weeks. I just don't have any luck with supplies. Guess it's a Newegg return. Good thing I have a spare TT to press into service (the TT is a replacement for one that failed, my first TT 680 had a noisy fan right out of the box, this is the 3rd TT I've had in a bit over a year, going to be the 2nd OCZ looks like). What a pisser....
  3. 700 watt OCZ priming with the new ASUS mobo right now. Exhaust barely warm. Nice, very nice! Oh...giving the GF my Ultra-D, looking for best bang-for-buck processor and RAM for it (for her, of course)! Charles
  4. Welp...just installed the OCZ 700 watter...went-off without a hitch! Lookin' good!
  5. Ex: They left-off the 2nd word after Ultra...prolly shouldn't say it here.
  6. Excellent, Limnos! Thank you for that information! Kudos! Trav: I suspect that another company is indeed making TT's new 750 watt supply. Will have to wait-n-see when more information is available, but the internals and exterior look vaguely (what I can tell from pathetic pictures) familiar to the Fortron/OCZ fare. Anything would be an improvement over the previous 680 watt engineering fiasco... Charles
  7. Trav: Your suggestion is exactly what I'm gonna do. Keep the 750 watter TT (if they'll exchange my defective 680 for it) for an emergency spare, and use the OCZ. Guess I should be thankful my TT HSF is still cooling the FX-55 nicely... ;-} Charles
  8. Well...I've returned my second 680 watt Thermaltake in a bit over one year now. I've requested an upgrade to the new 750 watt toughpower unit, since Thermaltake has a 3 year warranty, and I'll pay the difference. We'll see how that flies. Haven't seen any indepth reviews of Thermaltake's new supply yet. It better be engineered properly compared to the 680 watt unit. Just ask around and read reviews of the 680 watter, before you buy. Hoping the new OCZ 700 watt unit will be solid-as-a-rock...just ordered one. If anyone has seen any links to reputable sites reviewing the TT 750 watt toughpower supply, please let me know! Charles
  9. That's exactly it, Travis! I've been pounding the computer mercilessly for months, and it just keeps hangin' in there. Have my plate full lately with many changes at work. Got back into flying RC aircraft (using RealFlight G3 to hone-my-skills...helps tremendously flying the real stuff, and it really gives the 'puter a workout), getting honey-do's around the new house, and motorcycling pretty much takes-up any free time here. It's the pits having to browse-the-web with my laptop, and I don't want to use my GF's machine, or I'd have to clean-it-out and change stuff...she wouldn't like that. Took the monster to work, to see if anything else was wrong besides the supply, and had to use two supplies (one for video card, one for the rest) to feed it what it requires. No hiccups, so am confident the machine is OK, and didn't have anything wrong that caused the supply to crap-out. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my concern with the smallish heatsinks, and small package of the OCZ 700 watt unit. Fortunately, the grill appears open enough to allow good airflow, and I'm sure techs ran-to-failure the supply at max loads, and found failure-rate acceptable. The positive reviews on the supply were the deciding factor to buy... I like the new look of the forum! LMAO when I saw your new animated avatar. Charles
  10. Thermaltake's 680 watt PSU have a long history of crapping-out, and their PCI-e rail won't even handle a single 6800 Ultra, for long, until you get the dreaded low voltage/current warnings from the card. I've had two in 1 year. Total piece-of-crap. My second one crapped-out last night. 5 volt rail (rated at 50 amps) went belly-up. The only thing I've ever bought from this company that was any good was an copper HSF. That's it! I'm lookin' to try an 700 watt OCZ supply, but am gun-shy of ANYTHING right now... ...OK, just ordered the OCZ 700 watter. I trust OCZ from previous exemplary service. They've always treated me right. Charles
  11. Could never get my FX-55 past 2.8 Ghz stable on air. Not going to spend the money on exotic cooling to do so. Not worth it. Plenty of processors out there that will OC past the FX-55 (stock) with little effort, for a lot less money. Charles
  12. Electromagnetic/Electron Accelerant/Non-ionizing Radiation Engineer (31 years).
  13. 50...going on...well...50.
  14. I heard about this MONTHS ago! Bring on the testing!
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