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  1. confused, my ram can do 310mhz not 285mhz, my cpu can do 2.85ghz not 3.1ghz.
  2. why would i want to run my ram at 279? surely running ram at 285 and cpu at 2850mhz using 1:1 would be better than that? im running memtest now with 1:1 285 @ 2.5-4-4-7, cpc disabled, it says 2t, is that correct?
  3. got my cpu to use 1.57v @ 2.85ghz now and its stable in prime
  4. 2.85 is prime stable, why shouldnt i use the half multi's?
  5. cpu does 2.85 @ 1.61v, ive spent the past few days pushing it to its max, just need to do ram. would 300*9.5 work, would that give ram @ 300mhz and cpu as 2850mhz?
  6. yeah, im sure it will do 1:1 at 285 with 2.5-4-4-8, was just wondering if i could have got it to 310 and cpu at 2.85ghz somehow.
  7. i ran memtest with cpu @ 2.75 with 7/10 divider for 6 hours, no errors, so ram isnt faulty. havent tried it at 300, everyone gets 310 @ 2.5-4-4-8 with this ram. cpc is on its default value whatever it is, havent changed it
  8. guess i will have to use 1:1 then, want to keep my 2.85ghz, dont want it lowering to 2.79ghz. thanks anyway.
  9. right, i have an opteron 146, got it clocked @ 2.85ghz, i wanna run my ram at about 310 @ 2.5-4-4-8 as the gskill LA ram can do that. 1:1 will only get it to run at 285mhz, will a divider help me, if so what divider, will i need to change any memory settings, voltages etc, currently using 140 divider as ive been overclocking my cpu, time to overclock the ram now.
  10. 148 cabye, NICE!!! right, im using 1.5*9.7% (1.65v) and running prime95 with cpu @ 2.85 now, fingers crossed it can do 12 hours without errors. cpu is 48c and chipset 44c under load using small in prime95. will reply here whether it passes prime95 or not.
  11. board only lets you use 1.55v, would i have to use 1.45*110%?
  12. icon57, i infact have the Opty 146 CAB2E 0545, not cabne, does your 148 only do 2.8ghz? my 146 does 2.75 with same stepping and week. is your ram the gskill LA ram or one of the other ones as i might be able to copy your ram settings.
  13. dont think its anything to do with ram as im using a divider, the ram must only be running at 220 or something similar at 3-4-4-7. its most likely a setting to do with mobo or cpu that needs changing.
  14. ive got ldt @ 1.3v, default is 1.2v, not sure what it does at all, can someone explain what it is. hope someone can help me with some settings, was hoping the cpu would let me overclock it to 2.85 rather than 2.75. do i need a higher cpu voltage, im using 1.525, but with 1.55v it wont boot, do i need to use a 110% or something kind of voltage?
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