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  1. Everything stock in bios and yet the same freeze again....I am seriously ready to throw the tower out of the window. I am thinking of selling the whole thing and going for a laptop.
  2. I wouldnt mind if i am not stable at 2700....but its the nature of the problems that makes me think its not instability that causes them. I cant accept that when I freeze and return after 40sec, the CPU or the RAM failed due to OC, because then I would get a non-recoverable freeze, or a reset or something....but not this... I would be VERY happy to find out that all these problems were just happenning cause I am not at a rock stable OC point, but this cant explain why I was having the exact same problems underclocked... Right now I am at stock speeds and with 2.8V on the RAM, I will tell you my progress when I have passed more than 20 hours freeze-free.
  3. I love this game....and hate it at the same time. I know this problem is mostly due to the game being too picky, but I also know that whousands of other PCs don't have these peroblems. And this drives me crazy, because I paid some money to play this game properly (fps wise) and people with 2year old PCs have a better play experience than me... The CPU is totally stable at these speeds. I also wanted to be sure and started at default speeds (although my RAMs default is 300MHz) but I recieved a blue screen "IRQL not less or equal....." and thought the RAM didnt work that good at 200MHz, thats why I overclocked again. I will try to put those TCCDs at 200MHz 2-2-2-5 and 2.8v to see what happens (it was 2.6V when I had this error). The only thing I have seen that is common to all PCs that have problems in WoW is that they are AMD systems. I guess those nforce chipset drivers have something to do with it... I so much like AMD but Intel maing its own chipsets is in the lead in these things
  4. I formated and reinstalled the bare essentials (chipset-vga drivers and WoW) and started gaming in hope that it owuld be fixed.... To my disappointment, after a few hours I had a freeze....but this time it never came back to life....and the mouse pointer was not frozen....I waited for more than 1 minute....it never came back, but it didnt seem like a hard freeze, the mouse could move and when I used alt-tab / ctrl+alt+del , it wouldnt go to windows but the mouse pointer would change from the wow one to then winxp one.... So here I go again, with a different and even more annoying problem this time....I think I am plagued....
  5. thanks, you have been very helpfull, I did it and recieved the same error on the new diskette....then I entered the original one and it worked.... God praise Microsoft.... Thanks a lot MS for the 3 hours I wasted. I hope everything else goes fine with the installation.
  6. I just started installing winXP and when I enter the diskette for the SATA RAID drivers it doesnt find anything usefull drivers to add....weird....I go copy the diskette to HD in another PC and then on to a brand new diskette and try the new one. This time it finds the drivers but as it is trying to install them it gives an error at some line... I guess the original diskette is damaged and so the new diskette helped a bit but the fies copied to it are corrupt anyway... Can anyone give me non-corrupt files to copy to the new diskette and go on with it plz? I would appreciate a fast answer cause I am already in the middle of the installation and can't go on with it unless I get the SATA RAI drivers.
  7. the above thread states not to install the nvidia IDE drivers unless you have raid. Well, I got 2 raptors in a raid-0 array, should I install them or not? (according to the guyde I should, but someone above said not to) Also, should I go for the last versions of drivers for nforce4 and the VGA, or are there some that are known to be best?
  8. I would like to do a format and install everything from scratch in hope that maybe this is a driver issue. Before I do it, can you tell me which versions of the drivers to install and in which order? For example : 1) nvidia drivers 6.xx WITHOUT IDE drivers and firewall 2) nvidia vga drivers 80.20 3) DirectX 9.0C 4) .... Just to make sure everything is done as correct as it can be... And also, I got the CD of WinXP with SP1, is it sufficient or should I download WinXP with SP2? (this would be kind of a pain to find and would stall me down a lot...)
  9. 1) Yes it was a brand new machine and I installed everything from the start. 2) Nvidia mixer, MSN and logitech program (for the keyboard) run int he background 3) I had the firewall installed but its disabled 4) I got no other PCI cards, only the GPU 5) My only USB device is the mouse I will do that with the sound and craphics but I doubt it will change anything. Also in bios I will try to disable some stuff.
  10. This is exactly what I am thinking about, and seems to be the most sensible reason. However your solution to it didnt work for me I did notice though that after doing what u suggested, I lose the sound at the same time of the video. Previously, the screen would freeze and after 20sec the sound would freeze too and then after another 15sec it would all come back to normal. With your change, I stil got the hardlock but both video and sound freeze at the same moment. I don't know if that helps but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  11. I tried both your ideas and none worked unfortunately To be honest I have not encountered this problem in anything else than WoW, so the game programming must have something to do with it too....then again 95% of my time in the PC is WoW.... However the fact remains that a similar system with an Asus A8N didn't have this problem so I need a solution....I can't jsut take it for granted and move on...it's too annoying being idle for 40sec in an online game...
  12. Rgone I know WoW is a damn buggy game, but listen to this story : When I bought this machine, a friend of mine bought the exact same setup, only his board was an Asus A8N SLI. He never had this problem This leads me to believe that it has to do with the DFI. Not that the board is problematic essentially, but that some of the settings in bios are different from the default settings in the Asus A8N and this causes the problem. Anyway, thanks for the help, I will try your solutions 1 by 1 and not together so I know what really fixed the problem (IF it is fixed). So I start with Ginsu's idea and we shall see.
  13. I am leaving for work now, I'll be back in 5 hours and will test in games again and watch at the event viewer when it happens. Until then if you got any ideas you are wellcome to state them. Later...
  14. I tell you this has nothing to do with overclocking and temps...it happens even when underclocked. my CPU is a venice it does not put out much heat and the case cas 2x12cm fans anyway... This is either a setting in the bios that needs to be changed or the board is problematic....I hope it is the first so I can solve it, otherwise I am going for another brand. There is also a very slim chance that this is due to the PSU....but I couln'd explain how.
  15. I am at 623-2 bios right now. The memory is tested and works fine. This problem even happens at default speeds...even underclocked....
  16. I have gone through 4 bioses, had a winchester 3500+, now a venice 3000+, had an MSI 6800GT, now an Asus 7800GTX, had 2x512mb UTT now 2x512mb TCCD, had a microsoft optical mouse, now a Razer Diamonddback, also had a cheapo keyboard, now a Logitech media keyboard and I ALWAYS had this problem... I tello you the only things unchanged are the PSU and the mobo... I will check the event viewer next time this happens and hope to have more information for you.
  17. the monitor always displays fine....the frozen picture.... It doesn't make much sense to be the PSU because if it is I can't explain the "come-back".... If the PSU failed, then the CPU or RAM or something wouldnt get enough voltage which would cause them to hang and the system would show a BSOD or reset or something.... This seems to be a mono issue to me, since the mobo and PSU are the only things I haven;t changed and still got the problem
  18. My system can be seen in the signature. When playing games (basically WoW) I got this very annoying problem : screen freezes totally for about 40sec then returns to normal. During the freeze, it;s as if the computer has hanged completely....ctrl-alt-del does nothing, alt-tab nothing, u r basically ready to press the reset button and think that the memory is problematic or something. However 1 time I got lucky, and I didn;t press the reset button so fast, and to my surprise the game returned to normal after ~40sec... So everytime this happenned I let it for 40sec and it would always return to normal. This thing happenns randomly, I'd say it averages once per 2 hours or something.... At the begining the screen freezes,and after 20sec the sound freezes too, and then when it ends all are back to normal (and I see in fast forward what has happenned in those 40sec because the game is online and probably the ethernet card froze too and I had lag while frozen). This thing has been plagueing me since February. since then I have changed CPU, RAM and Video card....the only things left unchanged are the mobo and the PSU. I dont think the PSU could do something like this, if there was a problem I would get random resets or something... This leads me to believe it;s a problem of the mobo... I have had it for 7 months now, I can;t take it anymore, I hope you can help me solve this because the board is excelent otherwise. But if I can't solve it I will change ton an Asus or Abit... HELP PLZ!
  19. I loaded the 623-2 bios that Flowerking suggested. Well, after some testing here is my results : I am 100% windows stable at windows with 9x300 1:1 2.5-4-4 1T. (2.7v on ram) This is acceptable by me, and if I can't do anything better I'll leave it as it is. To achieve that I didnt change anything in bios other than the 2.5-4-4 and 1T timmings. Now my goal is to stabilize 300MHz at 2.5-3-3 and 1T. If I put these settings I can pass 100 loops of memtest test5 without any error. In fact I can go up to 302 like this in memtest. But windows is totally unstable. I can't understand this behaviour, because the CPU and HTT settings remain the same as before when it was totally stable and the only thing that changes is the ram timmings....so it's all about the RAM and not the rest of the system. And even if we take for granted that Windows stresses RAM more than memtest, then it should be unstable but not totally unstable like this... I run SPI 1M and it instantly errors, or Prime95 blend gives error at 0mins.... I have seen situations in the past where I was memtest stable but prime would fail after an hour or so....and I would need to go 3-5MHz lower than memtest stable to become totally Prime95 stable, but nothing like this before.... Any ideas why this is happenning and how to solve it (if possible) ?
  20. You can see my system at my signature. I just bought the OCZ RAM which uses TCCD chips and I am stuggling to make it stable at DDR600 1T. 2.5-4-4 would be ok by me, but 2.5-3-3 would really make me happy. Tell me plz which is the best bios to use so I start from a good basis and what tweaks can be done to stabilize it... And what else should I change in bios to make sure that the RAM is the limiting factor here, how much voltage to the northbridge and how much on that LTD voltage? My CPU is tested to do 9x300=2700 100% stably but I got a hard time going over 290 with this RAM at 1T...and 2T really sux...so its not an option...
  21. So, if I understand correctly, I whould put everything at auto in the bios (like default) and then let RMclock overclock me to my usual settings when windows loads, and underclock me when I want quietness and low power? So I set everything auto and then I make a max state in RMclock which will be my overclock and a min state which will be my quiet clock, and it should change automaticaly from one to the other if i set auto management? Is that right? If I understood wrong then I give you my current settings in bios and u tell me what to change and what to leave as it is : Multiplier 9x HTT 300 CPU vid 1.55v CPU special vid 104% RAM vid 3.2v and at the RAM settings i got divider 5/6 and changed the 4 ram timmings to 2-2-2-5 Thats it. PS: BTW is it possible to control the ram voltage/speed too? Because I am kinda afraid with those UTTs as I have heard of many dieing lately...
  22. I have subscribed long ago and back then it was not required to enter these information upon registering. I will add then when I got time but for the time being I say my system here : A64 3000+ Venice @ 9x300=2700MHz 1.56v Stock cooling DFI NF4 SLI-D 2x512Mb Twinmos UTT @ 250MHz 2-2-2-5 3.2v (5/6 divider) MSI 6800GT PCI-E 256Mb 2xRaptors 36Gb raid-0 Pioneer DVD-ROM 120S Plextor DVD+-R/RW 716A Fortron Bluestorm 500W PSU Well, I downloaded RMclock but I was kinda lost in the settings. I tried to figure out how it works but I couldnt....any help would be appreciated. Plus it reports my actual voltage int he first screen as 1.4v which is obviously wrong...
  23. So I should take it for granted that CNC does NOT work with overclocking settings? and if so, is there any other way I can set my cpu clock/voltage/fan speed to drop when the load is low?
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