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  1. tmod could you look at this post please, thanks http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...1&postcount=841
  2. TMOD, or anyone else up for the task. for the DFi Lanparty UT NF3 250Gb bios would it be possible to insert this raidbios version, as i hear its the last one to work successfully. the raid bios is version 4.81 and can be taken from this bios http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/BIOS/LPNF450310.zip
  3. i use the latest drivers available, be they for nForce4/NF4 x16 etc i just use them, most of the time they work fine, or sometimes add your devices to the inf at most.
  4. today i put the Audigy2 ZS in PCI slot #3 and now its no longer sharing with my Radeon
  5. Hiya I have a ATi Radeon X800XT and a Creative Audigy2 ZS both sharing the same IRQ and was wondering if there was a PCI slot i could use so they dont share? Radeon is in the AGP Slot and the Sound card is in PCI #2 Thanks Lemonzest
  6. cant you just take it out of a newer bios (memtest 1.65) such as the nf4 bios's and replace it in the nf3 6/23 bios
  7. hi, i'm thinking of flashing to your lanparty nf3 250gb 6/23 modded bios, apart from the upgraded memtest and 4v mod, what other changes are there? did the raid bios upgrade ever work in the end? or is it still 4.52?
  8. well i had the beta bios zip, and downloaded the new "official" bios and the CRC32 is the same. so i assume its the beta bios just made official. on another note, decided to see if there was another beta bios and the 250gb is no longer in the drop list So if you have the 6/23 beta bios installed, no worries as its EXACTLY the same. no need to re-flash
  9. My Idle Temp 30-32x Max load Temp (S&M) 52c Athlon64 3000+ Socket 754 Bios Version 6/23 beta Stock AMD Cooler. dont know room temp but Speedfan reports 34c system temp. Clock speed 2.4Ghz (240x10 HTT Ram on divider) Voltage About 1.55 (default in bios plus special at 104%) Cool and Quiet Running. Rest of System in Sig.
  10. @tmod did you ever get the new raid bios working in the 250gb? and any details on the moded bios in the cd?
  11. Hi any news on that modded bios for the lanparty ut nf3 250gb? last i heard it was 6/23 with the new memtest 1.65 and raid bios 5.84, not sure on the details. thanks. Lemonzest
  12. well as far as i know the "value" series of creative sound cards are software based. the eax/sound processing is all done on the cpu.
  13. I run with just a single SATA HDD, no probs here. no idea what will happend when i get a pair of IDE HDD's as backup tho. let me know how this goes
  14. I'm using the 6.82's on my board (250Gb) only driver i have from 5.11's is the AGP Gart. Runs great.
  15. i was thinking about this one http://www.akasa.co.uk/akasa_english/spec_...spec_ak_210.htm any idea if it will cause any trouble with the x800xt?
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