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  1. dieselex when i say jump start i mean short the green wire and a black wire. when that happens your psu turns on.
  2. a bit of an update. sometimes the dram led never flashes or lights up but the standby does, when that happens after a few minutes the standby will stop flashing and stay lit but the system still will not power on unless the power supply is jump started
  3. I have 2 seasonic 500w power supplies one is the older version without the 2x pci-e power connectors and one is the new version. Using the old version my system works fine. With the new version when the switch on the power supply is turned on the dram and standby power leds flash, if I "jumpstart" the power supply everything works fine. This happens with 2 of the new version. I tried one of the new versions in a i915g and a nf3 ultra and it posted in both of those with no issues. I'm using bios 623 and the cpu is running stock. I'm leaning towards it's a problem with my motherboard but im open to any ideas or what could be wrong.
  4. i got the bba x800xl partially because it has a 3yr warranty also because it was at msrp i wouldnt buy sapphire again, their rma dept can be a pain plus they only have a 1 yr warranty. The times i've delt with ati's tech support/rma they've been very helpfull
  5. One thing i see right off is the power supply. Broadway power supplies are one of the worst. the company i used to work for sold them for awhile. Let me give you a few examples why I suggest never using them. pci-e motherboard definetely draw more power than agp and pci boards in generall. 1. the power rating is not even close to realistic, we had one customer test several of their power supplies rated at 420watt they blew on loads ranging from 300-330 watt (wattage was gathered using a kill a watt). 2. They flat out lie about their power supplies. One day we started getting power supplies (in cases) rated at 450 and when we rma'd them they sent a few of the replacements back marked as 420 watt. (the 450 also had a sticker claiming 150% better for video cards) When we called them they told use they were the exact same power supplies they just started using a new sticker. 3. We have had many of them blow on minor loads, one of them that comes to mind was a celeron 2.4ghz, fx 5200, 1 hd, 1 cdrw. when it went it took out the board and processor. Another was a 9800pro and p4 3.0c, also 1 hd and 1 dvd, 1 dvdrw it blew the instant the customer tried powering on the system, twice with 2 different ones. 4. they have almost 60 power supplies that were replaced sitting in rma that will never be used because they were so horrible we sold off their (poorly made) cases with out them. to give you another idea on how poor their power supplies were case and power supply cost us about $18 (they were sold for $55-58). those crappy generic 400-600 watt power supplies that you buy for 20-30 generally cost the retailer $7-10. compared to say an enlight 300 watt (mid range here) that costs the store about $20.
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