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  1. Hello, I would like to install an Athlon64 X2 4400+ and overclock it to 2.4 GHz. Which BIOS should I use according to you? Thank you for your input
  2. Hello all, I just want to report an experience with ethernet connection. I have a DSL connection (5012/512) via a modem/router Zyxel 660HW. I connected this router to the Nvidia Ethernet port (nVidia Firewal is deinstalled). My internet connection is working perfectly and I have no problem of rebooting. When I started to use eMule I encounter a rebooting issue. After about 1 hour of P2P use, my computer reboots :-( I connected then my router to the Marwell Ethernet port and here no problem of rebooting during at least 24 hours! I have no clue why it did not work with nVidia Ethernet 5i am using the nvidia 6.39). Any others got the same problem?
  3. Cannot agree more with Andy :-) Running this little baby at 270 MHz and working on getting higher ;-) The limitation factor for now is my CPU: it seems that I cannot get more than 2500 MHz from it :-( Waiting for the release of the venice core ;-) seems to be a good OC candidate see here Thanks for all the help I got in this forum.
  4. Thanks to all of u (special thanks to OCZTony for the Drive Strength Info) I am able to run memory at 260 MHz with the following timing: 2.5-4-3-10 I was wondering what could I work on to get even better timing? Ty
  5. Just want to thank OCZtony for the infos on the Drive strength. Before, I was on auto and I could get my memory working at 260 MHz :-( getting a BSOD screen I just set the Drive Strength at 6 and MIRACLE I was able to run windows and now the Prime95 test has been running for 1 hour without errors 5 i keep burning :-) ) My settings are for now : 2.5-4-3-10 (Trc 10 - trfc 24 - DRAM Idle Timer 256) Thanks gain all for the help. Very great people here!
  6. Thanks a lot for all your replies guys. I do appriciate at all. When I will be back from my business trip, I will try. I'll keep u updated.
  7. BIOS set up for OCZ PC3200 Plat rev2? Reading a lot of forums, I know that my OCZ Plat 3200 Rev 2 can reach frequencies around 260 MHz with these timings: 2.5-4-3-7. I tried them and run memtest without problem for 1 hour at 2.9V. However, I soon as I boot on windows, I get a blue screen. The divider is set to 9 so that the frequency of my CPU can not interfere. All the other options in DRAM Bios are on auto. Could some o f you provide me with the complet set up of their BIOS so I could figure out what I could due to solve my problem? Thanks
  8. Hello I tried to increase the CPU frequency step by step using the same settings (see signature). I had no issue going to 210MHZ but when I tried to go to 220MHZ the boot up stopped just before "verification DMI pool" and reboot the computer I cannot beleave that my memory cannot go higher than that, anyway I cannot use Memtest to make a test because I cannot start from CD for the reason explained before. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  9. I just finished to install my system (see signature). Thanks to all the great posts I found on this forum, installation was pretty easy. BIOS 310 seems to work perfectly for me so far. I did not start to ovezrclock the baby but I should do it pretty soon :-) I had some issue in installing the Audigy drivers (getting BSOD screen after restart), but I managed by installing old drivers and upgrading them step by step. To install Windows easily, I had to not plug in my third HD which was non Raid. If I plugged it, for an unknown reason windows did not want to install on my raid area (could not use the partition). This seems to be a great MB ! Cannot wait to play with it ;-)
  10. Hello just received my DLI NF4 SLI DR and have exactly the same issue. I changed the cable, the DVD drive but nothing changed. I remove the other Hard drives but nothing. I checked memory with Mentest and no problems during 2 hours (I stopped after) Any suggestions?? Thank you
  11. Angry_Games can u tell us which BIOS u used when U installed RAID ? TY
  12. Hello all, First I want to thank you all for the job you are doing on this forum. Your contributions decided me to buy a nice nF4 SLI-DR :-) I should receive it soon. I cannot wait to build my new system. I noticed that this board is a bit touchy with memory modules. I have two kind available: - CORSAIR 2x512Mo PC4000 - OCZ 2x512 PC3200 Platinum rev2 Which modules would u advise me to try first? Thanks a lot
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