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  1. I finished running to the limit. I got to 425 and at 426 things became unstable. When I began testing I thought that I was only test the limits of the CPU. Then in this thread it is mentioned the RAM is also being tested. I thought the CPU and RAM were tested separately. I can't follow how this tests the RAM, the RAM is running divided 50%, so RAM is at 212. Ok so I don't grasp this stuff as quickly as some. Understanding that the rig needs to be set back to 1:1 (200 divider) where exactly would it be best to begin with regarding HTT? sparx
  2. Thanks now I have direction. I will work it up tomorrow and then get with the 1:1 divider when I learn the limit. Thanks for all posts and assists. sparx
  3. Skip04- I was following the guide by Mr. Biggles which specified 100 as the divider. At this point I can: Continue where I left off at the current divider and work up until NO BOOT. Or I can go back to 272 set 1:1 divider (200) and see how high it will go. I agree that 1:1 is a much better place to be but as I stated at the top of the thread I was following Mr. Biggles guide. I think while I am up to 345 may as well go the distance until it quits Booting. sparx
  4. I am just trying to get a feel as to where I am going here. This is the first time I tried an overclock using this system/method. NOT RUNNING 1:1, running 1t sorry! (Edited above post) Edit: So can I expect to get to 375 at this settings and that being more or less normal? Again sorry for the misstatement on the memory divider. sparx
  5. NO NOT 1:1, 1t and divider at 100. Then, what go for 360? Edit: Ok Smartguardian say 25C, keep in mind that rig is in the basement with 64F ambient and I am liquid cooling. sparx
  6. I was reading here and found this thread the other day. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5821&page=1 I decided to give "Mr. Biggles" guide a try, (the 4th post down in the thread) I set up - 6x multiplier 3x LDT Ram div to 100 as he recommended. I started at 272 with 1.55 vcore. I worked up in increments of 2. Once in a while I got bored and went up 3. At 340 I dropped the LDT to 2x, being over 1020. Now I am at 345, dropped the LDT to 2X and I don't know if it makes sense to continue or I should quit before I have toated the rig. I am not bragging 345 @ 6x is only 2070 but this is 345. Anyway tell me what you think, please. sparx
  7. Thanks WhereWaldo- Must be important enough to have a fan header (#2) dedicated to it? The #2 fan header is adjacent to the PS ports near the back of the board. The power ATXconnectior is clear on the other side of the board. :confused: sparx
  8. Thanks for the help, I found and installed Smart Guardian. And of course it leads to another question. There are three temps displayed on Smart Guardian. I don't understand what: PWMIC is. I see PWM in the BIOS Health area. There are settings for fan header #2 in relation to PWM. If you know what it is please post. When running Prime95 the temp for PWMIC hits around 59 and turns RED. Maybe I can add a fan, if I know where! sparx
  9. Just reboot and keep hitting the "Delete" key as the computer BOOTS up. sparx
  10. A simple thought but did you try the power switch mounted right on the motherboard itself? Mine didn't start yesterday because I connected the front panel wires wrong. sparx
  11. I have been trying to find a way to monitor temps on my board while running Prime95 for example. I have Evertest but it indicates motherboard temps higher than CPU temps. Sandra has it correct I believe, but Sandra doesn't update the readings as time passes. On the MSI Neo Plat I used the Core Cell utility, to view temps and voltages, even though the temps were not very accurate. Do you know what might work on our DRI Nf4 boards? sparx
  12. I just checked my settings and I had 25 for low and 44 for the upper end. Hope the fan is not defective. A couple of things I don't like is that it rocks around easily and the fan blade appears to clear my 6600gt by only about 1/32". At first when the fan was stuck I thought it was dragging on the video card, but it wasn't. I can stop it now with my finger and it starts right up on its own. I sure don't want to RMA my board I just got it! sparx
  13. I got my board just today, same as yours, and when I booted for first or maybe the second time I had the identical issue with the chipset fan. As you I had to push the blade(s) a little to get it to run. My low temp setting was also at 25 as yours; I forget the upper end temp but it doesn't matter. I suppose the unit is easy enough to replace but our boards are new. sparx
  14. So far I am very happy with it. I am "snowed" with all the BIOS settings for the moment, but I will get it done. The one problem I have is my Eheim 1250 pump sits on the bottom of my case (antec 835) and the lower pci x slot is in the way,or the pump is in the way depending how you look at it. (No fault of DFI, I am sure the MSI is the same) I wanted to run two 6600gt's, going to have to rethink on how to get it all in the case. Just sold off my backup Hydor L30, wouldn't you know It would problably fit. DFI sure did a great job heat sinking the mosfets on this board, seems to be almost a bargin for $149.00. sparx
  15. Reading the label with a dental mirror it looks like "A 02". Hope that's a revision. Moved up to 240 x 10 need to learn more on those BIOS questions then I can install Nvida board drivers and stuff. I have been using Windows IDE drivers, have the Nvida IDE drivers been any good? Thank you for the replies guys. sparx
  16. My first thread started. Got my Ultra D today, have it up and running with Windows XP Sp2 installed at 235 x 10. RAM in dual channel slots 2 & 4. I read posts here about setting up the board, and well basically ripped off the RAM settings Angry Games posted. :angel: RAM- 200- Enabled (1t?)-2.5-4-7-3-7-17-3-2-2-3-4708-1-Enabled (Vcore @1.60 RAM @ 2.60) Since there are many new (to me) BIOS items on this board I need help with some. In CPC is "Enabled" 1t or 2t? MAX PCI Payload Size-- I am using "4096" Refresh Period-- Using "4708" I see 166 and 195 LTD Bus Transfer WIdth-- using "16 16 " CPU VID Startup Value -- using "Startup" (Is this startup vcore?) PCI Express Frequency-- using "100 MHZ" Marvel GIG LAN Control- I have it "Enabled" Finally I cannot locate the revison number of my board, I found the serial number sticker on the PCI e slot hope it is not on the back of the board or... :sad: Sparx
  17. Which version of Windows do you have? Reason I ask is I have been reading here, waiting for my NF4 Ultra D to arrive, and there is a thread/post regarding problems with XP SP2 in earlier versions. Of course for the mement I cannot locate the thread. I will look again for it and post a link if I find it. sparx Edit- Can't find the darn post, but the version is: 5.1.2600.2180. You can check the version if using SP2 by holding the mouse pointer on the "Setup" file on the XP CD.
  18. Case fans (standard) run on 12 volts. The yellow wire on the molex connector is 12 volts positive. The adjacent black wire to the yellow is 12 volts negative. The red wire on the molex is 5 volts positive. And finally the adjacent black wire to the red it the 5 volt negative. Some case fans have variable speeds, some have temp sensors, to the best of my knowledge they all accept 12 volts. I do believe the Antec with the special fan marked molex connectors provide less voltage due to a sensor inside the power supply. I had Antecs (no longer do) and I recall the fan molex connectors. My suggestion is to buy a new case fan, such as a Panaflo 80 mm 12L series that will run very quiet. ( Assuming your fan is 80 mm) You also can do the 7 volt trick taking the yellow wire (12 volts+) and the red wire (5 volts +) and it will provide 7 volts to your fan(s). I don't recommend this to the early builder. I run the fans in my case at 7 volts in the winter and 12 volts in the summer so I have a toggle switch to flip back and forth. Here is a link to the 7 volt trick:Go here Hope I didn't confuse you, if so post back and I will clarify. sparx
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