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  1. WTF?????????????????????????? When I ran it before I put in the ATI card (and fresh Win install) she went right up to 100% usage in a few minutes. Same with my Av8, rig I am typing on at the moment. I am not starting an argument, please, just confused (as usual). sparx
  2. Thanks. What is "CP"? Once again I am having problems with Prime95 running up to 100% cpu usage, set to 10 priority or 1 priority no matter. Last night I ran Prime95 17 hours no errors with the 6600gt card and old Win XPsp2 install. I tested with super pi and had no problems. Ran memorytest86 test #5 20 passes, test #8 20 passes no errors. Then I dropped the FSB (HTT) from 260 to 255 Prime95 still won't move to 100% CPU usage. I dunno... sparx
  3. Ok! You guys did a great job of steering me out of the woods. thanx Did a complete fresh install of WinXPsp2, and installed the 5.1 cats NO CONTROL CENTER , yet. Loaded the latest version of 3Dmarks03 and they ran fine. Have the Ultra D @ 260 x 10 1:1 with CPC (1t) enabled and got: 11,050 about 400 points lower than my pny6800gt on my ABit Av8. Got 26,616 on 3d01. Last question (maybe) I have is if the Control Panel from 5.1 cats download will work with this card? After installing it yesterday I got error messages after windows loaded. It would be nice to have that working. I suppose I should overclock the card some since it seems to run relatively cool, very little to no experience o'clocking a video card. Thanks once again. :shake: Now I have to sell a perfectly good XFX 6600gt at a loss to help pay for this x800xl. sparx
  4. I got the 3d03marks taken care of and the email notice came through as well, tommorrow I will take another crack at it. Thanks all sparx
  5. No I didn't update 3d2003. Control Center from 5.2 gave me errors when the system booted, I will give 5.1 a try tomorrow. I have the rig running again (reverted to a ghost image) with the 6600gt Prime95 is crusing along fine. I will do another fresh Win xp install tomorrow from scratch. Do I need to download the entire 3DM2003 file or is there a patch? Thanks very much. sparx ALso I am not getting emails to inform me of posts here, checked subcriptions here find nothing wrong. :confused:
  6. Now I find Prime95 won't run with 100% CPU usage it is possible Windows is corrupted. I hate going backwards like this. sparx
  7. Got the ATI X800XL. Since I had an Nvidia 6600gt in the rig I did a complete Windows XPsp2 install. I installed the 5.2 cat drivers and found the included Control Center is NOT compatable with the X800XL so I deleted them. Another problem, which concerns me more, is that 3Dmarks2003 will not run since I installed the X800XL. I receive the "Must close" Windows XP error message box with the "Send Report " "Don't Send" buttons at the bottom. So, I deleted the 5.2 cats and installed them again no change. I deleted the 5.2 cats installed the 5.1 cats with no change. 3Dmarks03 ran fine with the 6600gt card. I am at a loss. I did run 3dMarks2001 complete, got 26,582; you guys were right better than the 6800gt! In additon ATI's website suggests owners of X800XL cards use Control Center from the video card CD. You cannot install only the Control Center, the driver box will not uncheck. If you can help with that it would be appreciated as well. sparx
  8. Thanks for the info on the Cat's. This "Zip" of the OS is interesting. Would this be the equivalent of my making a Ghost image or is this a ZIP of a seqment of the OS? sparx
  9. Myabe later I head back to Fry's and get the BB ati x800XL. I had the BB ATI 9800 Pro never had problem with it, wanted to stay all Nvida this time because of drivers but I have not read about any ATI driver issues of late. Peeps have said ATI drivers are hard to kill if you want to go from ATI to Nvida. Speaking of drivers what is the current choice for X800XL drivers? Appreciate the inputs guys. sparx
  10. I just drove over to Fry's and they have only the BB ATI Radeon X800XL. I see that's what you run. Is any one brand better than another? Fry's has it for $299.00 plus $21.00 for the taxman. Better price than online for the moment. I may just go for that one, not much of a video card overclocker myself to be honest, hoping it would be at least as good as my PNY 6800gt (agp) has been on my ABIT AV8. I get 24xxx on 3d01 and 11600 on 3D2003, tests that many say are now irrelevant. sparx
  11. ViperJohn- Not sure what you mean by this, at any time are you referring to motherboard Vcore? Quote:"Yeah I picked one up for a customer in Australia. Should be a nice little card modded out but is going to need some real help in the power input and on card Vcore Power Supply before you can lean on the Vcore and core clock." Thanks for all post guys- sparx
  12. Thanks guys. Velvet did you bench the X800XL on 3Dmarks03? sparx
  13. Still having problems getting prime95 to run. RAM settings: Running 275 x 9 1.55 x 110%--> 1.70 vcore Dram Freq- 200 CPC - Enabled (1t) Cas Lat- 2.5 Ras to Cas Delay-04 Min Ras Active- 07 Row Precharge- 03 Row Cycle- 07 Row Refresh Cyc Time-14 Row to Row Delay- 03 Write Recovery- 02 Write to Read Delay-02 Read to Write Delay-03 Refresh Period- 3120 Write Cas Latency-01 DQS Skew Control- enabled DQS Skew - Auto DQS Skew Value-0 Dram Drive Strength- Level 8 Dram Data Drive Str-Level 4 Max Async- Auto Read Preamble Time- Auto Idle Cycle Limit- Auto Dynamic Counter - Auto R/W Queue Bypass- Auto Bypass Max- Auto 32 Byte Granularity- Auto Sparx __________________
  14. I was successful in getting my RAM to run 295 x 6 with 3.00 volts. Memorytest86 ran 65 passes (full test) with no errors. Now I am back to overclocking @ 275 x 9 having problems with Prime95 running past one hour. So does this mean my board is holding me back? sparx
  15. Did you try setting "Optimized Defaults" in the BIOS? And you might want to set the vcore to 1.55 volts manually. What cooling are you using on the CPU, please? sparx
  16. Right now I have the Ultra D running with one XFX 6600Gt PciE video card. Originally I have planned to get two of these cards but I have run into a problem because of my water pump setting at the case bottom. The Eheim 1250 is right in line with the 2nd PCI E slot (lower slot). I have seen scores of about 23000 in 3dmarks03 posted with two 6600gt cards. I cannot recall for certain but I believe the Ultra D was modded to an SLI with conductive materials. Anyway, since I do not want to rebuild my liquid cool I wanted to ask if a 6800GT PCI e card would provide adequate performance? Right now I play Call of Duty and Medal of Honor 9stuff like that), have Far Cry too, still in the box! As you can see I haven't worked my way up to Doom yet. I can retrofit the side of my case adding a "compartment" of sorts to create a spot for the pump if the dual 6600 gt's is a better way to go. If dual 6600gt's is overkill for the games I play and the 6800gt PCIe is adequate maybe that is the best route. I have been looking for performance scores with both these type of setups but haven't seen much. In addition I was checking video cards prices yesterday, I thought the prices were suppose to moderate? They are rising now. TIA sparx
  17. Your User Name is "DFISucks" and the DFI NF3 "is one of the best you (I)ever used." :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: I love this hobby, those involved in it are a riot- made my day DFISucks! sparx
  18. Yeah that's a cluster f^c# isn't it? I got my card in the top slot and I need a feeler gauge to measure the clearance over the stock fan. I have no idea from reading your post which slot you were in and now are in but I'm glad you have it sorted out. I still like my Nf4 ultra D regardless. sparx
  19. Kintoun- I have a question if it is OK with you? What is the difference between these two? "I first tested my HTT which I could take to ~285 HTT stable (mem at 100 and CPU mult at 6 for testing) I then tested CPU which I could get to 250 HTT stable, but with 1.525 vcore (mem at 100 for testing)" To me these seem to be the same thing. Or in another way how are these tests different? TIA sparx
  20. I have Corsair Twinx 4400 C24 2x512 TCCD, suppose to be great RAM. I will find out how great it really is later today, I have suspicion it may not be a good pair, if not it goes for RMA. sparx
  21. Ok so how do I determine what my RAM can do? sparx
  22. I have to agree, matter of fact I think any overclock that can't run Prime95 for 24 hours without errors is worthless. For that my overclocks are always lower than others, but no crashes! What I am attempting to do is understand testing for max CPU clock and testing for max RAM speed. I read A64 overclocking guides all over the forums giving step by step instructions on testing for these values to aid in overclocking. Here is one example: http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=847481 sparx
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