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  1. Prime- I think we may have related problems. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7155 . Unfortunately we are not the only ones. Sorry I have no solution to my (our) problem yet. sparx
  2. Well, this all is too wierd for me. I suppose I should slap the Corsair into my ABIT Av8 and see if it runs and then run memorytest86 to check for errors. Not sure what to do with the motheboard, no kind thoughts come to mind. sparx
  3. I have had active cooling on the mosfets (just to the right of the CPU socket) on this board since the day I installed Smartguardian. My Pwm (is it?) temps are 35C when I am running Prime95. No gal damn computer that was running 260 x 10 gaming and priming should Blue Screen because the FSB was dropped from 260 to 200 and rebooted. No damn computer should wack out wen the CMOS is cleared and "optimized defaults' are selected and then a BOOT is attempted. Makes no sense, I not the best builder on the block, but after building and breaking computers for four years I have yet to see a rig not BOOT after DROPPING THE FSB! Crap, I'll take stability over speed and flash anyday! sparx
  4. Here's the link, would have been cool if "310" was in the title! http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7063 Sparx
  5. Earlier in the week I cleared my CMOS and the rig would not BOOT Windows. I solved the problem by Booting with my Twinmos RAM 256 x2. Then I carefully battled the board and worked my way back using the Corsair c25 and got the rig to prime for 6 hours 260 x 10 with the 2/09 BIOS. Today I decided to Flash to 310 BIOS. So, I Reboot the rig, go into Genie set the FSB (HTT) to 200, multiplier set to 10 unchanged. Hit F10 get a BSOD instead of a BOOT. Using power button restarted rig and got the BOOT LOOP syndrome. Tried with one stick of Corsair in top orange slot, no good. Dropped Ram voltage to 2.6 no good. Install 2 sticks of Twinmos, BOOTS right up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have run extensive tests on the Corsair RAM with memorytest86 and cannot get errors at 260 x10. Does the Ultra D hate Corsair? A DFI Ultra D user in Germany has been PM back and forth with me and he has the same exact issue. I don't think he has Corsair 4400 c25. Weird motherboard, ever since I cleared the CMOS the other day it has been downhill. sparx
  6. I was wondering the same, should I just flash now and give it a run, got nothing else to do this afternoon. sparx
  7. Yeah, when I was trying to pass 265 x 10 and failed at Prime95 I tested if 3.3 would help. Have the rig up and running now: 255 x 10 1:1 1t (CPC enabled). Amazing that my OS was not trashed! I have no idea what the problem was, sorry. Testing the RAM now with memorytest86. sparx
  8. Flashed to 2/09. Got it to boot with one stick of Corsair testing with BIOS included memorytest86 now. Glad I kept my Twinmos, handy to have in a pinch. I am surprised if the Corsair crapped, but Newegg will honor my RMA. Test on one stick at a time. I put a max of 3.3 into the RAM, and 3.3 for only 10 minutes, 3.2 and less for the remainder. Time will tell here. I would like to try G.skill LE (even though I like the corsair) but none out there. spax
  9. Not so sure now if it is the Corsair. :confused: Running test #5 first then I will run #8, Boots great with 512 (2 x256) of Twinmos, but not with Corsair using only "Optimized Defaults" with either pair of RAM. Maybe I should flash to to 02-09 or 18 BIOS? I still have problems selecting the RAM voltages, need to use page-up / page-down sometimes. sparx
  10. I am going to Memtest the Corsair one stick at a time. Edited the twinmos chips to 43B, from d43, sorry for error. sparx
  11. Yes, mentioned it in the middle of first post.
  12. I tried the RAM at 3.3v for a few minutes Priming, with no improvement. Did not use 3.4 or 4.0 volts. Update. I restarted the rig and got into BIOS and set up the BIOS. I tried to BOOT into Windows, no BOOT. Put in the Norton Boot Ghost floppy, would not work wanted to revert back to my Ghost Image. Booted with Memorytest floppy ran Memory test 86 got errors in test #5 on the Corsair RAM. Pulled the Corsiar RAM installed some Twinmos 43b (edited from d43), 2 x 256. System Boots into windows appears normal. Corsair may be bad. sparx
  13. I have had the board now for three weeks been quite smooth actually, very enjoyable. Had a decent overclock to 260 x 10 more or less hit a wall at 265. Changed the RAM voltage jumper yesterday to the higher setting (4 volts according to the manual) without a hiccup. I was testing with Prime95 and found my stability had slipped some. I decided to clear the CMOS, and begin fresh, as I have in the past with numerous motherboards. I am still using the shipping 1.25.05 BIOS. Disconnected power cord, pulled battery cleared CMOS. Waited 5 or so minutes put it back together and began to set up BIOS setting. Got into the CPU multiplier section and there were no values to select? Ok fine. Cleared the Cmos once again after putting the DIMM voltage jumper back into the Default position, low voltage. Then the rig would boot only to the "Lanparty" Logo screen, but I could not get into the BIOS. Reseated memory no deal, finally put one stick into the upper orange slot, got into BIOS. Then I set Optimized Defaults (as always), won't BOOT into windows, OS most likely corrupted, that's OK still not a mainstreamed rig. Shutdown, put my other stick of RAM back into place for Dual Channel operation as before. Powered up into BIOS. Went to set values in the GENIE BIOS, not all values shown on screen and it locked in Genie Section. WOW, lots of punishment for simply clearing the CMOS I must say. I don't believe I ever had any rig lock in the BIOS like this before. If you have a clue let me know. sparx
  14. Cool. Is it 310 x 8 or 310 by 9? I cannot read it all too well, how about memory scores can't make that out either. Keep going. Sparx
  15. Yes I read somewhere just very recently a PCI worked for someone that had a bad Pci e card. spax
  16. Did you run memorytest86 tests #5 & #8 on it? Maybe it can go to 325, who knows? Who has LE in stock now? spax
  17. Pershoot- I went to move my voltage jumper still not certain as to which "VID" to set to AUTO. The VID's are CPU related, I am sure you know this but which setting goes to AUTO? Also you mention 5 volts, the manual states 4 volts max which is correct? Thanks, sparx Edit: I figured it out, got it done. BTW the manual is wrong on the CPU VID setting states: anyting but AUTO?
  18. Things are getting worse. I wish you had a another video card to try. I have never attempted to BOOT a system without a video card installed maybe someone else can add to this thought. You could try it without a video card, I don't think any harm will be done. sparx
  19. You can't raise the voltages unless you have access to the POTS, potentiometers. Power supplies vary in voltage output (as well in wattage), and thus quality. I have no idea if your power supply has pots inside to adjust voltage. If you open the case you void your warranty, if you adjust improperly you trash your components. Power supplies is a much debated subject in computer building. I know guys are running these rigs on 20 pin, but DFI didn't put a 24 pin connector on the mother board if they didn't feel it was necessary. I am stress testing my rig with Prime95 right now and the 12 volt rail is at: 12.67 volts measured with the volt meter, not Bios or Smartguardian. Changing course; did you clear the CMOS and then go into BIOS and select "load optimized defaults" and try to BOOT? sparx
  20. VOM is a meter. Best to check voltages with a meter, I have an OCZ adjustable power supply- 24 pin. I adjust my voltages higher, as others do, 12v>> 12.67, 5 volt >> 5.25 and 3.3 volt >> 3.412. All these readings are taken with a meter under no load. When the power supply is stressed the voltages drop which is normal in an electrical circuit. I would bet your 12 volt rail drops down to 11.50 under load, not good. I am not telling you to go out and buy an OCZ power supply, but your 12 volt rail could be higher. Also note the OCZ power supply is the subject of a long thread regarding not meeting ATX specs. I don't have a handle on all the details of the findings. The thread is on this forum somewhere. sparx
  21. 11.83 volts , not so good. I wonder what is reads off a VOM? Did you try the bare bones with only 1 stick of RAM? sparx
  22. Pershoot So I was correct in thinking if I just moved the jumper, without following your guide, the CMOS would need to be cleared? sparx
  23. Thanks man. Hey if I change the jumper to allow higher RAM voltages, I think up to 4.00, do I need to clear the CMOS and enter all BIOS settings over again? sparx
  24. I was running my rig 265 x 10 with the RAM set to 3.1 for a couple of days now. Yesterday Prime95 failed after about 5 hours so I went into the BIOS today to bump up the RAM voltage to 3.2, which is max in my BIOS due to jumper setting. When I set the voltage to 3.2 it immediately jumped back to 2.6 and did it several times. I exited BIOS selecting 'Exit without Save" and the 2.6 setting stuck anyway. Of course at 265 it would not BOOT but I got back into BIOS and finally went from 2.6 step by step and got it to hold at 3.2 volts. I read a post/thread about this identical problem but I cannot locate it in the search. I cannot recall if this is a problem with 1-25-05 BIOS or not. If you know let me know. This is the first significant problem I have had with my Nf4 Ultra D. sparx
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