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  1. I really like the G.skill 3200/4400 LE, got 30 greater HTT out of it than with Corsair 4400 C25. Problem is this stuff varies from stick to stick, in my experience anyway. sparx
  2. Elementary question regarding the motherboard floppy connector (adjacent to the video card slots). I checked in the manual and the pins are indicated from left to right 5 volt- ground-ground and 12 volt. When I view the connector it indexes with 12 volt- ground-ground-5volt, or reversed from the manual. Or another way: Again looking at the motherboard: yellow-black-black-red. Common sense tells me to insert the floppy connector with the legs down, and not force the connector. From left to right--- yellow-blk-blk-red I want to be sure, my board is working nicely and I want to keep it that way. Thanks, sorry for the silly question. I have been lazy about this, and I was just prompted by an error message of sorts that my video cards was not getting enough voltage, and that it was being backed down, this while running Super Pi. Time to get the floppy molex connected. I have no overclock on the video cards as yet. TIA sparx
  3. IMHO, if a fresh download / install of Prime95 won't load I would do a fresh install of Windows. Back up you current installation with Norton Ghost or equal and try a fresh OS. sparx
  4. I agree with you Joe, if it isn't stable the overclock is flawed. You can have the fastest car on the track but if it breaks during the race you don't win.
  5. I run 1.67 vcore on my 3200 but I got liquid cool. Did you try runing Prime at higher vcore? ( I read your post above and I realize you don't like to heat up the CPU, but at 52c the CPU is ok) EDIT>>>> I see you got the ATI video card, interesting. When I had a ATI x800xl in my rig PRIME 95 would not run full 100% cpu usage. I tried all the drivers ATI had to offer, nothing improved. I am not saying Prime95 failed but it would not run the way it has run for me the last 4 years on numerous rigs, so I got rid of that ati and now have a 6800gt card. Prime stable today 12 hours 278 x10 1:1 and CPC enabled. When you put up Task Manager>Performance do the graphs show full percentage CPU usage running Prime? How long does Prime run for you? sparx
  6. What are your timings (memory) for the lower half of the page? What is the vcore set at? sparx
  7. I have G.skill in my rig now, but I had to run the Corsair with 3.0 volts to be stable. Also you should be able to run 2.5 but I would relax to a 7 or 8 on Tras (or is that Trcd) ah... the 4th number. sparx
  8. I checked this out in the manual, can't believe I missed it. That is a must if you use two video cards. I will plug a floppy molex into that tomorrow. Thanks sparx
  9. ok Now I am concerned, I didn't connect a floppy molex to that! Obviously I thought you were referring to the big molex female by the chipset fan header. What does that one supply? Hey, thanks for the info guys. sparx
  10. Humm, that is a 4 pin molex, the standard floppy connector I use on my floppy drive is smaller, about 1/2 the physical size of a standard molex. sparx
  11. I have been reading on MSI and they are not having a cake walk with their NF4. In addition most of the ground work is done on the DFI, all you need to do is read the threads.
  12. Huh? I got the same board, I got no floppy power molex connector attached to the board? :confused:
  13. What is your HTT set too? Set it over 220 and see if it helps. And what is your RAM voltage set at?
  14. Thanks. Behaves the same as my A0. Shipping BIOS is 1/25 on this AA if you wanted to know. I did discover something today regarding this initial BOOT problem others as well as myself have had with the DFI NF4 Ultra D, maybe even the SLI version. I have this Ultra D set up with all the same hardware as the first Ultra D. Got right into BIOS set it all up bla bla bla... Hit F10 CMOS saved, but when it came to BOOT it began BOOT looping. So I raised my HTT (fsb) to 222 (+- 1) then it BOOTED up properly. For some reason both these boards in my experience went into a BOOT LOOP when the HTT was set below 220, be it at the onset or when backed down from an overclock. I am using a 3200 Winny and began with 200 x 10 BTW, which as I mentioned won't work. Maybe this will help others. sparx
  15. Got an Ultra D today from Newegg (New Jersey) (board made in China not Taiwan) not a ding on the board or the anti static bag. The Karajan Module was positioned in the upper right corner of the box inside its plastic container, but it was positioned above the switches that have been getting damaged in the cases listed in this thread. sparx
  16. I received a new DFI Ultra D -- NF4U91100RAA0. (fron Newegg in NJ) This board is made in China, the other board I had was made in Taiwan. Is this is new revison? TIA sparx
  17. Off Topic, Are the SLI Bios (RAM) settings different than the Ultra's? sparx
  18. What voltage are you putting to the RAM? sparx
  19. This board takes some patience, I had similar problems not right at the start but later after clearing the CMOS. Glad you got it fixed. sparx
  20. I have close to you in components: Dram Freq- 200 CPC - Enabled (1t) Cas Lat- 2.5 Ras to Cas Delay-04 Min Ras Active- 07 Row Precharge- 03 Row Cycle- 07 Row Refresh Cyc Time-17 Row to Row Delay- 03 Write Recovery- 02 Write to Read Delay-02 Read to Write Delay-03 Refresh Period- 3120 Write Cas Latency-01 DQS Skew Control- enabled DQS Skew - Auto DQS Skew Value-0 Dram Drive Strength- Level 8 Dram Data Drive Str-Level 4 Max Async- Auto Read Preamble Time- Auto Idle Cycle Limit- Auto Dynamic Counter - Disabled R/W Queue Bypass- Auto Bypass Max- Auto 32 Byte Granularity- Auto I have had strange issues with the board, you can run a search of my user name if you like. However I have brought the board back from the dead twice so don't give in too soon. I still don't know what makes DFI happy when I find out I let all know. :confused: Anyway, I just finished prime95 for 24 hours, @258x10 1:1 1t 1.525 x 110% and 3.00 Vdimm. Try to run yours with less Vdimm if you can. Now priming @ 260 x10 time will tell. sparx
  21. Yes when I dropped the FSB from 260 to 200, which also caused the rig not to BOOT Windows yesterday, I flashed to 310. Had same problems with 310 as well, so I flashed back to 125 today and used a clean Norton Ghost Image to start with. sparx
  22. I hope it doesn't happen to anyone else, but others have had BOOTing and BOOT loop problems. If I could find out why I would have the confidence in the board I once had. Post up when you get it running. sparx
  23. I have the same RAM as you Corsair 4400C25. I did have the same video card the xfx6600gt, but I upped it to a 6800gt, got to fix my sig. I ran 3 weeks solid as a rock with my ultra d then hit a wall a 260 x 10 as far as Prime95 was concerned anyway. (prime was failing after running about 6 hours with 100 cpu usage) So as I have done with other boards while overclocking I cleared the CMOS to start fresh, then my motherboard, as it turns out, began to hate my Corsair. I spent time trying to BOOT into Windows with no success. Numerous cmos clears etc. I even flashed to 310 BIOS. As time went on I discovered that I could BOOT the rig with my 256 3700 Twinmos RAM. Today I flashed back to 125 BIOS and of course cleared the CMOS after and attempted to BOOT with one stick of the Corsair in the upper orange slot. It would not BOOT. I put in the Twinmos, got it to BOOT and gradually adjusted the BIOS settings until it finally accept one stick of Corsair in the upper orange slot (guess I should learn the slot numbers ). Then I continued at 200 x 10 and installed the second stick, setting the BIOS back to the same settings I had begun with a month ago and I am now Priming for over 5 hours with 200-CPC Enabled (1t)-2.5-04-07-03-07-14-03-02-02-03-3120-01-enabled. 258 x 10 Also yesterday I ran a long session of memorytest86 on the Corsair in my Abit AV8 with NO errors. I have also tested this RAM at 296 x 6 in the DFI for hours on the same program with no errors. I hope you don't have this issue, if I could get a handle on this problem I would post it. I read that if this board won't BOOT into Windows one stick will get you started, which prompted me to give it a try. I have no idea why the board ran perfectly out of the box with two sticks of Corsair 4400c25 from the get go, and then after clearing the CMOS it won't again from that point forward. Maybe I just set the magic element in BIOS correctly that very first time and just worked. I think the C25 is darn good RAM I am trying to get my hands on two sticks of G.Skill 3200/4400 LE to see if that makes a difference. I bet it won't. At least you know there is a way out if you have a BOOT issue or a looping BOOT issue. sparx
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