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  1. ExRodie- Tried you suggestion twice no deal, left CMOS jumper in clear positon for about 5 minutes also. Thanks for the support. sparx
  2. I did exactly that cpuz, but I DID NOT FLASH YET! goofy huh? sparx
  3. I reduced my FSB (HTT) from 268 x10 to 210 x10 to set up for a BIOS flash. After doing this the rig would not BOOT to Windows (went into BOOT Loop) so I cleared the cmos. (2nd motherboard with G.skill this time instead of Corsair that has done this to me BTW). (Board is an "AA0") After clearing CMOS only a "Lanparty" LOGO comes up, sometimes the "F1" / "delete" option but it blackscreens if I select "Delete" to enter BIOS. Then I also applied the Failsafe jumper and got no improvement. SO I cannot enter BIOS either. If you have any ideas on how to jump start this thing let me know please. Of course I cleared CMOS with power cord off and battery out and put jumper back in the lower position before BOOTING. sparx
  4. Not sure what you are saying but in your example 1.69 vcore is applied to the CPU constantly. sparx
  5. It is nothing more than a multiplier, to allow an greater array of voltages which can be applied to CPUs, as it appears to me anyway. Right now I am using 1.450 vCore with 110% Special VID applied. So 1.45 x 1.10= 1.595 volts. sparx
  6. I hope it helps. Took me forever to solve this problem, and at least in the manual I downloaded and printed, it is not mentioned. Losing almost 1000 points in a 3D03 bench is nothing to sneeze at! With so much BIOS to set a silly mistake like this is very easy to make.
  7. After flashing to 310 of course I had to set my BIOS and work the over clock back up. Things were going along fine made it to 267 x 10 benching 3d03 Marks and testing stability with Prime 95. The first run around 260 x10 of 3d03 yielded a score of 11,700. Last night after getting 267 stable I ran 3d03 and got a 10,800 score! :confused: So I tried tighter Tras and Trp, with zero improvement. Reinstalled 3d03, even installed the OS again after reading this helped someone on this Forum. Finally I enabled SSE/SSE2 and my benchmarks are back up to 11,7xx. I had most likely had this disabled after just getting the board and reading somewhere that sse/sse2 caused stability issues, I dunno. Hopefully this post may help someone along the way. sparx
  8. I believe there are several threads/posts where peeps went from a 20 pin the the required 24 pin and got things corrected. You also have the 12v4pin, molex 5v/12v 4 pin, and floppy power connector that need to plug into the motherboard. sparx
  9. I don't want to sound like a broken record but it has been stated several times that the minimum power supply for this board is a 480 watt. I am not up on Antec power supplies but does your power supply have a 24 pin atx connector? If not I would consider upgrading to a larger unit. sparx
  10. I will see once I get past 260, testing now. sparx
  11. Yes, tested that out way back -- 1:1 and t1 are quite important. sparx
  12. I use that simply didn't know the title, multiplier of set Vcore. So you don't mess with chipset or LDT, OK I will leave it at default. Sure would like to know how I lost about 12 points in FSB, but that's overclocking. sparx
  13. What the heck is "special vid"? Also are you running CPC enabled? Nice job on that over clock BTW! sparx
  14. Still fiddling with my OC on the Ultra D. Had a set back since I was stable at 278 x 10 then fell back and cannot get stable even at 270. I have not touched the LDT Bus Voltage or the Chipset Voltage. Are you guys raising these? sparx
  15. Not talking about stability from Memorytest, only RAM defects.
  16. I have to agree, I had weird problems with Corsair C25 and over and over I see it posted in the Forums where Corsair is used and Boot Loops occur. Even after running Memorytest 86 extensively proving the RAM perfect and error free my Ultra D didn't like it. Twinmos in only tests (256 x2), and now the G.skill Le run the board properly. I don't believe the Corsair is one bit defective, just has a compatability problem with DFI NF4. sparx
  17. If your chipset fan is too loud install Smartguardian off the DFI motherboard CD. In "Options" you are provided the ability to set the CPU, PWMIC and Chipset fan speeds, by temp, which may quiet things down for you. sparx
  18. Update. Since I acquired (2 x 512) of G. Skill pc 4400 LE RAM and failed to duplicate the issues (problems) in this and other threads I believe the CORSAIR 4400 C25 was the issue. Even though I did not ever get errors in memtest86 replacing the RAM made a difference. In case you wanted to know. sparx
  19. Right, about the same I am doing. I had problems yesterday after installing Norton AV so I may redo the entire OS install , can't put my finger on it all was stable with Prime95 for over 16 hours. OS installs so fast at 2700 so it is not really that big a deal. sparx
  20. While on the subject: do you guys install Windows OS in an over clocked state or not? I feel if the overclock is proven stable then installing under said overclock should be fine. More than not I install the OS a second time after my over clocking is complete to get a clean start due to non BOOTs and the rest that go with working up an over clock. Sparx
  21. Glad you got it resolved , shame it was so difficult and took so long:(. spax
  22. Yes, forgot about that other 12 volt connector, with this board having so many. This has been a helpful thread was reading up the pages some, and I have a OCZ PS and didn't even know I had a dedicated PCI E cable for my video card. Pays to read. Were are going to be using 1000 watt power supplies sooner than later. Thanks for the info ExRoadie, ATM I don't know who started this thread but it is a good one. sparx
  23. Curious, does the CPU and the PWMIC get (12v) power from the ATX? sparx
  24. What problems did you have with it?
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