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  1. Did you try to BOOT with only one stick of RAM? sparx
  2. If you have connected from your power supply to the motherboard 4 pin molex connector (you are calling a HD connector) and the floppy 4 pin connector on the motherboard is served with the power supply floppy cable type connector you are done. sparx
  3. 225 is the FSB (HTT) and 10 is the CPU multiplier. sparx
  4. This is one of them: I am still looking for Rgone's thread which was posted a couple of months ago. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6615 sparx Edit: Here is the one by Rgone, try his suggestions first: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5844
  5. Ut oh- You need to read some of the earlier threads here on set up of the ultra D. You aren't going to get that rig to BOOT by installing "Optimized Defaults" and running on "AUTO" settings. Let me see if I can find the thread you need to study. sparx
  6. Marthaias - I had BOOT Loop issues with two differenct DFI Nf4 Ultra D boards and NEITHER were using Kingston RAM. My RAM was Corsair C25 and G.skill 4400 LE. Try putting one stick of RAM in the upper orange slot DDR 2 and try to BOOT at around 225 x 10. Try with 1.50 v on the CPU and 2.8 v on the RAM. sparx
  7. Very interesting. I wonder why all DFI Ultra D's don't do this? Excuse me if this was in the thread, but does the cold Boot problem occur even if you power down for let's say a couple of days and not remove the power cord? sparx
  8. If you can stay away from Corsair, do it. I had the 4400 C25 and it didn't run a smooth as the G.skill, I'll leave it at that. sparx
  9. After reading this thread and still using the 1/25 shipping BIOS, I plugged in my USB SANDISK card reader. Above it was posted that the 1/25 BIOS has POST failure with USB devices, like card readers. I turned the rig off did a few cold BOOTS and a few warm BOOTS without issue. So far so good with 1/25. sparx
  10. yeah I am sure, been fiddling with the ultra d's now for two months, not going to let a solid one get away. sparx
  11. Me? No. This is my 3rd ultra D, it hasn't been easy! sparx
  12. Not sure it matters because I have an Ultra D but I do have a XFX 6800 gt. I build my rigs in the basement and use my old CRT down there so the Nf4 ultra D was connected with the DVI to VGA adapter. I noticed this thread the other day so today I brought the rig up and attached it to the Sony flat screen directly through the DVI connector without issue. I shutdown the computer 4 times and it restarted without a problem. Warm reboots were done without issue as well. The max time the rig was off was only about 10 minutes. My video card came from Newegg as did my motherboard. HTH a little? Hope you guys get squared up soon. sparx
  13. I moved up to 265 and am prime95 testing it. I feel it might be wise to stop at 265 since I had problems with the last two boards (nf4 ultra d's) after getting to 275 or so failing with Prime and attempting without success to re-establish a stable rig back down around 265. Greed can lead to complete frustration. I hope the Venice CPU's will allow better overclocks (having the improved memory controller) on the DFI Nf4's, but right now I have no money to invest in a Venice. sparx
  14. Thanks for that. My mistake was really a BIGdumb one though. Board running Prime95 21 hours stable @ 263 x10 so far. sparx
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