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  1. Sorry guys, bloddy internet has been dropping on an off. Sale is pending, with one person in reserve. Price is USD (updated OP), private messages cleared, will reply to all soon
  2. I have the following http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=64293 Cheers
  3. Posted some pics and heatware info. Thanks to those who showed interest
  4. 100USD shipped to US. I'll ship anywhere save places like Afghanistan etc. where I'm probably not allowed to send normal mail to...
  5. bump. This is as new. Sealed. Never been opened. Only the box has been opened to check the contents. 30 day free return is over but RMA stuff is still valid.
  6. Where are you located? I'll do most places. The memory: http://www.crucial.com/ballistix/store/Par...IT6464Z402&cat=
  7. mate I'm the same bios as you are, and have had no probs. In fact an x2 3800 I'm just trying out now is giving me 2700 @ stock. Here is a list of all the change made since out BIOS version: 1 . Add CPU temperature calibration option. 2 . Fix ps2 mouse fail when ps2 kb not present. 3 . Fix s1/s3 temp error after resume. 4 . Fix startup VID option fail. 5 . Fix C 'n'O.5 multiplier not working with Opteron CPU. 6 . Fix day of month alarm can not set as 0 for every day usage. 7 . Fix NF4-D model display error if SATA3/4 is disabled. 8 . Fix ATI X1000 series logo error. 9 . Change FSB option to keyIn method. 10 . Change 3114 ROM to 11 . Change NV RAID ROM to 5.50 12 . Change memtest86+ to 1.65 13 . Synchronize DRAM related code with Expert and Venus. 14. Remove Write CAS latency item and replace it by Odd Divisor Select. 15 . Add support for SST 49LF040B LPC flash ROM. 16. Support AMD Athlon 64 FX60 CPUs. None of these options to me seem likely to affect my OC. The only reason I'm thinking about changing is the for a newer mem test version and for the the key FSB. At the moment I'm thinking that it's probably not worth it
  8. I have a pair of unopened Ballistix 1GB DDR RAM. I am using a 2GB kit so this is of no use to me. I'm looking for around $85USD shipped heatware under Eliatamby Here's the Ram:
  9. Sorry, I mean my blank DVDs which are 8gb - It seems like a waste to use them for a 3GB iso. You can do this because the first step the install does is copy files to your selected disk. This is what happens when you boot from DVD I would imagine. After files are copied, you reboot, and you start installing from the files on disk.
  10. did anyone install from a virtually mounted DVD drive? maybe that was the problem, since I used daemon tools instead of wasting an 8GB dvd
  11. I installed on an IDE drive, but my perf problems are still there. Even if I leave it just at the desktop, after a few minutes it seems performance is no bad it's asking me to disable desktop composition. This is with the latest NVidia driver and the PCI Express Root driver. I'm thinking that this is due to PCI-Express not being done properly. Oh well, I'll wait until RC1
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