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  1. Know that you have the best Mobo on earth, may the Force of CMOS be with you.
  2. I am using CoreTemp and SmartGuardian. On Coretemp I am getting Core0 at 35Cel and Core1 at 30Cel. SmartGuardian reads CPU at 48Cel.. Big difference. The unusual thing is that the Bios temps for CPU and Chipset is very close to SmartGuardians readouts.
  3. I am trying to install EAC on my new computer but as soon as I do Windows states I do not have WNASPI32.DLL and it cannot install EAC. What can I do? Thanks
  4. Is there any mobo utility besides the bios that will monitor the NF590 SLI mobo? Thanks
  5. I found the SLI switch in the Nvidia Control Panel. I am now in SLI configuration. WOW!!!!!!! DFI mobo is incredible and I have not even overclocked it yet. Thanks guys for your help, your the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I took off the 93.71 drivers and installed the 91.47 drivers but I still do not see the SLI bubble in the tray. The bridge has always been installed between the two video cards.
  7. If I install the 91.47 drivers do I uninstall the 93.71 first?
  8. Hi Happy I put the Nvidia 93.71 drivers on but I did not get the bubble in the tray.
  9. Where in bios does it indicate SLI configuration?
  10. Just built my new system below. Forgive this question but how can I know that my two 7600GT video cards are both working? Thanks
  11. Just built my new computer using the DFI Lanparty 590SLI M2R mobo. Even though this is my fifth build this is the most complex computer I have ever built and I still consider myself a newbie. The trouble I am having is that I cannot get onto DSL(internet) using my ethernet cable since the computer is not recognizing the internet address. When I use the USB cable I can hook-up fine. I would like to connect using the ethernet cable. Do I have to put on ethernet drivers? I have not put any other drivers(i.e.chipset) on the computer yet. Thanks guys.
  12. I am not necessarily looking to save money on a card. I like to build really fast computers thats why I am looking at the 7950gx2. The resolution is really not to relevant probably 1078 by 768 or a bit higher, monitor is 19". I was reading the other day that the new ATI RADEON X1950 CrossFire card is even faster assuming you have a board that has the ATI chipset. Maybe better graphics too.
  13. I only play Quake 3 Arena and will be playing Quake 4 Arena soon. These are the only games I plan to be playing. I am looking to build a new computer with an EVGA 7950 gx2 video card. Are the 7950 gx2 cards the best card for these games or would another type of card be better? Thanks guys.
  14. Does anyone know when the DFI LanParty UT nF590 SLI-M2R/G board is coming out? Thanks
  15. I would just like to humbly thank you guys for the great and uptodate info you have. This site and you guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!
  16. Any opinions on the OCZ 700Watt GameStream Power Supply?
  17. I knew the price cut was coming sometime this month but did not know specifically it was coming the 24'th. I will order after that date for sure. Thanks again Soundx98.
  18. Nice idea. Thanks for the tip man. P.S. Does your moniker imply that you are into Stereos?
  19. Thanks SoundX98. Yes, I wanted to know if I build a new computer with the latest AM2 board with XP Home edition if it would be compatible with running a dual core AMD AM2 4200+ CPU.
  20. Will XP Home office edition with SP2 be compatible or be able to run the AMD 64 Athlon AM2 4200+ which is dual core? Thanks guys. __________________
  21. Will XP Home office edition with SP2 be compatible or be able to run the AMD 64 Athlon AM2 4200+ which is dual core? Thanks guys.
  22. Is there much of a difference between 32bit XP home edition and 32bit XP Pro? Thanks
  23. What DDR2 memory for the AM2 boards you like best? Thanks
  24. Hey Guys Which AMD Athlon 64 CPU would you buy? Both are about the same price on Newegg. The 4000+ has L1 of 1MB & L2 of 1MB. The 4200+ has L1 of 512kb and L2 of 512kb. Which is better lets say for gaming? Thanks
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