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  1. Thanks for the sticky's tasr, i will read all of them carefully and do some more research before upgrading. Seems like a lot of guys had no problems upgrading without installing the OS again. That's good news. I will try to uninstall all my programs so it will be easier and faster and Yes i will backup all of my files to a dvd disc. Thanks again for all the good advice and links. I really appreciate the help.
  2. Hello everyone, i'm thinking of upgrading my venice 3500 939 to a dual core 165 or 170 opteron. Just want to know if my PS, fortron bluestorm 500w will be enough for the upgrade. I don't do any hardcore gaming and will not be going to SLI. The only upgrade i think i will add is another sata hard drive. TIA Joey
  3. I got 6.66 right now, if i install the 6.7 do i need to uninstall 6.66, reboot then install 6.7?
  4. Hello everyone, i just want to ask if the soundbalster live be better than the on board soundcard? I got two live pci cards laying around from my old pc and was thinking of putting it in my new rig. I wanted to use it because i got an boston acoustic digital speakers and i can't use digital with karajan. I'm hesitant on installing the live card because of all the bad info i've read around regarding sound blaster sound cards. If i do install it do i need to remove the nvidia sound driver first? That's what i have installed right now. Any help will be glady appreciated. TIA
  5. Read this thread, it help me on my first DFI build http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6615
  6. Don't know if this is useful but when i installed my raid 0 with raid drivers that came with the mobo i used only one 512mb stick on slot 2 with xp home sp2 slipstreamed. When i installed xp it ask me if i want to install drivers for raid etc. and pressed F6 and install the drivers in the floppy disk that came with the mobo. I followed angry games' raid 0 screen shots and installed xp after.
  7. I think the rev 1 is tccd and rev 1.1 is tcc5 chips. Do you have the same problem having only two ram on 2 and 4 slots? Usually you get problems using mixed ram at the same time, but i'm not sure because i haven't used both of them at the same time like you. I have the plat rev 2 1.1 in 2 and 4 slots.
  8. I guess i'll stick with what i have but i'm still having some kind of error problems with some driver i have when i use my usb logitech quickcam when using yahoo messenger but this is a different topic. Thanks
  9. I have the 6.66 driver and 77.77 right now, is there an improvement if i upgrade the drivers to 6.7 and 81.85? If i want to upgrade do i uninstall all the nvidia drivers (6.66 & 77.77) and reboot then install the new drivers?
  10. I have the thermaltake xp-90 w panaflo m, their one of the favarites. check this link: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...4494#post224494
  11. I have the same sticks, they won't boot in dual mode with auto settings. as thespin said, use one stick on slot 2 and try that it should work.
  12. Looks good themadgaffler. Try test 5 and test 8 50 passes. Then try memtest95. Mine is stable @ 2.5-3-3-7 @ 250. Memtest, prime and SuperPI stable. I will play with it tonight and try 270x10 up with 2.5-4-3-8.
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