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  1. Hello! Guess what mobo? see link http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1194165
  2. try running memtest on each stick (on orange slot near the edge of mobo) individually to qualify ur ram.
  3. Hello. what are your dram settings on "genie bios setting"? have you tried official 310 (10/3/2005) bios version? I´ve tried several versions and realised that´s the best for my ram (ballistix)
  4. Hi! the 2 6800GT´s have the same bios version? hit F8 before entering windows and try installing latest nvidia drivers on "windows safemode".
  5. Hello. Try these settings: enter bios, at "standard cmos features": set to "none" all ide and sata that you do not use. at "advanced bios features" set: 1st boot device=floppy 2nd boot device= hdd 3rd boot device= cdrom boot other device= disabled delay for HDD=2 secs
  6. Yep same ram. and these are just optimized. No OC. The genie option is ""200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01)" I haven´t sandra installed. I´ll post the results perhaps tomorrow.
  7. Hello! Here´s my optimized settings with ballistix: DRAM Volt: 2.8V BIOS Dram Configuration Page: Dram Freq= 200 1:1 CPC= Enable Tcl= 2 Trcd= 02 Tras= 08 Trp= 02 Trc= 10 Trfc= 09 Trrd= 01 Twr= 02 Twtr= 01 Trwt= 01 Tref= AUTO Twcl=01 Dram Bank Interleave= Enabled DQS Skew Control= Increase DQS Skew Value = 255 Dram Drive Strength= Level 6 Dram Data Drive Strength= Level 4 Max Asynch Latency= 5ns Read Preamble= 4ns Idle Cycle Limit= 16 cycles Dynamic Counter= Enable R/W Queue ByPass= 16x ByPass Max= 07x 32 Byte Granularity= Disable 8 Bursts With this settings I get in everest 6017 2646 42.6 :cool:
  8. Hello. If I were u I disassembled everything and tried to install from root. Search the forum for ed_jacobson´s Step by Step Build guide. It helped me a lot
  9. NO problems with this ram. GOOD stuff. The best bios for me so far is 510-2.
  10. GREAT!! could it be possible?? micro board for overclockers :cool:
  11. Hi! if nobody had problems then this great forum didn´t exist and life wouldn´t be the same!
  12. Hi! Here in Portugal we also can buy a sli bridge from an online shop for 6.50€! well I guess that now its easy to find sli bridges out there :nod:
  13. Hello! I like the BETA 510-2 very much :cool: . Now I've NO memtest errors with 2-2-6-2 @ 2.8V. With official 310 bios I had memtest errors with other timings than 2-2-8-2 @ 2.8V. Now I wonder if the recently offcial bios 623-3 is good enough for ballistix that worth a update.
  14. sesiom

    Case Recommendations

    HI! Don´t buy the one that is on my sig if you plan to use the karajan module :shake:
  15. sesiom

    Sli Not Work

    Hi. The cards have the same bios version? If not they don´t work in SLI mode. See also if the sli bridge that came with mobo is correctly inserted.