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  1. So to debunk some internet myths. q9450's are NOT limited by their x8 multi. I have a stable FSB at x6 to 450, but I need 3.0v plus to be stable 3.4ghz. 3.4ghz is a nice, fine stable thing. But the rumours that these chips are totaly FSB bound is nonsense. ....But if I meddle a bit more with GTL values, I might be able to get those volts down.......
  2. I know the q9450's are new, but there is a real dearth of real hard data out there. I remember in the days when socket 939's were released, we'd have a big organised overclocking database of all that had been achieved - not just on this site but in general. Even worse, nobody discusses what doesn't work, what is not needed. All we have these days is I've done 3.2, 3.6, 4.2 or whatever, with no screengrabs of proven stability, no idea of the settings.... grrrrrrr. Ah well, I'll keep on meddling and see how things go.
  3. Interesting. On reading the datasheets, the q6xxx series have an absolute maximum volts of 1.55, but the q9xxx have an absolute max of 1.45 a q6xxx has 0.85-1.5v as it's current specification a q9xxx is 0.85-1.3625 So (obviously) don't use q6600 volts!
  4. I remember the days where it was 4x512 vs 2x1gb, and I was one of the brave souls that pinned down the timings on the newfangled crucial ballistix 1gb sticks, before finding a few months later that it all got unstuck. Ah those were the days..... Now I'm waiting for the postman.
  5. I've gone for the Abit - a big reason is that a bloke I know has a lot of OCing experience with that board, so having support is always some help. I succumbed and got the q9450, and 2x2gb of ocz reaper is also on it's way. So wish me luck. I OC'd my 939 systems really well, but this is my first outing with intel and DDR2. To save me hours of google searches, if anybody knows the answers to any of these questions, I'd be delighted -how efficient are the mobo heatpipes in the pro - or would waterblocking be a better bet. -What do I need to tweak to get a high FSB -What sort of memory dividers am I likely to need to use for DDR2 -Will I need to borrow a PC from work to grab the 775 processor to flash the bios to get it to work with 45nm, or will it flash with the q9450? -That eternal question - what is a reasonable safe voltage for these chips under water. Thanks. And watch this space to see how I get on.
  6. I seem to have found a q9450. I hope the website isn't misleading. Now which should be the mobo for me. Also, out of p35,s the abit pro seem to be good.
  7. The prices on these now seem quite good.On first look I thought there was a fan on the motherboard itself (I must get my eyes tested.) On some looking around it's £60 for the vanilla, $70 for the R that has more Sata options that I dont' really need (I think these days Raid is for Nas unless you go for perfomance raid) and £80 for one with a heatpipe. So the question now is - do I heatpipe or do I not. Decisions, decisions. Also, from my DFI days, different BIOSes suited different types of memory. I've a slight concern that 2GB sticks will need a really up to date BIOS to perform well - is this a reasonable concern or should I be fine? Lastly, if my memory has heatpipes, I guess it would be churlish not to have mobo heatpipes!
  8. How noisy is the ds3- it doesn't have the heatpipes of the ds4 - that's the only difference it seems. THey're at a nice price right now (the DS3's that is) 5
  9. I'm going to be a cheapskate. Now we know the new quad core multis are ridiculously limiting i'm going for a q6600 and reaper memory. Which motherboard would pair well with them? Gigabyte ds4 is one candidate - but others e.g. msi are cheaper.... The Asus seem to have had some problems and don't pair too well with the OCZ from the little I understand. Thanks
  10. Yep, that's what I'm thinking. My watercooler is a bolt on. The hot core caps out at 2650mhz. The cool core can prime at 2900 mhz. I guess i'm asking too much to expect to go up to 2900 but it's tempting, just to see.... But I'm afraid of dammaging the 939 preocessor. Because finding a replacement will be really difficult, thanks to AMD dropping 939.
  11. But which core falls over first on prime? http://forums.amd.com/lofiversion/index.php/t91541.html seems very interesting.
  12. I've just found out that Everest now reports the difference between the temps of each core on a system. http://www.lavalys.com/products/down...?ps=UE&lang=en One of my cores runs 10 degrees hotter than the other, even after replacing my heatsink, and putting down some Artic silver. My core temps have dropped 1-2 degrees after this, and it still hasn't cured, but there's still a 10 degree difference. This strongly suggests means that thie integrated heatsink is poorly assembled, and that if I take a scalpel to the processor, the odds are that my overclock would improve loads, but decapitation runs a risk of having no more CPU. And 939 stuff aren't easy to replace. I now wish I hadn't found this out! The good (cooler) core does 2900mhz, stable.
  13. What manufacturers use micron D9 - Going from memory (no pun intended) Crucial use micron memory. Waht about Geil which also seem cheap and seem to be developing a decent reputation for cheap stuff. Sorry if my questions are basic, but I had no intention whatsoever to upgrade at this point in time! p.s. I've just gon back to the stoneage, after finding a manual, and reducing the bus of the decrepid xp2000 system from 133 to 100. The underclocking seems to stabilise things. So that gives me a bit more time at least to make a better decision.
  14. The PC I use for my wife as an office PC is now unstable and crashes after 5s of prime. So I thought I might be kind to her and give her my NF4 and x2 motherboard instead. That would obviously mean needing a new motherbaord, processor and memory - so a 975xg, but which core 2 duos tend to OC well, and as ever, memory is always changing. i gueess it's early to tell what's a good mix. A starting point would be OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400 Dual Channel Platinum Revision 2 XTC Series DDR2 (OCZ2P800R22GK) DFI Infinity 975X (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard DFI Infinity 975X (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard (£99.86) Intel Core 2 DUO E6400 "LGA775 Allendale" 2.13GHz (1066FSB) - Retail (£149.21)
  15. Yep, but if this can offload work form the CPU to the ethernet chipset, then that sounds interesting to me. But does it work?
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