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  1. i too added a 80mm fan blowing over the chipset and it's made a big difference the idle temps are now: cpu 31C pwmic 41C chipset 42C and load: cpu 43C pwmic 48C chipset 44C the best thing being that at 44C the chipset fan is only running around 5400rpm and doesn't make that nasty whine chris
  2. thanks - that's a relief! now if only i can get it stable for more than 5 hours on prime95... Chris
  3. I did that on my previous machine and it did indeed make the chipset run a little cooler. I was most concerned with the CPU... at stock speeds it's in the mid 30s so didn't want to melt it! Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi, I'm running the system detailed in my signature and under sustained load (prime95) etc. the temps (CPU, PWMIC, CHIPSET) all peak at 50C. Is this too hot for any of the components? Many thanks, Chris
  5. i get exactly the same on my system everything stable APART from PCMARK04 8mb or 4mb write test
  6. Hi, I've built the system in my signature below. I'm having big problems getting the system stable. I'm trying at stock speeds and running the memory at 2.5-4-4-10-1T (200MHz) but still getting issues in SuperPI and Prime95. I've tried the memory at 2.70V, 2.90V and 3.00V. I'm using 4/14-3 bios with default settings. What do I need to try next? Chris
  7. Thanks for all your advice. I decided on a 3700 SD, 2 x 512Mb OCZ Platinum PC4800, Thermalright XP120 and OCZ Powerstream 520W. Chris
  8. I'm about to buy and build a new rig. The one I currently have in the sig below is going to a mate. As such I was looking for some upgrade potential. Although I want to stick roughly to my existing spec I need some advice in the following areas: CPU I was thinking of either a 3700SD or a 3800Venice. Both are about in my price range. My goal would be to get an air overclock to 2.8GHz. From what I've read both seem capable and the 3700 has the larger cache (and is cheaper too). Cooling Currently I use the stock AMD HSF. Although it does the job it's quite noisy when overclocking the Winnie to 2.4+GHz. The recommended coolers appear to be either the Zalman 7700 or the Thermalright XP120. Which is better (and quieter) and will they both fit in my case? PSU My current system has been happy with the Antec NeoPower 480W (ATX2). Would this be suitable for the new system or should I go for something with a little more juice? RAM I've been happy with my existing OCZ Plat PC3200 Rev 2. It's been running well at 275MHz with 2.5-4-3-8-1T. For a 2.8GHz overclock should I stick to that (or the high specced PC4800 or PC5000 versions) or switch to VX? Many thanks in advance! Chris
  9. Fixed! It was the dodgy USB2 driver that came on the DFI CD. Uninstalled it. Rebooted. Windows found the device and installed it's own driver. USB2 now :-) Chris
  10. Hi, I've been using similar settings to OC my system with good results - so thanks for the info! However... despite the fact I can get my system prime95 stable it fails horribly in PCMark04 during the memory write test. Write 4Mb just hangs the system immediately. The other tests Read, Copy and smaller write sizes (192Kb, 4Kb etc) all work fine. Any ideas? Chris
  11. Hi, I'm having problems with an OC. I've got my system memtest86 stable and prime95 stable (6 hours). However it reboots or hangs during PCMark04 memory test - but only on the Write 8Mb or Write 4Mb tests. The Write 192Kb and Write 4Kb work fine - as do Read 8Mb etc. I'm running at 220 HT x11 CPU = 2420MHz, 1.50V Memory is 2.5-4-3-10 1T 2.90V Any thoughts? Chris
  12. Hi, I'm new to overclocking and am having real trouble getting anything over stock speeds. I've got some OCZ Plat Rev 2 3200 (2x512). It runs at 2-2-2-5-1T at 200MHz no problem. I've been trying to run at 2.5-4-3-7-1T at 2.90V but it's constantly failing Memtest86 test #8. I'm trying FSB: 240. LDT/FSB ratio x4. CPU/FSB ration x10. I've upped the CPU voltage to 1.45V. Any advice or pointers? Best regards, Chris
  13. My chipset was running at 51C idle. I put some AS5 on it and so far it's made about a 3C improvement. Will be adding a case fan this evening. I'll let you know how I get on Chris
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