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  1. I'm using only the sata raid. Do you have the bios tMod?
  2. Could you come back and let me know if the new bios makes you redo the array? I l'd like to get a copy of the bios too, I'll redo my array sometime.
  3. I was looking for the newest bios for my lanparty ut 250gb. I got the newest bios on dfi's site, but it changed my raid bios to an older version and now read caching is blurred out in my hardware settings. Does anyone know if there is a newer bios and where I can get the newest raid bios? I read somewhere that there was a new bios for the raid controller (4.88?) but I don't know where to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I just installed xp pro 64 and smartguardian won't work on it. Does anyone know if there is an updated version or another program that will work with xp 64 to control my fans and show my temps?
  5. I just saw on majorgeeks.com that the had a new amd driver download ( AMD Athlon 64 Processor Driver (XP2003) for both 32 and 64-bit systems. Does anyone know what this driver would do and if I should get it? I think it might be the driver than downclocks the cpu to save power and reduce heat, but I'm not sure. Anyone know?
  6. Okay, I see what you're saying. I don't know why with all the past nv ide drivers write caching was greyed out though. I hadn't been able to enable it until the 5.18 drivers I put in today. I hope everything is working okay. I have 2 x 80 hitachi's in raid-0, and I am a little disappointed. In the device manager under hard drives should tagged queuing be enabled or disabled? What about synchronous transfers?
  7. How can you tell if write caching is working or not? Bootvis worked great with my old pata drive on my asus a7n8x deluxe but when I went to sata it would ruin my xp install. It works great with my nf3 250gb and the same sata drive now though. Maybe it messes the sata drivers up or something. I use the Hide Inactive Icons setting in the taskbar settings to hide that stupid removable drive thing. You'd think that by now you could get rid of it like you can get rid of the extra forceware icons and the nvmixer one. When are companies going to start listening to their customers and quit putting all this garbage into their products? I think it is ridiculous when a new driver comes out I have to make a restore point and prepare for (and expect) the worst, and usually get a messed up computer. Maybe they should start using their own products and software to see how crappy they work and how much bs we have to go through. Most of the posts on this forum are about all the problems we have with nvidia's crap (not dfi though! ). I want to move to another platform altogether, but I think nforce's are still the best and I really like amd. Macs are too much and can't play games all that well yet, but I've heard some good things about the newer ones. I wish you could build your own though
  8. I have nv sw ide 5.18 drivers installed on my computer now and write caching is finally not greyed out! I have it checked, but I do not see any improvement in anything and when I run bootvis it tells me that write caching is not enabled. Any reason why it wouldn't be even though it was checked? NCQ was also checked by default when I installed them, and I don't believe that my 2 hitachi sata drives are ncq enable or my nf3 250gb is even capable of it. I don't think it should even be booting with those checked. I tried the new ide drivers, 5.25 whql I think, and my comp wouldn't boot. :-( Anyways, any idea why write caching would not be on? And I've also been reading about a utility from M$ that is supposed to turn on/off write power caching or something like that, I think it may be for win2000 though. Any thoughts would be appreciated. And yes, I have used the search function and googled this for the past hour and a half.
  9. In my settings write caching is enabled, but it shows no improvement at all and when i run bootvis is shows an error that says write caching is disabled. Any ideas why that would be or how I can tell if it's really on?
  10. Do you know anything about them? Better oc's than the mobile dtrs? I'm planning on buying one of those eventually to oc, but I might wait for the Turion. I haven't heard much about it at all. Does it have sse3?
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