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  1. drteming - even if you don't make the honours board you can always stay in the clubrooms and chat
  2. Put on RC2 5744 x64 but I got some weird graphics issues in WarHammer : Dark Crusade and couldn't fix it so I reinstalled RC1 again. Possibly the shortest lived OS test of my life heh.
  3. All depends on the sort of grime you are comfortable with getting on your hands..
  4. Nice run Ed, that makes you the 1M king! Makes me miss the 148 hard... Looking forward to that 32M run
  5. Nice TMM, hope to see an entry by the end of the long weekend
  6. Damn right! I run my 170 @ 2.5GHz daily even though she'll do 2.7GHz no sweat..
  7. Is the American Silvia/240sx FWD? That's a first for me.. they're all RWD from Japan..
  8. Nice work mate, your sig is giving my eyes fits though lol. heheh
  9. Just make sure you have a nice midrange boost.. highend for drift is pretty much useless.
  10. Time to get a Silvia? (How did you edit your post without it showing up as edited after I had posted? lol)
  11. You can't grow tobacco (easily) but you can grow..
  12. Kingfisher - nice runs, all done Ed - what can I say, each time you post a screenie I get a bit of an e-grin. I love your posts heh.
  13. He took his time but Happy_Games comes in with a nice GGG+1 entry as member #60 with a 4800+ Windsor, congrats Dear Leader! :D You didn't happen to squeeze out any Pi times did ya? bleach - I wouldn't be disappointed in that ram LMFAO! It looks like you can tighten it up a bit, and at those speeds you should be able to tweak your OS to get another 0.5s off your time.
  14. Wow, some improvements being pushed.. makes me regret giving the gf the 148.. nice work kitfit1! Seems like you have a new benchmark farksy
  15. I was miffed about the sleep at first, but now I love how it's pretty much an instaneous boot into windows. Any downside to using sleep over shutdown? (ie. any hardware overuse?)
  16. Farksy - nice runs I'll update when I get into work, I spent too long reading the updates and now I'm late! Edit : all updated
  17. I wasn't supposed to grin tonight but you blew that..
  18. Tried taking out the usb device? USB sticks always root my boot.
  19. Good to see you'll soon be on the board Senor_Games, but you're not allowed to mention the C2D word in here.. gets us all edgy.. lol
  20. It's a hard road to GGG for most of us, I was lucky that when I received my cpu I had already spent nearly a hundred hours tweaking my ram so that was out of the equation and all I had to do was find some sweet spots and see how it would clock. But the feeling of satisfaction of getting any piece of hardware stable at it's extreme is reward for the hours of bloodshot eyes and tearful cries.
  21. Nice work bleach, I've added your GGG qualification and your 1M run. Time to get cracking into that 32M time! We also have our first dead tie in the racetrack with 26.704s! (Sorry bleach, gotta give MadDias the placing, he has the lower clock )/ Totally awesome though! 350MHz!! MUST be tccd..
  22. I know my parents think I'm crazy for having three pc's in my room...
  23. ^^ Haha, yeah, it's just another Conroe/K8L..
  24. The dividers are affected by the multi you are running as well.
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