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  1. 3/4 will make a LOT of difference. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ata+3%2F4+1%2F2
  2. No probs, I don't use clockgen all that much but I've been eyeing it up again since I plan on doing some comparison testing. Lemme know if the 10/15 helps.
  3. Hmmm.. that's odd, I've used the NF3 clockgen before and had no trouble. (Except of course when I'm pushing things too far). Maybe it's got something to do with the bios version? I'll change my bios to yours over the weekend and test it if you like.
  4. Thank you all.. Goodnight Springdon. There will be no encores.
  5. Thats all good. I had guessed as much. Myself, I'm belligerent as hell.
  6. Haha. Yeah, it was just that this thread reminded me of a call I got today: cust : "I rang you the other week, it didn't work" me : "ummmh, what computer are we talking about?" cust : "the one with the monitor and lights on the front. it has a cable coming from it" I wish I had call monitoring on. At least they distinguished between the computer and monitor.
  7. I like your name. It's probably too dry for most people to get but I think it's funny. (Then again, I also like Bill Hicks and dead baby jokes). I got the attitude vibe as well but it could have been a number of things like a language difference, frustration, or maybe just belligerence.
  8. Also. You want to load optimized defaults before flashing your bios. Never flash on overclocked settings.
  9. You'll need to try a beta bios, best to use would be 15/10, no probs with that one from my end. You can use Winflash, on your mobo disk, to flash the bios in windows. Edited: Doh. Forgot the link. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=2073
  10. Thats a lot more helpful thanks. Wasn't there until you edited the post though. Try a newer bios.
  11. Try the 10-15 bios. See if it helps. We KNOW what the problem is. It is obvious from your first post and everyone has mentioned their acknowledgement of your fault. We were wanting to know HOW you knew you had the problem. Where are you detecting that it is running at 4x?
  12. Yes, we CAN read. Hence the questions asking for information that you did not give. Noone is saying you're a noob so you don't need to get defensive, we're just asking for more details so that we can troubleshoot. I don't see why you have an issue with this. What is telling you that it is set at 4x? Have you tried it on auto? Have you reached your cpu's limit? Have you read the questions asked by other members who aim to help you?
  13. I have left my LDT to auto and never had any probs when using the 15/10 bios. What happens when you leave it at auto? Can you set it at any lower setting? ie. 2.5 Are you sure it's the LDT that's limiting the oc and not the cpu's limit?
  14. Some boards.. you know the ones.. with the connectors.
  15. Sigs are to help those who seek to help you. If you do not help us we cannot help you.
  16. Well at least the cpu will boot at that speed, mine corrupts my OS if I try to boot over 2.65GHz. I'm fairly happy running at 2.6GHz though, seems to do everything I want it to do at an acceptable speed. (I am pretty intolerant to waiting for a pc to do anything, I love Yoper!)
  17. That's a nice overclock you're getting. Makes me want to get a newer processor! Does it run prime95 stable at 2.8GHz? Those TCCD chips are awesome.
  18. Mekrel, that pic just comes up as tiny. I need some binoculars for it!
  19. TCCD is the type of memory module used on some ram sticks. The DFI NF4 will work with other memory chip types. Dave
  20. I'm waiting for the dual core cpu's to come out before I evolve into NF4. Hopefully I'll be able to convince myself to get an FX processor and watercooling, but there's a part of me that loves getting a deal for my performance..
  21. Hahaha. Yeah, I get the feeling that NF3 is the outcast little brother with a hunchback now. Personally, I see it as the old car you have, still running fine, that you thrash around the corners.
  22. Yes, you will need to use special cpu vid. Your vCore will be whatever the base voltage is multiplied by the special cpu vid. So, if you want, say, a vCore of 1.65v, a possible combination would be 1.50v x 110%. (1.5x1.1=1.65v)
  23. Are you able to boot @ 2.7GHz with your ram running a divider? (ie. is your cpu able to run at 2.7GHz?)
  24. I got the Geil Ultra-X 1Gb kit last week and they haven't failed to impress. (Thanks to VJ, your posts re: this ram helped my decision alot). Running one stick, I can get [email protected] stable @2.8v, two sticks and it drops to 270MHz which I'm fairly happy with considering I'm on socket 754.
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