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  1. That is exactly how I feel as well. The audio engineer and producer went to a lot of work polishing the album for final listening and someone wants to chuck a happy face EQ on there? Not in my household EQ the room and nothing else.
  2. ^^ It's because of the multiplier you're using. You have the cpu running at 250MHz with a multi of 11 (think each multi as a clock cycle), and you want to add an extra 1/5th of the cpu speed to the ram. Easy right? You just take 1/5th of 11 and multiply that by 250MHz/11. But the result has to be a whole number. So you either have 2/11 or 3/11, where 1/11th of 250MHz is 23MHz. If we use 2/11 we get 296MHz(DDR592) and if we use 3/11 we get 319MHz (DDR638). Bear in mind that all the calculations are conservative so the speeds are shown as more here, but we see how the A64 uses ram dividers in relation to the cpu multiplier. This is the reason 1:1 ratio is the best, there is less work for the cpu to do so it can get it done faster and you can have tighter MAL/RP (conversely I should say you need to loosen for some dividers).
  3. I use clockgen myself on the makeshift board but have to set the PLL manually, mayhaps it's the same for your board?
  4. jelly - It comes up with a SCSI thing with D-Tools install and then you reboot and reinstall a second time and it works fine. Sounds like you're sorted in any event.
  5. Tim - I go where the force beckons.. Thraxz - HP bios' eh.. that brings back memories.. bad memories.. lol
  6. Thraxz - I see your screenie and raise you this : And maybe even this : Charmed - one ram timing may hold the difference between stability and not, but in terms of performance it's only going to show small margins of improvement.
  7. Nice gear Ed! I splashed out on some HZ as well, only 6400 though, I'm looking forward to seeing what you can get from them. Now I just have to wait until the Lan Party boards are out and see if I can create a 4G clubroom..
  8. I hear ya there, even with a limited amount of gear and a lot of excitement, testing gets boring very fast..
  9. Noooice..! So it's the same cpu as the 3120MHz entry eh? For same member duplicates of the same cpu I usually keep the highest but I can add it in as an extra if you like.. That's looking like some nice ram though, you going to put it through it's paces? Gets quite time consuming though..
  10. Daemon Tools 4.06 x64 works in Vista 64 as well
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like your posts Ed Congrats on the double! Will we see some more jostling for places over the weekend?
  12. Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet - Live in San Antonio, Cleveland, 1985 (btw, Voltes, you got me listening to "Nothing Compares to You" again heh)
  13. Nice work dr_bowtie, good chips never go to waste! And yeah, CPDMF is one of the good guys on the street. Part of the knowledgeable crew whose input I trust without a doubt
  14. Vista... gaming OS of the future.. with sounds of the past! SB16 anyone?
  15. Certainly sounds like the right ingredient..
  16. The main issue I find is that a lot of dog owners treat their pets like humans. "Awww FooFoo.. you're sad that they pulled Futurama?"
  17. farksy - nice run!! You must have really done some OS tweaking to get a score that low with that clock! Congrats To everyone that is talking about temps, be very careful with what you say because some people will take them as truths when there often a lot of speculation and opinion. Every cpu is different and they all have their temperature tolerances, personally (and this is MY opinion) I feel that a cpu is fine no matter the heat it is throwing out as long as it is stable. I don't start fretting if I see 60+ deg in coretemp as long as it is stable. I have had my 170 running at over 70 deg C for months with no damage. I don't know where people get their temp standards to run by, I have never seen heat kill anything, only limit clocks. Temps just hold things back, voltage kills. Of course, the lower your temps the better your clocks but there is no hard or fast rule that says "your cpu must be below X deg C". Extra heat isn't the best for pc parts (hence why server rooms are like fridges) but the parts will survive from heat a lot better than from excess volts. And for the record, the peak of my 170 running @ 2.7GHz @ 1.6v on air was 78 deg C in coretemp. 100% stable. Warm, but stable. It's only clocked down because it's coming up to summer and it makes my room too warm
  18. I never fly so it's never a problem, but the thing with cops yeah... I could tell you some dodgy stories of driving incidents I've been let off of because of the colour of my skin. Pretty sad if you ask me..
  19. Haha, I think he's a Brit/Jamaican, but it's great to be able to pull off other ethnicities. I can only do white trash..
  20. Reminds me of Sealab 2021. Captain Murphy (about to go to bed with Debbie) : Do you want the 'stache on or off? Debbie : Off. Capt Murphy : Too bad. On a side note.. you look my uncle in London..
  21. As with all my pc's, I do not use any. I'm behind a router that's setup properly and I don't go to dodgy sites or download random files (though it could be said I'm a heavy torrent user) and have never had an issue. Even on XP I run an old version of SP2 which hasn't been updated in over a yr, turn off security center and firewall services, and I haven't had any spyware/virus on my pc's in the yrs I've had them. My parents on the other hand seem to get a virus every couple of months..
  22. Just wash her whites with her colours and you won't have to do washing ever again..
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