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  1. That's a good temp, very manageable. Prime failing after a few seconds eh? Yeah, I would bump the volts a tad and see if it'll make a difference. If you're on 1.55v you will get a slight increase from 1.575v and 1.6v, with 1.6v being the max you'd want to run daily, even under water. If you're running all four sticks of ram it may stress the mem controller at it's maximum upper clocks, could be worth using just 2 and see if it helps.
  2. PhoetuS - All updated! Sorry for the delay, that's a bleeding cpu you have there. I can tell ya one thing, if I had it with water it'd be naked and pushing 1.7v! I always was a little crazy..
  3. When I run linux I usually run Ubuntu, just because it's what I know. In fact, at this present moment I'm trying to sort out my Ultra-B (hotflash lol) so I can setup a dual boot Ubuntu/MS Server 2003 box that will run as a firewall/proxy/dhcp at my internet connection. Must be bored..
  4. After a long delay I've decided to update likewhoa's entry, sorry for holding you back there.. that chip is too sexy and my eyes were green with envy! pikachinks - I reckon you should try to see what you can get from your chip on air up to 1.55v, be pretty safe and you should be able to get some nice results..
  5. Nice work greatscott and Capt Proton, nice addition to the board!
  6. Nice work greatscott68, that's a sweet chip you got and it looks like there's a bit of headroom left as well. Congrats! :D:D
  7. I had a 170 for at least 9 months, maxed out at 2.7GHz @ 1.6v, sold that and got the e6600 rig that's now my new bencher. But I got bored with clocking it in under a fortnight, just too easy to setup and then no real room for improvement. Makes me miss the 170..
  8. Nice work likewhoa, that's a very nice clock at comfortable temps!
  9. I reckon air will do ya Septem, there are quite a few entries on air (XP90's, Big Typhoon's, SI120's) and they don't seem to suffer too much. I guess it depends on the chip, if you need to really tweak the last few MHz to get 3G then water may be the way to go but I'd forego the outlay and get good air. Unless you like pretty tubing of course..
  10. Aaaah.. it all comes together so easily now.. lol. You're much more observant than I heh.
  11. Hi Kanzleramt, Nice clock, I think everyone missed the major oddity in your screens.. How did you get your cpu multi to be 12x with a 3800+? I thought they had a multi of 10x.. The slow pi time can possibly be attributed to the 512K L2 cache and the slow ram speed, but I'm still interested to know what you did to get the 12x multi..
  12. I don't know about a reference guide that covers everything, but if the ram is TCCD (which I'm thinking it is) then you have a variety of options (YMMV of course depending on the modules, these are average top ends). 2-2-2-5 = ~220MHz 2-3-3-5 = ~240MHz 2-4-4-5 = ~250MHz 2.5-3-3-5 = ~290MHz 2.5-4-4-5 = ~310MHz Here's my ocdb entry with 4x512 of tccd @ 262MHz @ 2.5-3-3-5 w/ 2.73v : The link I also had one with the same sticks @ 245MHz @ 2-3-3-5 @ 2.9v just for your reference.
  13. Whatever happened to ghetto.. I'll take the 80/120mm fan any day DDR2 with 2.45v is only warm when not pushed to it's extremes, that means everyday clocks don't require active cooling (especially if you only use say 2.3v). The Dominator has them to ensure case conditions do not impede the ram from delivering it's rated speeds/timings.
  14. 250Gb LP was my first, then an Ultra-B, an Ultra-D, then another Ultra-D. That makes four.. and when the LP 'roe gets out I'm sure it'll be five..
  15. Nice work Ed, another class post. Your ocdb has FSB listed as 200 in the BIOS settings though.. typo's eh hehe CPDMF - I know what you mean, even though I have a Conroe, the main machine I still use is a s754 3400+ and it still does all I need well within my tolerances. Try doing a burnout in a computer..
  16. Nice work farksy, I reckon that'll keep you in the top ten. And don't forget to come and show some 'roe goodness, they're great little chips on a good board
  17. I like MR2's, I think they look real nice and the mid-engine thing is killer. I did forget to mention how nice integrale's ride is.. heh, I keep going back to look at it diff_lock - the main reason Hondas aren't used in drifting is that they have no suitable FR car and FWD cars are not permitted in d1. I like Honda's, my gf works for them, they make very efficient engines.
  18. That's TCCx ram you're running with MAL/RP of 6.0/4.5? Have you tried 8/5? It was the sweetspot for all the TCCD I've had. 2-2-2-3 is fine, as is 3-3-2-3/2-2-1-2/3-2-2-3/2-2-3-3
  19. Some people don't like the sewing machine sound you get with a Honda, plus, there's a reason there ain't many Honda's in D1...
  20. Still running the Nissan Stagea 25X. I haven't taken a pic yet, and finding one online is pretty hard. Here's the best I could find, mine is green and has full factory tinting from the B-pillar :
  21. DRAM Idle Timer sets the number of idle cycles that is allowed before the memory controller forces such open pages to close and precharge. Think of it as the time before you clear out data stored in ram (that's fairly simplistic, I can go deeper into ram and paging if you desire) and the number of idle cycles is optimal depending on what sort of things your pc is doing. For example, in general desktop use (surfing, word processing) you would want a high value as there is a good chance you will be accessing the same thing repeatedly and want to avoid having to load the page into ram each time. Conversely, for applications which require a lot of random accesses (think most benching programs) you want a low idle cycle, or even 0 (precharging the pages at the next idle cycle) as each page will be different. farksy - DDS/DDDS have a huge effect, they are your masters and you must obey them. Treat them right as they will be permitting your overclock above pretty much everything else. DQS Skew I've always found has been good for pushing a rig to it's limits and getting every little bit but it's always given best results left at 0.
  22. Nice work Doc! And what a way to bring up your 100th post, does this mean you're buying dinner for us tonight? (I'll take the lobster..) :D:D Yet another magic CCBBE 0610DPMW..
  23. If the album is mixed right then there is no need for EQ other than for tuning the room to compensate for deficiencies in reproductive equipment (amp/speakers) and environment. What you have to understand is that the studio has tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) of gear that is specially designed to alter elements of the mix without adding unwanted aspects. For example, if your reproduction system is lacking in bass then you have to turn up the bass to compensate for that. If your system can reproduce the sound exactly as the final mix should sound then anything else you do is going to clutter the sound. Take bass as the perfect example; many people will just crank the bass on their systems but the eq on home stereo's is the equivalent of a big stick to the studio's sniper rifle. The "Q" on a home stereo EQ is set so that when you boost the bass it will boost a whole bass range, not a specific frequency (which is what your ear is really after), and you end up with what I call the "fart sound". You know the "fart sound", it messes up the balance in the mix, makes vocals less audible, and whenever a certain frequency pops up in the song you will hear what I can only describe as "gaseous" (think of just about every boy racer sub you've ever heard, the bass ain't a punchy sound, more like a soft fart). I guess it comes down to the level of appreciation which you are able to take from musical recording. From my years as an audio engineer I am able to appreciate the balance in a good mix as well as other elements (mainly compression) and it adds a whole new element to the recording, almost to the point of making the actual music redundant. I don't live my life with pieces of rags stuck in my ears and I don't listen to music that way either.
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