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  1. Now that I've found the Zappateers this thread is my third home, but it's where I keep my blankets
  2. You're the reason why I check my room before going to sleep..
  3. Welcome back mate! Good to see the old crew is all back.. now all I need is this aircon at work to be fixed!?!
  4. That is a sweet clock on the rs482! I couldn't get that at stock volts on my old 170!?!
  5. You could always add more rules.. no words with the letter "e" for example. It'd m3an an awful lot of thr33's b3ing us3d though..
  6. Glad to see the old hands coming back! Edit: updated the board with kitfit's mega 3.1GHz OCDB!!! Awesome-o robot! :D:D
  7. It's nice to be home again, and good to see my bed is still in the corner. Perhaps the best thing is that Angry doesn't have any chains on anymore, I always preferred the CallItASpade_Games I feared when I first joined.. (it's the only real way to run any country)
  8. Same here dr_bowtie, can't wait to see the first non-dfi to make the grade!
  9. Welcome back guys! I hope you all had a great "vacation" away from the street, but now it's back to business! I think I'll start with MadDias' post.. If I've missed anything over the "break" let me know.. Really glad to be back.. :D:D Here's to seeing old faces!
  10. I would keep your Ultra-D. It is my s939 board of choice for ease of use, stability, and ram compatibility. The SLI-DR is the same board but with all features enabled. I would mod the Ultra-D for SLI personally. If you must get another board, I say either SLI-DR or Expert if you're feeling confident. The Expert is a harder board to work with than the Ultra-D/SLI-DR, not impossibly hard but the Ultra-D/SLI-DR is tremendously fun to use and easy to get setup (especially ram wise). That said, I still vote to stay with your Ultra-D (it'll save some money too ). In my opinion, the Ultra-D is THE s939 board to own for it's overclocking ability, price, ease of use, and just plain sexiness! The Ultra-D is to s939 what the 250Gb is to s754.. THE BEST!!!
  11. Looking good kitifit You'll need to stop priming at 8hrs 1min jujuju
  12. 1.7v and 80deg load temps under a modified Typhoon.. Totally stable (And yes, I paid top dollar for it at the time as well :S)
  13. Just say that you can't reverse it because you are racist.
  14. I've always used my thumbnail personally, then some toilet paper to clean the rest off. Guess I'm a bit ghetto..
  15. Congrats April, what a chip! I wish my 170 had half the clocks of yours! Alas, that is why I sold her.. Welcome to the Honours Board, well and truly deserved
  16. WOW! I go away for a week and I come back to ten pages of reading! Heh Hope everyone's been having good holidays, and if ya have to work, hope you're taking it easy and earning those days in lieu Say hi to Sydney, our newest 3G member, 3006MHz with a blistering 1.68v! Nice A quick update on what I've been doing: I just spent christmas down at the beach with my family, spending time with my niece is one of my favourite pasttimes (although it does make the missus clucky which I DON'T need.. but yeah..), and next week I go away down to the South Island for my cousins wedding. In between I'm trying to setup my Ultra-B as a *nix firewall/gateway/mail server for my network. Had a bit of "fun" there and tried nearly every distro out there, still working on this one. Being an almost linux noob doesn't help lol. Here's to the new year! :D:D And many happy clocks ahead!
  17. Awesome mate! Just got back from my first xmas holiday and found this! (as well as 8 pages of GGG to trawl through! ) Very nice work, I hope to be uploading some stuff soon..
  18. Congrats on our newest member Chump, a blistering 144 on stock air!! Just shows what these chips can do!
  19. I know exactly, I've had a fan seize because of my hair.. but I can tell you it's a darn sight worse when your hair gets caught in a fan and it's still attached to your scalp!
  20. ^^ Same way you can generate power with a turbine, or use power to move the turbine.. (or microphones/speakers.. the examples can go on) Btw.. all my fans go in dry.. real men like the friction!
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