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  1. CPDMF - wisers words of wisdom on women I've never read. kitfit - you could always do what my uncle and aunt from london are doing right now.. visit us! (did you know there are more New Zealanders per square kilometre in London than all of NZ?)
  2. Yes, install windows first. I think the windows bootloader may interfere with GRUB or LILO but I'm not too sure.
  3. Don't worry about a monitor, just enable sshd and use putty for windows to remote in. It's easy as, and then chuck apache on there, get a webserver going for all your goodies and you'll be grinning like a chesire cat Meow..
  4. If we didn't have whining or crying then what would the British do? (Kiwi joke mayhaps?) Hey CPDMF, I'm still around, just a lot busier than usual. Not to mention woman troubles.. but when are they not trouble?
  5. It's just the way she goes. The f**king way she goes..
  6. Apart from trying to install 64-bit from a 32-bit Live CD it's all been swell so far..
  7. Running through it right now mate Many thanks! For anyone without DHCP () use: ifconfig eth0 address netmask mask up ie. ifconfig eth0 netmask up And on I go.. (yes, you need sshd to start for putty on windows ) Edit: I guess we need a gateway route as well: route add -net netmask gw (my gateway is .2 )
  8. Aaargh.. attack of the little people! Was there a break out from the jockey farm?
  9. Yeah, unfortunately it's the side effect of the field of our interest. The consolation being that what we do is a shared learning experience and fudging any results are detrimental to the fudger. The rewards you get from achieving your own results are what define you as a person, if your results are fake then so are you and your "expertise" will quickly be found out if you try to contribute to the community. It's a bit like playing guitar, you'll always find people who will quickly say they can play but you put a guitar in their hands and they can only stumble out three chords and a chorus if you're lucky (odds are they won't even tune it when they first pick it up!). It's the quiet guy in the corner who can run the scales and has the tricky riffs, he may not talk himself up but he's the happier guy.
  10. likewhoa - I run Ubuntu on my MacBook and it also runs on my torrent box.. but I do want to get into Gentoo and will be awaiting your guide. I have played with it before but never gotten past trying to get the gui up lol. Outlander - That Big Typhoon is pretty good, pretty much the same as low-end water. I used to run my 170 under mine at 1.6v and 1.7v when it was naked. You may get bored one day and want to push it..
  11. Holy flaming Moe's! That's a great OCDB there Outlander! And with that low vcore too! :D Are you feeling the urge to push it further? Or does the chip not respond to more voltage?
  12. Nice work Likwid, awesome clock, welcome to the honours roll. Your OCDB entry lists your stepping as 0910 btw Charmed - The best alternative, unbiased, is to get a 185 and keep the rig he has. The power will be enough at stock, and he'll save loads of money from avoiding a new board and ram. Best bang for buck in a long way. Else he may as well get a budget Allendale rig for the price of a new board and ram.
  13. It's weird what is happening with your second cpu-z laydback, the one showing the ram works out fine (ie. the ram is where it should be). Did you open cpu-z before, during, or after Orthos was doing it's thing? (Updated none-the-less, I've seen more than enough of your good work to doubt your posts!) Cliff, I reckon we make you adjudicator for all OCDB entries, you spot a flaw a mile away!! (Granted, I'm usually skim reading heh) :D
  14. They go really well, can't say enough good things about them. With Pi 1M stable @ 2.45v I can get: 434 @ 3-3-3 575 @ 4-4-4 605 @ 5-5-5 So they're fairly "useful"
  15. Nice going Cliff, this club's shown no sign of slowing down! Just can't beat those NF4's
  16. Nice work Devil_07, those new 4000+ are real sweet chips, that has a bit of headroom if you're only needing 1.45v for that speed. Bloody brilliant
  17. Supercharged - all done, nice work on the entry, what sort of cooling are you using on that bad boy? 1.72v!?! You have balls! I like that in an overclocker.. (then again, it's pretty hot where you live so it'll need more volts)
  18. I "believe" that means week 35 of 2006 with an "A" revision.
  19. Sure is, it should have something like L628A or L629B or similar on it.
  20. Frank Zappa: www.zappateers.oblivion-software.de:8000/listen.pls 1982 07 07 Milano Italy Concert at the moment. It's up to King Kong.
  21. On the retail chips they are upward locked. ES chips can be unlocked through the right bios on the right board.
  22. 268 is pretty good for 3.6v, especially if stable. Best I've done is 270 but that was only 1M stable and was using the old school BH-5 at 3.7v. Hell, 260 @ 3.6v is a good speed for stable BH-5!
  23. Sorry dude, was it done before the break? Got a linkie? (I'm so lazy lolz)
  24. drteming - Nice work! I'm hoping to see a lot of non-dfi boards in here, proving that it can be done.. Cliff - Here's hoping you grab the second non-dfi entry! pikachinks - You may want to tighten the ram timings back up, ram can be as unstable when too loose as when too tight.
  25. Nice work laydback, all updated. It's good to see no-one's taken it easy in the lay off period! :D:D
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