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  1. i added you, i messaged you, i played til like midnight.

    i'll be online all day today playing games (no work.) message me on origin.

  2. i actually don't follow soccer at all, but the game is fun as hell.

    w00t just made it into div 1 online.

  3. you guys still playing this at all? i started playing FUT back in dec, and i got a decent team, but i'm not really good at the game. pREDDY87    = origin. add me for games.

  4. i'm currently reworking my watercooling setup. i've pulled my loop off my old lga775 system and am prepping it for my new 2500k. i have 2x mpc655-b with stock tops, a mcr240-qp-stack, an apogee xt and a dangerden rad-reservoir. i'm thinking about adding another 2x120mm rad to the loop and possibly getting tops or a dual top for the pumps. also considering new fans and not sure what to get. any thoughts or suggestions are welcome, just bouncing around ideas. also keep in mind i'm stuffing this into an antec 300.

  5. another thing to consider is playing with TRD or PL (they're the same thing.) this setting greatly effects the load on your northbridge and can drastically change the effects a high fsb will have on your system. with q8400 you're limited to lower multiplier so in order to get the high clocks you need the fsb to overclock. raising your fsb will cause your TRD to raise itself in order to maintain stability. this usually offsets the memory performance gained by the increase in fsb and can even produce lower system speeds than was seen at the lower fsb with the lower TRD settings. sometimes its worth the sacrifice to your memory bandwidth to have the extra clock speed, sometimes not. i personally run my x38 chipset at 400mhz with a TRD setting of 6. this yielded the best overall system performance and i still landed at 3.8ghz with an e7500.

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