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  1. he wanted options, i was jsut throwing it out there
  2. buy some copper, mill a block, get tubing and fittings from hardware store, pump from aquarium, and distilled water from an auto parts store, oh and a heatercore from a car.
  3. battery

    Vista x64 to Win 7 x64

    can you remove mouse accelleration from w7 just like in vista? can i still change the polling rate of my mouse?
  4. battery

    Overclocking my HP Compaq

    buy a new motherboard and overclock the real way.
  5. battery


    shenandoah valley about 40 miles from winchester i believe.
  6. battery


    whats the best price per performance video card in this price bracket? also are there any new cards expected soon?
  7. battery

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    asus maximus, 2x2gb ocz reaper ddr2 1000, two 3870's with full cover waterblocks, swiftech mcp 655, all for 225 + shipping.
  8. battery

    Best 7.1 Speaker Sound System

    most video cards have a s-video output. so use and s-video cord from the vid card to the receiver. for sound, you'll prolly end up using a rca cable.
  9. i'm running my 465w enermax that i've been running since my barton days. e4300 @ 3ghz 2x1gb ddr2 800 2x optical drives 3x sata hd's 7900 gs 4x120mm tricool fans 1x140mm fan
  10. battery

    Water-Cooled Antec 300

    can we get an update on this? i'd like to see the bracket and the powder coating and the work you did to keep the stock fan locations. i jsut invested 250 bucks ina watercooled mobo and watercooled cf'd 3870's and i gotta stuff w/c in my 300 now.
  11. battery


    apparently driver support for the 4770 is garbage.
  12. battery


    thanks guys. I was in virginia, living the good life. Camped on the Shenandoah River with a couple friends. we tried to fish but we were all too committed to drinking and it wasn't long before 90 beers turned into none.
  13. battery

    2009: Post Your Ride Thread

    yo nuclear, what happened to the eclipse? and didn't you mention a charger once upon a time?
  14. battery

    Baldur's Gate

    i love this game. i beat it on hard a long time ago. unfortunately i don't know where my discs are so i might have to jsut play bg2.
  15. battery

    Frag Video

    very nice. if i send you some frag footage, could you make me a video?
  16. battery

    Roadrunner Bandwidth Caps??

    verizon is the only provider in my area outside of satellite. so i'm kind of lucky in that aspect. a few miles east though and all that was available was satellite. further west and you can get cable. comes with the territory of living in the country on a farm.
  17. battery

    Roadrunner Bandwidth Caps??

    i'll be getting verizon FIOS shortly. 20/20 65 a month. i would cry if i were you guys, considering i download prolly 20gb weekly.
  18. battery

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    more expensive than she looks, but well worth the price. get yours here
  19. ever since i bought a 65b so many years ago, i've been a die-hard lian li fan. quality is unmatched. i was so happy when they started putting plasting wrapping around the edges. box of knives was an understatement.
  20. battery

    Stupidest Thing You Have Done In Your Life.

    the most stupid thing i ever did was fail to appreciate the great things i had in life. i took life for granted, expected things, and when i didn't get the things things i expected, i asked myself "whats wrong with this world?" O' the irony.
  21. battery

    Vista or XP

    hours upon hours? maybe an hour if you decide to update. knowing what you're doing helps a whole bunch. besides i was just being a jerk off and didnt expect any serious responses.
  22. battery

    Vista or XP

    gentoo /close thread
  23. battery

    Fallout 3: The Pitt

    i'm using reiley's ranger armor. i ahve not gotten the pitt yet. reiley's is arguably the best non -agility armor in the game. chineese steath suit is pretty suit too. i collected all the + to luck items as luck is the only stat in game that effects the amount of crits you get. high luck + high agility = lots of VATS single shot hs's.
  24. battery

    Best LAN Party Game

    sc2 will be out soon. hence the whole new battle.net.
  25. battery

    Fallout 3: The Pitt