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  1. battery

    Voided my Corsair HX 1000W

    lmao wow :thumbsup: for funny thread
  2. battery

    Aftermarket GPU air cooling?

    he spent 500 on a video card, i imagine cheap isn't necessarily the defining motivator to do anything. i would recommend a universal waterblock. not the full cover ones, because most of the time you can get new mounting hardware to adapt it to any future gpu's you will have.
  3. battery

    Demanding Game

    crysis there are even new textures out that make it even more intense. obviously this isn't the answer you're looking for, but it is the correct answer. no game is more demanding than crysis. close runner ups off the top of my head are bf bc2:vietnam and maybe cod bo. i still play css though with everything on low and at 800x600.
  4. battery

    Good gaming mouse

    i own a g500 and i have several complaints. 1. its too heavy and the weights only make it worse. 2. has problems tracking on cloth pads 3. doesn't have the greatest malfunction rate. basically, the mx518 does everything the g500 does except weigh as much, store settings in the mouse and have 1000hz stock polling rate. the mx518 however, tracks perfectly on either hard or soft surfaces and has a very desirable malfunction rate. Death Adder>mx518>mx500>xai>g500 this information is coming from a 10+ year veteran in competitive first person shooters (namely css)
  5. battery

    Good gaming mouse

    the mx518 is the arguably one of the top 5 best mice ever made. the only real downside to it is that it has a 125hz polling rate. being as this is overclockersclub and not stockclub, i'm willing to assume you're not afraid to do some tweaking. so google how to change your polling rate in whatever OS you're using. i'd go into details here, but i honestly don't have the time/desire to explain what someone else already has. i recommend 500hz over 1000hz unless your mouse runs 1000hz stock. 125hz = 8ms 250hz = 4ms 500hz = 2ms 1000hz = 1ms
  6. battery

    [WTS] ECS Elitegroup P55H-A ATX Motherboard

    you might wanna try craigslist.
  7. battery

    Good sound card + headset for music

    i would suggest a pair of hd555's. there is a very easy mod to turn them into hd595's and you'd be much better off than with the hd 515's if you want something a bit more bass heavy, then i'd go with a pair of cans similiar to mine. the beyerdynamics dt770 pro 80ohm. do you have a budget?
  8. battery

    2010 Firearms discussion

    gator needs his gat, punk butt classy lady
  9. battery

    new watercooling setup.

    you may have mentioned this earlier, buy what fans are you planning on running? push or pull or both?
  10. battery

    i'm baaaacccckkkk

    haha KB! whats up man we're gonna have to get the irc channel poppin again. so we can get celt in there and harass her about being a pirate.
  11. battery

    new watercooling setup.

    its the non-variable speed pump which i believe is the same as the variable speed pump with a setting of 4. i think i'm gonna pull it out, buy a new one and do the ole switch-a-roo at microcenter.
  12. battery

    i'm baaaacccckkkk

    you know i honestly don't remember why. the important thing is i'm back and i hope to be a positive force. hahaha bishop, no need. i'm gonna try and be a good boy. you could grab the whips and chains though. i'm into that sorta thing >:]
  13. battery

    Happy New Year's!

    time to get trashed, enjoy your evening everyone!
  14. battery

    i'm baaaacccckkkk

    well i grew out of that. i'm just your typical american rock star now hey Smith, i remember you too. i'll be idling the irc channel as much as possible so feel free to stop by.
  15. battery

    Help with Ram Timing?

    try setting tras to 22-24 was the original stick the same as the ones shown?
  16. battery

    i'm baaaacccckkkk

    haha, good to see you too. i was never emo, maybe a little goth, but that was from like 14-18. i'm 23 now and i work too hard to have time to be emoth (emo + goth.) btw, are you still running that modded xfi? do you have nay microphone problems on win7? i'm using my a2zs still and after my pc has been on for a couple hours my mic goes all robot or staticy. i've triend the daniel k support drivers with the regedit and nothing worked. suggestions?
  17. battery

    Project HELIOS - Invocation Begins 10.01.10

    this is simply amazing. bravo sir, bravo :thumbsup:
  18. battery

    new watercooling setup.

    apogee xt and then ek blocks for the chipset/mosfet/pwm motherboard is an asus maximus formula x38 i'm using a swiftech 220 stackable rad. i haven't checked the flow rating. i honestly have been wondering whether or not my pump is broken. i bought it used and it never pumped well. water is literally almost stagnant. i think i'm moving more water from convection than the pump lol. the pump is definitely vibrating though. possibly the propeller is broken but the shaft is still spinning?
  19. you could splurge some and get a Acer GD235HZ or splurge a little and get a Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ i wouldn't buy any lcd at any price that wasn't 120hz, but thats just my preference.
  20. battery

    OCC Steam Group

    someone send me an invite, as i don't actually remember my password to my steam account. [email protected] is my steam account.
  21. battery

    Formatting windows and secondary HDD question

    you shouldn't have any trouble if the drive is installed during windows installation. if for some unforeseen reason you do encounter a problem, its really easy to get windows to bring the hard drive up. control panel > administrative tools > computer management > storage > disk management you should be able to handle it from there. good luck
  22. battery

    i'm baaaacccckkkk

    haha, i wouldn't expect you to know who i am when you joined the forums ~6 months ago and i joined ~8 years ago. you should get to know me though. i'm full of useful information. the trouble maker part is sorta an inside joke from way back when. i'm on the good guy team now haha
  23. battery

    new watercooling setup.

    i 2nd the apogee xt. as i have one and love it. could you post back with temperature results please. i'm interested in seeing how that pump behaves with just the cpu block in the loop because i have the same pump but with 3 other motherboard blocks and it barely moves the water at all.
  24. battery

    Good sound card + headset for music

    i'm pretty happy with my dt770's, but really to give you good advice we'd need to know what sort of music you listen to and if you're looking for open or closed headphones. i'm assuming you want headphones and not a headset, the later having a microphone attached.
  25. ok, so this guy is a god where i'm from. http://www.hot1047.com/shows/andy/32-andy-...-bulldozer.html