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  1. thanks alot. I picked up a Maximum PC mag yesterday and in it they say for budget vid cards that the 9500 Pro is the way to go because it is almost identical to the 9700 Pro except for speed and a few other slight differences and of course drivers, but they also the 9500 pro is better than the geforce 4 ti4200 in speed in everything except price. there is like a 15 dollar difference. so should i get the 9500 pro of the ti4200
  2. i was planning on overclocking the 2400+ hopefully get it close to 3000+ and i've descided to drop the sound card and get a networking card which is like $20
  3. i'm looking for everything in my sig. If you find any of it that is a good deal please post it so i can buy it.=)
  4. ok so my comp now is as follows.... My $59.99 case $120 (XP 2400+) $30 Volcano11 about $130 mobo $150 vid card $30 sound card $80 2 sticks of ddr & $30 power supply. thats about $630. i'm gonna have to try and find oem and some good deals try to get that price down to $575. I'll start buying parts every week ( cause i get paid every week) and hopefully I'll find some bargain deals. if there is anything else u find or whatever please post. Actually i think i may get the Epox to save about 40 dollars and that brings me down to $590.
  5. for me the real fun is whippin' . in games and zoomin' through whatever i feel like doing. i do very little modding, i mod my car, mr keyboards, mice, guitar, but i don't think i have the time for modding my case cause i gotta game game game=) Also i think the 9700 Pro is about 100 dollars out of price range any other suggestions and what about memory? I was thinking 2 Samsung 256 DDR( if u can find for cheaper let me know)
  6. sounds good so far but i'm not sure on the case i want this case for looks but other than that ii don't what the hell the case is=) i can't find the actual name and specs for it. but at 59.99 i think i should do more lookin' in into it.
  7. ok, i want a new comp that i woill prolly build from the ground up.( with a few exceptions) I know i want an amd athlon other than that i'm all ears on what i should get with it. please include prices with items.=)
  8. I got the Linksys 4 port router and sence i got it i can't host games in war3 or anygame i play through gamespy. if anyone can walk me through a way to fix this problem it would be a big help to me gaming 18/7 =)
  9. ok i have an athlon XP 1600+ 512 ram and soon gf4 ti4200 or radeon 9700 and i need an overclocking friendly mobo for all that any suggestions?
  10. thats my comp and mobo info on the attachment
  11. I have an AMD Athlon XP 1600+ that i have been trying to overclock( its my first time) i bout a unlocking kit from Highspeedpc.com and tried it. i think i did it right but in my bios i can't change anything. I also can't seem to be able to find my FSB settings to overclock that either.
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