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  1. definitely 3 12v rails there. although it appears that its a single rail thats split into 3 rails and not 3 completely individual rails.
  2. i just use a cotton ball and some alcohol to clean my finger. going on 12 years without a problem.
  3. i've been using as5 since it came out and i was using as3 before that. i'm still using the same tube i bought ages ago. not only has curing time never effected my temperatures by more than 2 degrees, i have never reapplied it. i have a 2600+ mobile barton sitting in a dfi nf2 ultra b and it holds the same temps as when i bought it. according to this as5 transfers heat better and has a lower viscosity so it fills in those nooks and crannys i was talking about earlier.
  4. how could it possibly not get the edges if i'm spreading it with my fingers??? who uses anything besides as5/ceramique? by your illustration i can tell that you're using ~3x as much thermal paste as i do. i use about half of one of those lines.
  5. for the record i have never wrongly applied TIM. my method is relatively simple and straight forward. i put a very small dot on the processor itself. i then take my finger and spread it evenly across the whole surface. if i applied too much then i just keep wiping my finger and resurfacing until its at an appropriate level. its best to use as little TIM as possibly as its only there to fill in the microscopic valleys/pits and give you the most surface area. hope this helps.
  6. battery

    Starcraft II

    gameplay wise its very similar. but fundamentally its changed drastically. your sc1 strats are not going to work in sc2. if you're not willing to put in the time to understand the game and how to play then its not worth it unless you really really like nexus wars. btw anyone can add me on NA servers. i don't play team games but i'm usually down to 1v1 if you see me on. pREDDY.977
  7. i'm looking for someone with extensive x38 knowledge. please reply to this thread or pm me.
  8. i'm using hw monitor as well and our temps are on par with each other. which shouldn't be the case as i have a broken pump and 3 extra heat sources. consider that intel says ~60C is the temp limit and you're on high end water cooling and you're getting close to hitting that mark.
  9. sorry, not really sure how i missed that. ok so i'm doing a little research and testing my own rig. running p95 for about 30 minutes now and my proc hasn't gone over 50C. now the problem with this is that my water pump isn't working and i have 3 more waterblocks in my loop than you do. i'm thinking your temps should be much lower.
  10. would need a picture of the label to confirm this, but based on what you're saying its a multi rail psu.
  11. i have almost the same setup as you, except i have an asus maximus formula x38 and ocz reaper ddr2-1000 and an e7500. i'm running 1.35v which has kept me stable at 3.8ghz without any issue for over a year now. i believe ~1.4v for 24/7 operation is safe and 1.5v for some intense benching. just curious, what are your temps?
  12. could you tell us the model number/s of the 2gb sticks? that would give us enough information to correctly guide you, but i believe running 2x2gb will be your best bet.
  13. i do not recommend the g500 over the mx518. i've owned 2 g500's and 4 mx518 and the only advantage the g500 has in the ability to turn prediction off.
  14. first and foremost, take the 2x1gb out. that will allow you to run dual channel which will double your memory bandwidth.
  15. haha, good to see nothing's changed.
  16. oh wow, congrats celt. whose the father?
  17. the 555 and 595 use the same driver. i don't know where you heard differently, but its not true unless they released some revision of either product. although you're right in that it a sound stage mod and can/should be called that. it just happens though that once you do the mod its the 98% of the hd595 and for the weak minded its easy to simply call them 595's. much like the many who bios mod their 470's to 480's. its really a 470 with a bios mod that unlocks stream processors. the 470 is still a 470 even if gpu-z calls it a 480. the physical memory jsut isn't there. i think you get my point though.
  18. i would not recommend the g5 for anything. its an older generation laser that had an absolutely horrible malfunction rate and tracking was sporadic.
  19. maybe, depends on how lucky you get with your VID and your Batch.
  20. those are 45nm right? ~4-4.2ghz give or take.
  21. welcome! i hope you enjoy your stay. avoid Nerm's dogs as they . all over.
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