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  1. jsut palyed through DAO so i could be ready for this game. installing now.
  2. try the formula to rampage conversion. i saw a lot more stability when i switched to the rampage bios.
  3. headfi.org or audiophile.com both great sites for these kinds of questions. personally the best gaming headphones i ever owned were audio technica ad700's, but they were stolen and i found a deal on beyerdynamic dt770 pro's so i bought the,.
  4. i can't remember the last time 1-3C made a difference. feel free to nit pick. i mean we do still argue over who the hottest ms universe is.
  5. i think nit picking over thermal paste is like picking the hottest girl at ms universe pageant. they're all good with s minor degree in differences.
  6. word to the wise, never by "gaming" headphones.
  7. i got one of those laser thermal sensors. pretty handy.
  8. its a combination of his memory and his motherboard. the board is has limited voltage options and memory dividers. the only divider lower than 1:1 hes' got working so far is 3:4. if he sets the voltage for his memory on anything but auto it won't even post. no fsb vtt option.
  9. suck it up, you're doomed if ya know what i mean.
  10. i still recommend trying those settings. and if that doesn't work go to a local retailer, buy the same memory you have. switch it with yours and take it back.
  11. doubt its the slot, but it is possible. try both sticks with the following settings 1066 5-5-5-18-54 (tRFC)
  12. go to a local retailer, buy the same memory you have. switch it with yours and take it back.
  13. you can also use zip ties instead of hose clamps. hose clamps are obviously better, but zip ties are CHEAP. you shouldn't have a problem with that case, i stuffed a similar setup into an antec 300. now that was a pain and i still haven't figured out a way to mount my reservoir inside.
  14. are the settings simply not there or are they greyed out and won't let you change them? can you change them and they're not stable? the same place you set the level up clocking feature, you should be able to set that to manual. if you literally can't change the settings then i would go back to a different bios.
  15. if you want to head into the IRC channel and just type my name. it'll give me a little buzz and i will respond. or you can keep posting here and i'll try to check up on it frequently.
  16. hey man no worries. helping people is what i do. sometimes i even have to ask for help and i'm a firm believer in karma. like i said you should leave your timing at default you should change your ddr2 speed to lower than 400. when you raise the fsb back up you'll bring it back to its stock speed. you're running 1:1 right now as you've stated. if you change this to a 4:5 ratio then you'll be running 324x2=648. so if you can manage to get 500fsb then you'll be running your memory at 400x2=800mhz which is exactly where it should be. now you prolly wont get this right away or maybe even at all, but it would be your ultimate goal for best case scenario. there are many other dividers/ratios out there. you kinda have to play with it to find what will be best whenever you find you max fsb.
  17. usually there is a form you can get off their website and then e-mail them to you, then they'll give you an address to ship them to.
  18. that is a really low voltage that for chip! great overclock! now get that memory divider handled and push it higher!
  19. his memory is already running 810mhz. speed step does not keep your processor alive, it save on the power bill from not running needless cycles. internally there are gates inside a processor that control voltage. the more voltage you give it, the quicker these gates corrode away and thats what kills processors. heat is only a factor for 2 reasons. 1. there is a thermal limit that the material can't handle; 2. the material expands and contracts based on the temperature. thats why cooler temps yield a higher overclock. the silicon contracts more tightly around the gates and helps with voltage leakage. FSB:DRAM - 1:1 thats your current memory divider or ratio. memory can get a bit confusing but basically you take your fsb and multiply it by 2 to get your actual speed. 405x2=810mhz which is 10mhz over stock. this is mostly likely whats preventing you from obtaining a higher overclock.i highly doubt your low end budget memory likes to be overclocked much, if at all. this is why i highly suggest keeping it as close to stock as possible. the 420 fsb you're trying to run nets you a memory speed of 840 which is well out of the range of the rated speed for that memory. if you set your Northbridge/FSB strap to auto then you can easily change your ddr2 speed to a lower setting. then try to increase your fsb. when you're overclocking via the FSB you're effectively overclocking the whole system. almost all the voltages will need to be upped at some point except the memory voltage as we're not trying to overclock that just yet. i don't have much information about what your motherboard likes in terms of voltage. maybe someone else can step in and help you some with that. if not i'll try to do some research for you. i wouldn't go above 1.35v for the processor on the stock cooler. the northbridge is prolly good for 1.4v. FSB vtt could prolly handle 1.3v. the cpu pll shouldn't go over 1.45v. this is just a guideline though. like i said i don't know specifically what your board can and cannot handle. i believe all those volts to be safe though. certainly don't go over them without further knowledge.
  20. 9 is the default and max multiplier for that processor. 405x9=3645 looks like you're getting up there. you may need to start increasing your voltages to go beyond the 405 mark you're currently stuck at. also, it could be that your memory really doesn't like anything past ddr2-800. try to set a memory divider that puts your memory below its rated speed, and then try to work your fsb back up. increase voltage as necessary
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