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    [FS] Q9450 rig - PARTING OUT!

    oh, i'm sorry then.
  2. battery

    [FS] Q9450 rig - PARTING OUT!

    i paid 360 dollars for a 9800 pro. that doesn't make it worth more than 5 dollars today. its the nature of the PC market. once something is obsolete its worth is next to nothing even though we spent hundreds if not thousands on these parts prior to their being obsolete.
  3. battery

    [FS] Q9450 rig - PARTING OUT!

    are you willing to part this out? if not, would you consider trading that processor for an e7500 + some cash?
  4. been playing more. this is at trd 9.
  5. i have an e7500 running at 4ghz on an x38 chipset and my pll is at 1.5v. 1.8v seems extremely drastic to me. i ran vcore at 1.362v all the way up to 3.8ghz and then needed an increase to hit 4ghz +.
  6. battery

    I'm an uncle!

    congrats kb, don't force him to watch furries. or whatever the . those things were you used to be into. <3
  7. battery

    Best headphones in the $200-300 range.

    i have a pair of dt770's i run on an audigy 2 zs with modded opamps and no amp. they're 80 ohm versions. the bass is very deep. the mids however are a little muddy, but no cans are perfect. i believe i read somewhere about a mod to to stifle the low end a little and help clean up the mids. i haven't tried it. i'm also living in monroe now, so if you're still up in middle town you can come by and check them out.
  8. battery

    [FS] Selling a gaming PC

    how about 200 and a back rub from celtica?
  9. battery

    ...Is that a 12-core?

    16 actually.
  10. battery

    Gaming Mouse [UPDATE][May 29]

    i wouldn't get any of the mice you listed. 1. i'm picky. 2. those suck except the ikari and the abyssuss. gaming mice 1. mx518/Deathadder 2. zowie ec1 3. g500/g9x/xai i own all of these mice. i've had a handful of mx518 over the years, i've had 2 g500's in the past year because they keep failing, i have a g9x because the g500's kept failing, i have the deathadder because the g9x ergonomics wasn't comfortable enough for me. the xai has teh same sensor as teh g500 and g9x only in a much smaller package. zowie has an amazing product, more people should buy their stuff.
  11. pictures would be awesome.
  12. battery

    Osama bin Laden conspiracy theories

    too many late night movies for you kids.
  13. battery

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Usernames (Pc)

    p. r e d d y
  14. nice. my buddy works at microcenter out here and he makes bank. he works in systems selling protection plans though.
  15. i'm having a hard time understanding what it is you're trying to do. the best way to use pelts is for direct cooling. tryin to water chill with pelts is a bad idea. you have to keep the pelt from melting.
  16. battery


    andrew hit the nail on the head. haven't seen a good mech game in FOREVER. anticipating this games release
  17. battery

    Starcraft II

    ladder reset today. good luck with your placement match
  18. battery

    Starcraft II

    keyboards make a huge difference in games like sc2 where its almost 90% keyboard clicking.
  19. battery

    Dragon Age: Origins 2

    everything is bland and kind of cartoony. gore is over the top. feels like the game was meant to appeal to 13 year olds.
  20. battery

    Starcraft II

    10 dollar "gear head" keyboard. had to get usb, cheapest one microcenter had. keys are all squishy. no feel to them at all.
  21. battery

    Starcraft II

    ah, i jsut got on and seen the new patch. grandmaster league? i need me some of that. lol haven't played in 2 months. this new keyboard sucks. i gotta take it back.
  22. battery

    Starcraft II

    you in diamond now bro?
  23. battery

    Dragon Age: Origins 2

    i find myself turned off by the cheesy graphics. really takes me out of the game. this is disappointing since i like DA1 so much.
  24. battery

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    outside of diablo 3, this will be the best game of the year, maybe the decade.