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  1. I would bet on the BIOS being the issue. You have a Venice core CPU, and the BIOS you're running doesn't FULLY support the Venice. Basically, it will boot, and likely won't be stable, as you've seen. Also, can you give me ALL the information that is on the RAM's sticker? If we can figure out exactly which IC's Corsair threw on that memory, we may be able to help you even more.
  2. What test in MemTest is throwing the errors? I'm betting on test 5. If it is, bump up your voltage by .1 and retest. Do this until test 5 runs clean at least 5 or 6 passes.
  3. I won't claim to be a computer expert, just a hobbyist. I spend more time mdifying Mustangs and bodybuilding, but it's nice to have something to do that USUALLY doesn't cause physical pain.
  4. :eek::sad: The CMOS jumper and the Wake-on-USB are NOT the same. I caught myself earlier clearing CMOS using the jumper right below the PCI-E slot. I wondered why my new OCZ 2GB kit wouldn't boot. (see, the jumper IS in that spot on my NF2 Infinity, which I had been working on). Now, though, I wonder if my Patriot RAM was truly bad, or if a power outage simply made me need a clear CMOS, and I used the wrong jumper, 'cuz I honestly don't remember if I was doing right then or not. So, in closing, everyone who feels like flaming someone this afternoon, shoot at me. I at least have it coming.
  5. The only real issue I had with it, is I couldn't get 4x sticks to run. I think I can do that now that I know more. Could be fun if I can work past my HTT issues.
  6. See! I told everyone the stuff would work. It's a shame my Clawhammer seems to hate high HTT. How high have you gotten Memtest to pass, AG?
  7. Or, tap the line for pre-amp signal, and run it to a different amp/sub combo. That would be simple. For a hellacious combo at a very good price, check out the Dayton Titanic sold at Partsexpress. It's VERY hard to beat the Titanic for the price they charge (without buying from e-bay).
  8. 200 HTT 2-2-5-2 2.7v 250 HTT 2.5-3-x-3 2.8v 300+ HTT 2.5-3-x-3 2.9v (using volt settings in my BIOS- 3/10 at the time). more voltage did nothing. I have the OCZ Platinum sitting at Fed Ex right now. My Patriot rolled over on me. It ran great, too. 2GB is nice.
  9. If you're running anything but XP64, you'll have to jump through flaming hoops to get 4Gigs to even be recognized by the operating system.
  10. You'll need longer screws. The screws are meant for the standard AMD backplate, but DFI doesn't use a standard plate. Buy 2 #6-32 screws 1.25" long and have fun. I have that block on my system, it does work. I used the screws that came with it, and while it will mount, it places WAY too much pressure on the board.
  11. I'll vouch for that user They are stable at stock, for sure. Actually, they run fantastic at stock. I can't OC until I get my case reworked, and that'll be a while. I expect to get about 220-225 after seeing what some others have gotten, assuming they are Infineon and not Mosel IC's
  12. Don't forget Swiftech, either. They have some serious quality, just lacking "bling" on everything but the Storm.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even a 7800 isn't capable of saturating the 8x, so you shouldn't get ANY performance drop by using it. The tests I've seen all show nothing more than standard deviation between the 8x and 16x anyway.
  14. One small question, instead of resetting my boot order, can I just hit ESC and do it from the boot menu? I mean, chances are that when you load defaults (like you should before every flash), it will default to Floppy->CDROM->Hdd0 anyway, but you never know.
  15. That reminds me, anyone seen a good airflow mod for the Antec Sonata? I'm placing a 120mm fan on the side panel aimed as close to the RAM area as possible, but it could use more from the front. The factory "intake" (if you can call it that) is completely blocked by 4 HDD's. I even tried my Zalman fan bracket, but the fan really had nothing to circulate until I open up this side panel.
  16. I haven't OC'd them at all due to having my Stacker broken down for "improvements" They do run fine, and they're 28hr Prime at stock (forgot and left it running). In the current temporary config, my PWMIC and RAM get almost 0 airflow, so OCing is not feasible. When I get back to the guts of this machine, I'll try to look under the spreaders if I can do so without damaging them (and my warranty).
  17. Would that mean they would like higher voltage? I think Infineon and Winbond are somehow in bed together aren't they?
  18. Ohhhh, forgot SpeedFan. VERY good program. I used it on my NF2 Infinity (r.i.p.:tooth:)
  19. In your BIOS (cannot remember where it is) you must enable HDD S.M.A.R.T monitoring. It allows different programs to access the "maintenance" section of your HDD's. A google gave me http://www.gold-software.com/download7597.html . I cannot attest to the software, but my utility suite that I use monitors mine every week.
  20. If you have one module actually running, try switching to the other one- to determine if it is bad memory or not. Then with one set up and stable, shut down and add the second stick. Try to go into BIOS at that point- load defaults, reboot into BIOS, and set your timings, etc at that point. My TCCD Corsair will run 2-2-2-5 at only 2.5v up to 220 (all four sticks), and 2.5-3-3-7 3.0v at 300+, but I cannot get it stable with four sticks at all. Mine are the 4400c2's. Angry has a pair of them for testing right now, so he may have more to add coming up soon.
  21. My Hitachi HDD's have a "click" when they turn on or off. Maybe that's what you are hearing? Better run a SMART scan on your HDD to be safe.
  22. Congrats, CK. My first "scratch" build was a LanParty NF2. I had no idea what I was getting into, but the help was there on the rare occasion I needed it.
  23. These are also 1GB sticks only rated to 200mhz at 2.5-3-3-7. They wouldn't do it for me on the DFI boards. They work great in the little Soltek Q-Bic test-rig my wife uses.
  24. I forgot to ever update this thread, so I will now. I RMA'd one pair of those sticks back to NewEgg as incompatable. They waived the 15% and let me purchase something else. The other pair I decided to keep for other uses. So today, I looked under the spreaders: Hynix HY5DU12822BT-D43 Through phonecalls to GigaRam, I was informed that these could also be Elixir IC's. Mine, obviously, are dreaded Hynix. Apparently, an Intel system would love this stuff. I traded those on some Patriot 2-3-2-5 1GB modules that I am now running. I have them at stock speed currently at 2.5v, but 2-3-3-5. I can run the 2-3-2-5, but it needs more voltage. I'm running everything at slow speeds while I have my Stacker all hacked apart to redo the H2O system. I'll OC and update on them soon.
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