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  1. Oh, BTW, fill out you signature in your profile. You WILL get yelled at within the next 15 minutes for not doing so.
  2. You cannot run three sticks in that configuration on NF4. It is a dual-channel controller, and is meant to be used as such. It may work if you put the 1GB stick in the slot furthest from the CPU. Boot to BIOS, and make sure you set CPC "DISABLED" (2T). SAve, reboot. Shut down and put the other 2 sticks in and try to boot to BIOS. Load optimized defaults, save and reboot again. It may just work in that manner, but you MUST run CPC DISABLED (2T). Also, I doubt you can run that setup at the marked timings. At best, I'd bet on 2.5-4-4-x, but expect 3-3-3 or higher, which shouldn't be an issue.
  3. Hmm, mine worked perfectly. I had most of my trouble getting the front audio jacks going with the Karajan, but they will work.
  4. You betcha'. Do you want me to send that Hynix-based RAM to test? I can get it out tomorrow if need be.
  5. Yep. I have 2 of the 716SA's. After some initial problems (easily solved), run great. In fact, they're probably my favorite components in my system. First thing I tell everyone who buys one of these: Uninstall the NVIDIA IDE drivers. Do it from Window, use DriverCleaner (how I did it), smash the whole box and start new, whatever it takes. The default Microsoft drivers works very well. I am also having good results with the whole 6.66 package from Nvidia, but that doesn't always hold true.
  6. The newer cores CAN clock like that with lower voltages. I've seen several.
  7. NOt with UTT/BH-5 chips. They usually hate looser timings, but thrive on voltage. The only reliable way to boost them is to pump up the juice.
  8. I doubt those are Winbond-die chips on those 1 GB sticks. I don't think any of the BH or CH die chips are dense enough to make a 1 GB module. They're more likely Infineon B-5 like the sticks in my sig and the Patriot 2-3-2-5 stuff. It's still good stuff.
  9. I agree. I've found some of the memory I have to MemTest at incredible speeds (DDR 654 !!!!), but I never got WinBlows going at more than DDR 560.
  10. Test 5 seems to be voltage dependant. If you can't give it more voltage, you ain't going higher, basically.
  11. Go to BARE minimum. 1 stick of RAM (slot furthest from CPU socket), Vid card, and CPU. If that doesn't work, try the other stick of memory. Also, have you tried holding "insert" while booting?
  12. On Me?!?! Wow, I REALLY hate that OS. You can't just right-click the drive in file manager and select "format" and "create bootable"? I honestly cannot remember the protocol in Me. Sorry. Do you have another machine where you can burn a bootable cd?
  13. Yes, but the PowerStream is an even better choice. The Fortron 500 or the SeaSonic 500 or 600 are also good choices. Travis (Angry Games) even uses a SkyHawk 500 watt model for his own build. It must not be too bad, and I'd bet that one wouldn't get you lowered on the assistance list
  14. Yes, No, and choose what you like. I prefer ATI, but I own a few Nvidia cards also. You will need to update your BIOS to run that X2 AMD.
  15. You really NEED to update your BIOS for that processor to work fully. PLace the AwardFlash and the .BIN file on a BOOTABLE floppy. Then boot from it. Without the compliant BIOS, you may never get that RAM to run.
  16. Hey, AG? Did you get my e-mail with my info? My cable company has informed me that their gateway was screwy and I may not have sent/received everything for 3 days :mad:
  17. OP, why are you running your Clawhammer at 1.7V?!?!?! I don't even run that on water! Seriously, clear CMOS, and start fresh.
  18. If you want to test them, I still have them. They're GigaRam with Hynix IC's. Probably won't run great, but it may be an exercise in frustration. If you WANT to test them, just say. I still have all the info and I can send them on.
  19. I have it running as of yesterday. It works at stock, but I haven't OC'd. I had to run it in the orange slots or it wouldn't post. I hope to see some settings other than the standard timings so I can push it a bit further.
  20. Nah, I have one 2x1gb backup set, 4x512 will be in this machine when AG is done testing, and that leaves 2 gigs for additional machines (one croaked about 3 weeks ago- power surge, I knew better).
  21. I did a CRX with 6 of them sealed. The only thing I could think while "tuning" (as much as you can tune THAT) is that I wanted OUT of that car. It was retarted loud. 6x 15" woofers = LOUD. Last I heard, he broke 160 at a sanctioned competition, but I don't know if it's still the setup I built or not.
  22. True, now I just hope NewEgg doesn't kick out the RMA'd Patriot, as I don't need ANOTHER 2 GB's, and I sure don't want to pay for anymore (I have 6GB's of memory not even in use right now )
  23. That IS odd. Errors in all tests would mean a bad stick for sure, or at least a serious compatability issue. Can you Prime for a given length of time? You should be at least 12 hours stable with those sticks at 200HTT or better. Maybe one of the OCZ reps will step in here soon. Those guys are DAMN good at making their RAM run on these boards. Oh, you're very welcome.
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