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  1. I believe he is running Samsung HD IC's from a [H]ot Deals thread over there. They're pretty cheap, and the people whose chipsets support them are getting pretty good results, what with running low timings.
  2. That's what I was getting at... I think he may be using SpeedFan instead. If so, it is Temp 1. I don't know where/if the second core is read.
  3. Find some of the older HyperX BH-5. Those are sweet. I had mine running at 245 fsb 2-2-2-11 at 2.9v on my Infinity (RIP). If my system needs to come down for any reason soon, I'll test them in this one.
  4. I choked on an ice cube I was eating when I read that. Good stuff.
  5. MemTest errors in test #5 suggest a lack of voltage to the DIMMs. Bump you volts up .1 more and see if the issues subside in Windows. Remember, Memtest stable does NOT equal Windows stable.
  6. WOW!!!!! GROUP BUY!!!! But, seriously, I'd LOVE to have a really good mATX board, even if it meant s754 and use a Mobile. With DFI's expertise in enthusiast boards, I think it would be very possible to make one. Go with only 2 DIMM slots to free up a bit of space, and like was said above, nix a PCI slot in favor of PCI-e if need be. Also, it should save space if the IDE channels are reduced to one, and maybe even leave off the floppy. Just make it compact, efficient, and robust. BTW, I'll take 4 if it'll put us over the group-buy limit.
  7. It seems that Rosewill changes IC's almost daily, so you never know what you are going to get. You may get lucky with some Infineon or Micron chips, or it may be some crap that you can't even Google a listing for. The Crucial Value are supposed to be good, and I like the Patriot 2-3-2-5's and the OCZ Platinums (same stuff, basically), and I hear that the Mushkin 2-3-2-5's are even better on average.
  8. It isn't. But, without a working solution, it's tough to play online when you cannot get there. This may be my last DFI board just because of issues like this.
  9. I had the same problem, and I never got either of them working. I bought a $4 PCI Lan card, and I've had no issues since. Maybe when I get my other machine fixed, I'll play with it again.
  10. Mine fits just fine?!?! It does almost rub, but slides right in. Take the fan off and install it AFTER the module, and I think you'll be alright. BTW, I replaced the CM fan with a 38mm PanaFlo and it still fits.
  11. Ballistix or OCZ 4000's. That's the ONLY 1GB sticks I know of that can consistently hit that kind of speed. Some of the Corsair's have done it, and I think a few Infineon-based sticks (Patriot LL, OCZ Platinum, Mushkin) have peaked around there, but it's more accident than a rule.
  12. Well, I was also changing memory/BIOS settings, etc. So, all I need to do is change the jumpers, and swap the card to the other slot. That's it. No BIOS settings?
  13. The only h20 block I've seen is VERY restrictive and would basically kill the rest of your loop- aka- not worth it. I'm betting someone will make a decent one soon, and my money is on DangerDen being first, since CPUKiller is even a member here. I'm quite sure he's working on something.
  14. That's where I have mine running, and I've never updated the firmware either. I'm confused. I don't know what else to try, but I'd be happy to go through and check any settings/drivers/BIOS options that you need. I just ain't sure what to look for.
  15. Ah, hell, I see it was TWINX, aka, dual. (smacks forehead). Just follow the same procedure I outlined, except start with a pair in the orange slots, then add the yellow after switching to 2T. They SHOULD play together, but it would be better if they were all the same.
  16. Nope, it's the GigaRam modules I was working on before. These work, but only at dead stock. I RMA'd my other pair for eventually the OCZ in my sig. They are Hynix HY5DU12822BT-D43 chips, much like some OCZ, Corsair, and I think Mushkin modules.
  17. I'll send it- It won't be used until I build an additional machine around Christmas anyway. I have your info, I'll let you know when it shoul;d be there.
  18. When using the second x16 slot, does it cause extremely slow boots for you guys? I tried it, just playing one day (switched the jumpers first), and it seemed to take FOREVER to boot through the DMI stuff. Is this a normal issue, or maybe a one time thing to load drivers and such? If I can use the second one, I can put a waterblock on my chipset and get rid of that noisy fan.
  19. If you don't plan on doing SLI, then just about any of them will work. If you plan on using SLI, well, then, continue to wait like the rest of us.
  20. Which SATA ports do you have it running from? I know that to run of the SI 3114 chip, I had to load the RAID drivers to get it to work (weird, but meh). I run mine off the NVIDIA ports without a hitch. Actually, my 716SA outperforms the NEC 3520 that's mounted right below it by a long shot.
  21. Whoa, hold up! You had all 4 sticks running and still had CPC enabled (1T)????!!!! That's almost unheard of. If you take it to 2T, and increase the VDIMM a bit, I'll bet you can pull off some decent clocks with that stuff. Are all 4 sticks the same revision and lot #? If so, which one, and I'll look up what I have saved on the Corsair sticks. I have a LOT of Corsair info as I have 4x512 of the XMS4400 TCCD's (2 of which A_G tested for his sticky thread). I'll help as much as I can.
  22. Hold off until you get the PSU, and do a repair install of XP. You'll be able to back up, the reformat and start fresh. Remember to run EVERYTHING at stock until you get the new install of XP loaded cleanly. If you keep trying, you may corrupt your data to the point that it is either unrecoverable, or damned expensive to have someone do it.
  23. The stuff I had was branded by GigaRam Hynix HY5DU12822BT-D43 and I couldn't get even 200 HTT at the SPD 2.5-3-3-7. As a matter of fact, I never got them Windows stable at ALL. Mine were 1GB sticks, and I have another pair that I may send to Angry to test out for y'all, but I won't use them in this machine. Odd thing- even though they weren't Prime stable (MemTest no prob), everything "felt" quick and smooth.
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